5 Ways To Hide Speakers On Your Living Room

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If you own a pair of speakers for listening to classical music, or to throw parties, or you just bought speakers that don’t match at all with your living room, the necessity of hiding them is more than obvious! Fortunately, there are some ways to camouflage or hide your speakers!

In this article, you will find a simple guide on how to hide speakers in the living room, because there are many different methods! The things that are mentioned are all very fun to do, as well as they will make your living room look good!

5 Great Ways To Hide Speakers On Your Living Room

Use some Plants

The easiest thing to do when you want to hide your speakers is to use plants! It doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be true or fake as long as they do their job great! Of course, always keep in mind that the size of the plant that you are about to use shouldn’t be smaller than the speaker!

If you are going to buy fake plants, the best thing to do is to measure your speakers in order to find the plant that will fully cover it! If you are worried that having something in front of the speaker will do anything to the sound quality that they bring, not at all! The leaves of a plant aren’t going to do anything to the sound!

This tip is a great one when it comes to speakers that are placed on the ground!

Use your Shelves/Cabinets

There are many shelves that come with closeable doors! Just put the speaker in it but you always have to make sure that the cabinet includes a door that won’t block in the music that is coming out of the speaker! It is up to your decision whether you want to keep the doors opened or closed so that is completely based on your preferences! But, for hiding the speakers, these things are considered as the best thing to do!

Get Creative

Creativity isn’t that hard for some people, and getting creative with a thing that brings the most amazing thing on earth (music) is the best thing that you could do! You can color them any way you want, as well as you can put anything on them! Decorate your speakers in the best way possible so that they would look like a good thing that brings music to you!

Put Them Behind Wall Coverings

If your house is decorated with wall coverings then putting the speaker behind them is a very good thing and besides that, it is very easy to do so! Once the wall is properly designed, put the speaker on it and make sure to find pieces that allow sound to pass through them!

Most Importantly: Choose Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers can be connected to devices through WiFi or Bluetooth and hiding them is way easier than hiding speakers that include wires or come as wired. You can put them anywhere you want, and since they haven’t got any wire it makes them easier to be hidden!


There are millions of creative ways to hide a pair of speakers in your living room, but there is an even better alternative. Have you ever considered getting a pair of good-looking speakers such as the Klipsch KHO-7 or the Klipsch RP-260F

They both look great and perform great, so you wouldn’t have to worry about hiding them!

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