AceZone A-Live Review: The Future of eSports

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Flatron “juanflatroo” Halimi, a Professional Player from the team “Bad News Eagles” wearing the AceZone A-Live in PGL Major Antwerp 2022

This review will be a little different from the others.  This one goes to my fellow eSports lovers in particular.

I bet that you were following up with the most recent CS: GO esports tournament, the PGL Major 2022.

Perhaps you noticed that everyone was wearing the same headsets, but you couldn’t identify which brand they were coming from, right?

Don’t worry I don’t blame you, I couldn’t tell either. I had to do some research to find out.

I figured that publishing a blog on them would help many headphones and gaming enthusiasts understand what was so amazing about the headphones, on the PGL Major.

Oh, they’re certainly one-of-a-kind; make sure you read all the way to the end to learn everything there is to know about AceZone A-Live.

Did You Know?
There are 2.7 billion gamers in the world, with 3 out of every 10 people being gamers.

What is all the fuss about Esports?

Before we get into the AceZone, I wanted to mention a few words about Esports and why this type of competition, or say sports, is so popular nowadays.

After all, knowing about eSports is crucial because those headsets are designed specifically for that purpose and will fundamentally alter the way the tourney works.

Electronic sports commonly referred to as eSports, egames, or electronic sports is a kind of organized competitive video gaming. It primarily consists of teams playing in tournaments for a monetary award.

Basically, it works the same as traditional sports, but this way the “athletes” have to show their gaming skills and brain reactions.

This may be a “joke” to others who are not into gaming, as they will ask, “What sort of talent do you have to be a professional gamer?”

These gaming athletes, like those who participate in other organized sports, have sponsors, coaches, teams, and practice schedules.
They put in a lot of work and develop cutting-edge techniques to win the game.

Simply defined, players must demonstrate that their gaming abilities are superior to those of a typical casual gamer.

Professional gamers make a living from gaming, and most of them are wealthy as a result.

Did You Know?
After leading OG to victory at The International for the second year in a row, the Danish Dota 2 veteran became the top earner in all of esports in 2019. That’s none other than Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, he has earned $7.2 million by just being a professional gamer.

Tournament winnings, sponsorships, and streaming all contribute to esports revenues, which are put together and determined based on a player’s popularity.

However, if I were to put it in ballpark figures based on research, the average esports player should earn $50,000-$75,000 annually.

So, dear parents, if you notice that your child has a talent for gaming and spends hours gaming, don’t discourage him from pursuing his dream of being a professional gamer.

He will be more wealthy than you might think.

Biggest eSports Games

Below you will find some of the most prominent games currently and their eSports earnings based on a 2021 research.

Biggest eSports Games Earnings
Dota 2 $47 million
CS:GO $21 million
PUBG: Battlegrounds $16 million
Fortnite $9.5 million
League of Legends $7.3 million

The AceZone A-Live a New Addition to eSports

AceZone A-Live, The Headphones That Were Used On CS:GO Tournaments

I feel like I’ve stalled the blog a little, but I think the topic of eSports is intriguing, and I’m sure everyone wants to learn more about it.

Anyway, it’s time to get down to business and learn more about those headphones that caught our attention during the CS: GO PGL Major.

Despite the fact that the AceZone brand is still in its early stages, it is already causing mayhem in the esports and headset industries.

Furthermore, the AceZone engineering team is no stranger to delivering the technology behind the equipment that esports need.

The AceZone A-Live is the first headset of its sort.

It was designed specifically for esports events and tournaments. It promises to push the boundaries with its noise cancellation and communication features.

Before we begin, please understand that this is not a sponsored article in any way. I just felt the headset was intriguing and had a lot of potential. So here I am sharing, what I know with my fellow headphone and gaming enthusiasts.

Diving Into Their Utilitarian Design

At first glance, AceZone Headphones appear to be heavy-duty and minimalistic in design.

They’re made of a mix of metal and plastic, and they’re quite durable.

The earcups’ joints are movable, allowing you to adjust the angle to your preference.

The headband, on the other hand, is likewise adjustable and may accommodate nearly any head size. Whether you have a big or small head, those headphones will find a “home” in your head.

The earpads are perhaps the feature of those headphones that I enjoy the most; they are well padded and have an ergonomic design.

They can be changed and are designed to provide world-class passive sound dampening and isolation.

They’re gaming headphones, so expect them to take a battering now and then. The thick plastic and the metal hinges around the earcups will take care of that since those headphones are made entirely of high-end materials.

Another item that catches our attention is the LED dots on the earcups. There are three Green LED dots on the earcups that serve a specific purpose, which we shall discuss later.

However, I like how they provide an aesthetic touch to the overall design of the headphones; it gives them a more professional appearance.

Overall, I like their utilitarian appearance and prefer it to the one that screams “gaming headphones” with all the “cool” logos and flamboyant colors.

As far as connectivity goes, they come with their own USB cable since they feature their own soundcard.

The Killing Features, What Makes Those Headphones So Unique?

Let’s find out those eSport features that set those headphones apart from others.

Hybrid Noise Canceling

The noise-canceling on the AceZone Headphones is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

They have cooperated with firms that provide defense aircraft technology. This means they are equipped with the same technology as a pair of military fighter headphones.

The built-in Active Ambient Noise Cancellation (AANC) operates in collaboration with passive damping to provide the finest overall noise cancellation and sound isolation in the industry.

AceZone speakers, on the other hand, have a neutral and balanced sound signature.

As a result, with the ambient noise reduced, you will be able to hear the game’s critical calls clearly and in detail without getting distracted.

“Uncanny” Microphone

Although the noise cancellation was impressive, the microphone on those headphones is simply “out of this world.”

It’s an improved microphone with ambient noise and speech suppression or ANSS for short.

Multiple microphones are included in the AceZone A-Live, which have revolutionary firmware that allows them to pick up and reduce background noise.

This ensures that players only hear what they need to hear and that there is no background noise from the crowd or the PA system.

Furthermore, the directional speech microphone is meant to block out any outside noise while collecting crystal clear calls made by your buddy.

The 3 LED dots or the Admin Detection System

We said before that the three LED dots had a special purpose. They have, and it’s one-of-a-kind.

This feature has been labeled the admin detection system by AceZone.

This is a new feature known as “ADS” that is designed to assist the tourney’s administrators in quickly and accurately diagnosing problems.

As the name implies, it is something that the tournament administrators will use to determine if players are experiencing audio issues while playing.

Each earcup has an oval circle with three green LEDs. The status of the headset is communicated to tournament officials via these LEDs.


What’s with all the cutting-edge features?

Lincoln “fnx” Lau, a Professional Player from the team “Imperial” wearing the AceZone A-Live in PGL Major Antwerp 2022

I am well aware that most of you guys are wondering by now, why are they going so hard, they are just a pair of headphones anything will do as long as they are comfortable and sound good.

You are right they would if it was an average gamer who plays from home.

Things change when you walk into the arena with thousands of spectators surrounding you and cheering you on, putting pressure on you.

Professionals become frustrated when their headset mics pick up crowd noise and commentators’ voices, which leads to miss-hearing their teammate calls.

Worse, they hear the noise twice: through their teammates’ microphones and their own and that’s due to weak dampening.

Because players may hear the live commentary in the stadium while playing on stage, headsets with insufficient isolation let arena noise into the headset and can even lead to game-breaking information being received.

There have been many situations where a team lost the game due to the opposite team hearing information through the crowd.

Below is a video where the public helped pro players, guess they have to thank both the public and their headphones.

Final Words

Lastly, I’d want to emphasize again that I am not a paid reviewer. I was not compensated or given anything to talk about good or bad things about those headphones.

They simply caught my attention, and I wanted to share the headphones that piqued my interest, as well as the interests of many other gamers that like headphones in general.

I believe I’ve given you enough information on those headphones. For more, you can head to their website and keep up with them, as they have not yet been published to the general public.

So far, we’ve only seen them in the context of eSports. But, in my opinion, they have a lot of potential.

I hope you found this blog interesting. Enjoy!

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