Audioengine HD3 vs A2+: Which Is Better?

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Audioengine is one of the greatest brands that deal with speakers. As a matter of fact, their speakers are known as the greatest ones that you can find, and they own whatever you may need from a speaker. Audioengine says that there is a difference between listening to your music and listening to all of it! Well, I relate more than you can think of.

Anyways, if you are sure that you are going to buy a pair of speakers from Audioengine, but still, you cannot really choose between them, especially HD3 and A2+, welcome to AudioViser! I am here to help!

In this article, you will find detailed information regarding the Audioengine HD3 and Audioengine A2+ which are similar and different at the same time.

Without further ado, let us get straight to the topic!

Get to Know the Speakers

Before starting the comparison, between these two amazing speakers, let me mention the most essential and crucial things that you need to know about them!

Audioengine HD3

The Audioengine HD3 is launched by the brand on October 27, 2016. It includes two speakers, meaning that it comes as a pair. The speakers are used by many people worldwide and as for the type, they are bookshelf ones. 

The Audioengine HD3 speakers are quite good in general form, bringing to us whatever that a person may need from bookshelf speakers in general.

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Audioengine A2+

Moving on to Audioengine A2+ pair of speakers, they are launched on January 31, 2019, and that means that they are a little bit younger than the ones already mentioned. These are again bookshelf speakers, but for some people, they are also considered floor-standing speakers (I have no idea why).

The Audioengine A2+ speakers are very powerful, and they are seen in many lists, listed as some of the best bookshelf speakers that one can purchase.

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Audioengine HD3 vs. Audioengine A2+ / Head-to-Head Comparison

Since you can see the years that they were launched, and what type of speakers they are, let us see what these speakers have in common and what not! Here goes the comparison between Audioengine HD3 and Audioengine A2+!

Design and Size

The design of both these speakers is one of the main differences that they own.

The Audioengine HD3 speakers come with a kind of a “vintage” design. They come in a walnut color and on the front part they include a black grille that covers it.

As for the dimensions, each Audioengine HD3 speaker measures 5.5 x 4.25 x 7 inches and weighs 4 pounds. Based on their size and weight, these speakers are quite compact, and most importantly they can be moved around your house whenever and however you want.

They are two-way speakers meaning that there is a division into two main parts: there is the woofer which measures 2.75 inches big and is made of aramid fiber, and the tweeter which is 3/4 inches made of silk dome.

Differing on the design part, the Audioengine A2+ speakers are very modern, and they come in three colors. The first one is a matte black, red, and white. Based on that we get that in these ones we have more color choices that can go better with our room or house decor.

These speakers measure 5.25 x 4 x 6 inches while each of them weighs 3.6 pounds. Again, we deal with speakers that can be moved freely around our place.

The Audioengine A2+ speakers are also two-way, and the woofer is 2.75 inches again made of aramid, and silk dome tweeters that measure 0.75 inches.

Is there a winner?
In my opinion, the Audioengine A2+ speakers are the winners in this section. They come in more color choices, are more modern, and basically are smaller and lighter in weight.

Connections and Compatibility

Connectivity is one of the main things that should be considered and should be known when comparing two types of speakers and in these two speakers, we have a difference that should be mentioned.

The Audioengine HD3 speakers are wireless speakers that own Bluetooth as the main connectivity technology, but still, they also use RCA and USB in case you want to use them. For compatibility, they work with whatever device that may come to your mind at this moment. Of course, those that own Bluetooth or the other ways that I mentioned.

When we move on to Audioengine A2+, we also know them as some great wireless speakers that work amazingly via Bluetooth. You can also connect them via an RCA or USB, but the difference in these speakers is that they also use Bluetooth codecs and a 3.5mm mini-jack. The compatibility is the same because these ones can be paired with whatever you want as well.

Is there a winner?
Yet again, here we have a winner. The winners are the Audioengine A2+ speakers because they have more connections, but when it comes to compatibility there is a win-win situation because both of them are compatible with different devices.

Performance, Sound Quality

What is no different and what is done amazingly by both the Audioengine HD3 and Audioengine A2+ is the sound quality and the amazing sound that they can provide you with. The frequency response in both of them is the same, and they work from 65Hz to 22kHz.

Every single thing that you may listen to with these types of speakers, both of them, will be brought to you in the clearest way possible. Every frequency range of sound is very well-balanced, and they know how to deal with detailed sound.

The sound that comes out of Audioengine HD3 and out of Audioengine A2+ is considered room-filling and sound quality that will fulfill the needs of any person!

Is there a winner?
There is basically no winner in the most important part! These speakers from Audioengine are both known to bring great quality of sound, and I am more than proud to say that here we have a win-win situation again.

Price, Expense

As the last thing that I would like to compare these speakers at is the price or the expense that you will have when purchasing them. Both AudioengineHD3 and Audioengine A2+ are types of bookshelf speakers that come under 500$, but yet again there is a difference.

As you can notice in the sections above, I compared them and tried to find a winner in which the design and the connectivity belong to Audioengine A2+. Besides that, the Audioengine 2+ speakers are also affordable because they come at a cheaper price.

Is there a winner?
Just as mentioned, when it comes to the expense it seems like the Audioengine 2+ is the winner again. These speakers are a little bit more affordable than the Audioengine HD3.

Verdict/Which One is Better?

Coming at the end, I would like to gladly say that both of the speakers or both of the pairs of speakers that I mentioned in this article are great ones and whichever ones you chose, it will be a great decision.

Anyways, you can notice that I divided the sections whether there is a winner or not, and when it comes to the design and the connections the winners are the newest launched ones, the Audioengine A2+ speakers. Anyways, if you don’t quite care about the design or the connectivity, then I would say that both of them are amazing.

Is there a better one or the best one? Me, being a person that needs good-looking speakers and one that needs different compatibility, I would say that the Audioengine A2+ would do the job a bit better, plus it is more affordable!

What I hope here at the end of this article is that I would help you when choosing or trying to distinguish between Audioengine HD3 and Audioengine A2+!

Have fun!

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