The Best AMPs for Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (Buying Guide)

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In order for DT 990 Pro studio headphones to function properly, you will need an AMP that will boost the performance and boost the audio signal.

The aim of amplifiers is to boost the voltage and power signal of your present headphone’s power. In this case, is Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro.

Most amplifiers are used for the improvement of every type of sound where you receive the best performance from it. After you got high impedance audiophile headsets like DT990, the next step would be upgrading their quality as much as you can.

DT 990 Pro headphones by Beyerdynamic became so popular and there are a few compatible amplifiers that make these headphones perform the best.

Down below, you will find the recommended amps for Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro.

Best For Gaming
Sound BlasterX G6

Sound BlasterX G6


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Best For Music
iFi ZEN CAN Headphone Amp

iFi ZEN CAN Headphone Amp

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Best Budget
Little Bear B4-X Headphone Amp

Little Bear B4-X Headphone Amp

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Best Overall
XDUOO XD-05 Plus Headphone Amplifier

XDUOO XD-05 Plus Headphone Amplifier

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Best Value
FiiO K5 Pro Headphone Amp

FiiO K5 Pro Headphone Amp

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The Top 5 Best AMP for Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

1. Sound BlasterX G6- Best For Gaming

Sound BlasterX G6 will make you step up boldly in your gaming world. The extraordinary sound quality ensures the sound experience becomes super sharp and accurate.

With that amplifier, you will hear each footstep of your enemy, gunshots, and every word they speak from the distance.

The USB card in it lets the Sound BlasterX G6 work perfectly with PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. For PS5, you will need additional equipment.

Sound BlasterX G6 shows a lot of improvements by offering us a 32-bit 384kHz DAC with a super-high dynamic range of 130dB audio quality. To get the most detailed DAC, there is a multi-bit modulator to hype the overall background soundstage without distortion.

No more leaving the game screen to fix settings, Sound BlasterX G6 audio performance control can be adjusted directly from the knob. There is a specific GameVoice Mix opportunity to balance between the audio and the talking teammates while gaming.

Sound BlasterX G6 offers the next level of realism with 7.1 surround virtualization, a great bass sound, and the ability to hear small details in voice communication.

Of course, one of the key specifications is SXFI BATTLE Mode and Dolby Digital feature. This allows low bit rates in an advanced quality. You also have the Scout Mode to increase the winning advantage. Hearing every footstep, weapon-changing effects will make you aware that the enemy is near.

The super-low output impedance of 1 Ohm reaches 16 Ohm and goes down all the way to 600 Ohm studio quality.


Why Should You Buy It?
Sound BlasterX G6 is a blessing in disguise for hardcore gamers. This amplifier is the most advanced audio improver in the current market. The background noises in the gaming have a killing quality. Every footstep, each intimate detail, and a conversation that is not important is super sharp as a knife.

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2. iFi ZEN CAN Headphone Amp- Best For Music

iFi ZEN CAN is a complete evolutional analog amplifier for your Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones. Now you can joyfully listen to your favorite artist in much more improved sound quality.

iFi ZEN CAN nailed it this time by creating the lowest distortion with its top-class Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR). Their dedicated input stage will immediately match your audio source, you will receive joy at any pitch and tone. The highest and lowest notes will flow, it’s literally the therapy to your ears.

These powerful amplifiers reach the top performance of your DT 990 Pro headphones. Sometimes it’s not all about the loudness of the music, but the power of the amplifier that performs.

iFi ZEN CAN ensures the high dynamic range in the soft and harsh vocals. You won’t be able to miss a beat with this amplifier that serves up to 1600mW of power at 16 ohms. The balanced output side offers 1890mw at 64 ohms.

The analog signals help the amplifier to make sure the bass frequencies with XBass are natural. The XBass extends to 500Hz which is limited to 50Hz. This is what most headphones like DT990 Pro need. Plus, the 3D surrounding system goes beyond the limits leaving you the feeling of listening to music in a studio or party.


Why Should You Buy It?
With this ampfilier, you get to hear each beat drop. Your jam sessions will leave you impressed as well. Call the tune and get the quality soft vocals and harsh vocals too. The 3D surround sounds and the XBass bass frequency will make you live in the moment. If you want to fully eliminate the hiss and distortion while listening to music and get the real studio quality without disturbing the neighbors, give it a shot.

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3. Little Bear B4-X Headphone Amp- Best Budget

Little Bear B4-X catches our attention with its mini portable size as well as never seen before design type. You can literally see the wires and other built elements which is unique to this amplifier.

For the affordable price point, Little Bear B4-X provides excellent quality for Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones. The thing with this amplifier is being dual-mono balanced. The left and right sides are amplified independently. All the power sources, tubes, and op-amp are also independent as well as symmetric.

Little Bear B4-X’s independent power supports 2 power supplies (+12V and -12V) for 2 op-amps, less mutual effects, and can drive 300Ω for DT 900 Pro headphones. The 105 dB SNR noise output is adjustable in the knob settings.

There is a satisfying distortion that makes music a rich and truly pleasing experience. Little Bear B4-X has shown dramatic improvement in comparison with previous generations.


Why Should You Buy It?
This amplifier comes at an affordable price point. The small size and unique design in a tube are crafted carefully. It uses Nichicon and Wima capacitors together with Dale resistors to balance the stability of the sounds between balanced and unbalanced outputs. It also shows great performance with Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones.

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2. XDUOO XD-05 Plus Headphone Amplifier- Best Overall

XDUOO XD-05 Plus headphone amplifier shows the durability of a lifetime inside its portable design. Use the amplifier with no worries because it has plenty of outputs like USB, AUX, and coaxial/optical cord that you use not only for Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones, but any type of earbuds too.

XDUOO XD-05 Plus equips XMOS XU208 and AK4493EQ chips that work well in nonsynchronous sound transfer mode.

The 32Bit/384KHz power signals ensure the best quality without any hiss and sound distortion with DSD and PCM music file format. The bass and boost will give your audio a superpower vibe where each beat is felt in the bones.

You can easily connect via Bluetooth and benefit from unbeatable value with its standalone DAC. No more buying separate equipment. It’s suitable for starters and professional-grade audio engineers. If you want an amp to listen to classical music or any other genre that doesn’t have too much bass, you don’t need a high-end headphone amplifier, so you should look for something else.

This tiny beast called XD-05 Plus gives 1 full Watt at 32Ohms output power at a frequency response time of 05bl.

The battery is important when you want to port this amplifier. It can stand up to 13 hours. XDUOO XD-05 Plus is a truly amazing amplifier.


Why Should You Buy It?
XD-05 Plus has a portable design and durability of a lifetime. It is one of the best you can find for your DT 990 Pro headphones. Basically, this amplifier has any type of port, so you can use it on any device. The 13h of battery life, 1 full Watt at 32Ohms output power, and 32Bit/384KHz power signals are making the XD-05 Plus an avenger of amplifiers.

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1. FiiO K5 Pro Headphone Amp- Best Value

Guessing from its name, FiiO K5 Pro is a powerful amplifier inside and outside. Starting from the outside look, the full cover aluminum is designed with great durability. It is portable and versatile by supporting USB, Coaxial/Optical, and RCA connectors.

FiiO K5 Pro has outstanding power amplification for your DT 990 Pro headphones where the output power is up to 1.5W under 32ohm load, along with 20Vpp at 300ohm.

FiiO K5 Pro supports DSD 512 and USB 768kHz/32bit which is undoubtedly an excellent power amplifier. The sounds are super soft and detailed, it’s like music for your ear. Also, there is an RGB sample rate indicator to identify the current status of the amplifier.

FiiO K5 Pro has accurate music control where you can adjust volume according to your desired level. The toggle switch helps you easily control the volume. The gain switches have low, medium, and high levels letting you decide the power of expected quality. The SNR is measured at 115dB.

This strong amplifier at 600mW power is equipped with AKM 4493EQ chips to make you truly live the music. The coming sounds from using DT 990 Pro headphones will give exceptional superiority at low and high sound impedance.


Why Should You Buy It?
Great built quality covered in aluminum that is going to last for ages. You will get a full dynamic range and distortion-free sounds. A 768kHz/32bit power together with strong chip placement results in exceptional music joy. The best above all is having adjustable volume control and a toggle. The RGB light indicator will help you be updated about the status of the amplifier while you port it anywhere you desire.

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Buying guide

Before thinking of purchasing an amplifier for your Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones, you should take the following things into consideration:

Power output

One of the most important things to think about when choosing an amplifier for your Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones is power output. Due to its high impedance of 250 ohms, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones need a powerful amplifier to be able to drive them at a volume level that is comfortable for listening.

In order to power the DT 990 Pro headphones to a volume that is comfortable, look for an amplifier that can produce at least 1-2 watts per channel. To run the headphones at a respectable volume level, look for an amplifier with a power output of at least 2x250mW (milliwatts).


Think how much control you need over the volume when searching for an amp for your Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones.

Search for amplifiers that have a gain switch so you may control how much amplification is being delivered to the audio signal. You can control the volume level to your preferences using this.

Sound quality

Look for an amplifier that can provide noise- and distortion-free, clean sounds. The audio stream wil remain as pure as possible thanks to high-quality parts and controller design.

The audio quality itself is the most important factor of sound quality. A decent-sounding amplifier won’t introduce noise or distortion; it will properly and clearly reproduce the audio stream. By doing this, you can be confident that your Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones are working to their full potential.

Dynamic range also plays a huge role in choosing a good amplifier since it is the difference in loudness and softnes that an amplifier is able of reproducing. You can hear all the elements in your music thanks to a strong amplifier’s wide dynamic range.

Also, wide frequency response amplifiers will be able to properly reproduce all the various frequencies in your music, giving you a richer, more detailed sound.


Connectivity is an important consideration when choosing an amplifier for your Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones. When searching for an amplifier with decent conectivity, keep the following in mind:

Choose an amplifier with a range of connectivity choices, such as Bluetooth, USB, Coaxial, and Optical inputs. You may then conect several devices, such as a computer, phone, tablet, or TV, and listen to audio from different sources.


For a variety of reasons, design is important when choosing an amplifier for the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones.

How the amplifier looks and performs when you use it can be strongly influenced by its design. You would want an amplifier with a sleek, modern style or one with a more classic or traditional appearance.

A well-designed amplifier will be built using high-quality materials and building techniques, helping to ensure that it lasts for a very long time.

They should be simple to operate and have simple controls and a reasonable layout. By doing this, you’ll get the most use possible out of your headphones and have no trouble changing the volume or other setings.

In the end, the amplifier’s design should reflect your own preferences and be both practical and simple to operate.


When purchasing an amplifier for the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones, price is a major consideration as it can help you select an amplifier that fulfills your needs, fits within your budget, and offers you good value for your money.

Knowing your budget for an amp can help you to focus your search and select an amp that fits within your means. Generally speaking, more expensive amplifiers sound better and last longer, although some less expensive options can stil produce acceptable audio.

Therefore, it’s important to achieve the correct balance between cost and quality. A pricey, high-end amp is what you want if you’re a professional or music producer; if you’re just a casual listener, you might not need that kind of amp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the key features to look for in an amp for the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones?

You should consider factors like power output, sound quality, and connectivity choices when purchasing an amp for your Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones.

The amp should have enough power to produce high-quality audio through your headphones. It’s also helpful if it has many inputs so you may attach different devices to it.

How does the power output of an amplifier affect the sound quality of the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones?

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones’ sound quality is affected by the power output of an amplifier in a number of different ways.

How loud the headphones are may depend on the amplifier’s power output. You won’t be able to play loud music on your headphones if the amplifier doesn’t have enough power, and if it has too much power, the headphones could be damaged.

The amplifier can produce a sound that is clearer and more detailed when it has more power. This is due to the fact that an amplifier with more power can more properly drive high-impedance headphones, which improves the quality of the sound reproduction.

The power output of the amplifier has a major impact on how well the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones sound overall. To operate the headphones at a level that is comfortable to listen to while producing a clear, detailed sound, the amplifier must have enough power output.

Final Words

If you want better sound quality, amplifiers are a must-have technology piece. There is Bluetooth and wired form of connectivity which usually portable sizes have a Bluetooth connection and the bulky sizes have a wired connection.

DT 990 Pro is super qualitative headphones. When you boost the sounds with the right amplifiers, you will get out-of-the-world performance. First of all, decide what are you looking for in an amplifier and what is your purpose for getting one. Then choose these compatible amplifiers mentioned above.

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