Are Wireless Headphones Safe?

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That is a question that is crossing many minds, and that’s what drove me to write this article.

Obviously, I am not a doctor, health expert nor cancer expert, but based on what I know and with a few hours of research. I have come to some conclusions, and writing this article with the hope to prove a help to you.

In the new era, we find ourselves constantly immersed in the new technology. Both home and at work, we simply can’t “live” without it.

Having a device that doesn’t require a wire to work, is called modern and innovation those days.
But that’s when the problems start to kick in.

Back in 2015, about 250 scientists from 40 different countries warned us about their concerns and health effects that are associated with the exposure of the electromagnetic field (EMFs) that leak through wireless devices.

What is Electric Magnetic Field (EMF)?

EMFs or Electric and magnetic fields are invisible areas of energy, mostly known as Radiation. They are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural man-made lighting.

Exposure to high levels of EMF is known to damage human DNA and cells. Really high levels can even endanger your life, but it’s very unlikely for you to be exposed to levels that are that high.

No risk for now,
And that is because the amount of radiation Bluetooth headphones currently emit is inadequate and lower than some other devices.

Let’s say, for example, the phone, microwave ovens, smart meters, wireless (Wi-Fi) routers, disturb much more radiation and are more warmful.

Nevertheless, even the radiation from Bluetooth is harmful periodically.

What Type of Radiation Do Bluetooth Devices Emit?

Bluetooth headphones emit a very distinct type of radiation or EMF, known as radio-frequency radiation (RFR).

RFR tends to be weaker than the EMF emission found in cellphones or wireless routers, but sadly it is as harmful due to its positioning.

Our Bluetooth devices, especially headphones are so closely placed near the brain.
Sadly, there are no ways to block the EMF radiation completely from the headphones or earbuds, otherwise, they wouldn’t work.

But to battle it as much as possible and to keep the radiation at a minimum ill go on and list some key tips you should take into consideration.

Tips on “fighting” the Radiation:

  • Take “signal-free” holidays – Go on a vacation, that’s healthy for your mind, let’s say somewhere far, in the mountains with no signals, no internet connection, just somewhere where is quiet and calm.
  • Use Sunscreen – Basically, sunscreen protects the skin, and the radiation damages it.
  • Take it easy, and avoid being paranoid – Take this one seriously guys, don’t beat yourself up – being paranoid and stressed will damage you more in the long run, than the radiation itself.

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