Best Bluetooth Party Speakers of 2023 (Top 5 Picks Reviewed)

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So you’re a party animal that wants to throw a few little gathering parties at your house, or you’re just looking for a Bluetooth party speaker in general.

At the same time, you don’t want to get too serious and buy an entire pair of professional speakers.

You simply want a Bluetooth speaker that can play music around your yard.

You’ve come to the right place since a house party isn’t complete without loud music echoing across the neighborhood, to do so you will need a big portable Bluetooth speaker and not your average Bluetooth speaker.

It might be overwhelming when there are so many options to choose from, so I’ve taken the worry out of it by choosing only the highest-quality, loudest, and most bass-heavy party speakers available.

In today’s article, I’ll present what I believe to be the best Bluetooth party speakers.

Let’s get this house party started right now.

Best High-End
Bose S1 Pro

Bose S1 Pro

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Best Mid-Range
SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T70

SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T70

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Best Budget
Soundcore Trance

Soundcore Trance

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Best Runner-Up
Sony SRS-XP700

Sony SRS-XP700

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Best Overall
JBL PartyBox 710

JBL PartyBox 710

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Top 5 Best Bluetooth Party Speakers

5. Bose S1 Pro – Best High-End

There’s no better way to kick off the list than with a portable Bluetooth speaker from Bose, which will fill the room with Bose’s signature sound. This is no doubt one of the best party speakers you can buy.

If it’s from Bose, you can count on three things: it’ll be expensive, but it’ll sound and look great.

The Bose S1 Pro comes with a lot of features and functionality, so you know what you are getting for the painful price you have to pay.

The Bose S1 Pro is a mid-sized speaker with an all-black appearance. It’s mainly built of plastic, with a steel grille on the front to keep the drivers safe.

The portable nature of the Bose S1 Pro is impressive. It’s tall and hefty, but it has a top handle that makes it easier to carry with one hand.

Sadly, it is not water, dust, or impact-proof, so use caution if you intend to use it outside or near water.

Because the Auto EQ feature employs internal sensors to deliver optimal performance depending on how it’s positioned, you can place this speaker vertically, tilted back, or horizontally.

Even though it doesn’t have flashy led lights like every other house party speaker in this list, it has a very short battery life of around 11 hours when compared to the other speakers on this list.

A 6-inch low-frequency woofer and three 2.25-inch high-frequency drivers are included in the Bose S1 Pro.

This combo produces high-quality audio. It has tremendous depth with a frequency range of 70Hz-16kHz at -3dB.

Overall it sounds good across all volumes and ranges. Even if you put it at the maximum volume possible, the sound quality this speaker provides remains clear and balanced with plenty of bass following. All these features make it one of the best party speakers out there.

Why Should You Buy It?
It’s Bose. That should be the only reason why you should buy it. Besides that it is a really versatile speaker that sounds and looks good, if you can bypass the price, what are you waiting for?

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4. SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T70 – Best Mid-Range

The next bluetooth party speaker represents a well-known brand that dominates every e-commerce website with its products, which include phones, televisions, monitors, and much more.

That’s none other than the Samsung behemoths.

This time, Samsung is giving partygoers a large bluetooth party speaker that will reportedly fill the entire area with loud music.

At first sight, you will notice that it is just a big plain black speaker. As soon as you spot the Samsung logo, however, the premium, yet discreet design starts to make sense.

There’s also an RGB show on this speaker, but you can turn it off if you feel like listening to music without lights.

It doesn’t stop there this bluetooth party speaker is feature-rich. On the Tower T70, you can find features like, bass boosting something that will provide you with more bass. There’s also the multi-connection where you can pair the device with other stuff

The MX-T70, on the other hand, delivers when it comes to sound.

With a 10-inch woofer that can be pushed further with the touch of a button, the 2-channel speakers can output up to 1500W of power and produce thundering bass.

The party speakers are loud and produce audio at high volumes without distortion, but don’t expect a neutral tone.

Overall, it’s a powerful bluetooth party speaker with deep bass. If you can afford it, it won’t be a bad investment. After all, it’s a Samsung product.

Why Should You Buy It?
Is a terrific Samsung mid-range bluetooth party speaker that works admirably, and the price is neither too high nor too low.

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3. Soundcore Trance – Best Budget

If you want to fill a room or even your yard with sounds but don’t have a lot of money, don’t worry since the Soundcore Trance choice will accomplish just that at a reasonable price.

After all, Soundcore is known for its affordable and cost-effective products.

It is a party speaker, yet it is relatively tiny and compact, making it easy to transport.

Additionally, it also has water resistance, so it can withstand sudden rains and water projectiles; feel free to take it to pool parties and other outdoor parties.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about its design, a simple black box with RGB lighting around the woofers.

What surprises me is how it can produce such loud sounds in such a little package.

It has a loudness of 101dB, making it one of the louder portable bluetooth speakers available, especially for the price.

Furthermore, until roughly 90% volume, The Soundcore Trance retains a tight, punchy sound, with certain distortions possible depending on what you’re listening to.

It’s worth mentioning that you won’t need to turn up the volume on this portable party speaker to this level in most cases; for small to medium-sized house parties or listening around the house, 20-60% volume should be plenty.

Overall, it sounds fantastic, or rather, better than it should for the price.

Why Should You Buy It?
If you don’t want to hurt your bank, yet you want to have a Bluetooth party speaker, there will be no better choice than this bad boy from Soundcore.

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2. Sony SRS-XP700 – Best Runner-Up

The next one is quite the attractive speaker, I bet it will turn some heads when it starts to stream music.

The Sony SRS-XP700 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that you may use to listen to music while barbecuing or organizing pool parties and outdoor parties in general.

While the above option was a compact one, the same doesn’t go for this Sony speaker.

This one is a big “fella”, but other than that, it’s your usual large box speaker.

It has built-in carrying handles to help with transportation, but taking it with you wherever you go will seem like weight lifting.

It’s made of the high-quality plastic we’ve come to expect from Sony, and there’s a metal grill on the front to keep dust and other debris out of the speakers.

You won’t have to worry if it rains unexpectedly because it can withstand some water shots without issue. It would be a shame if it didn’t.

It is sure also is a led light show speaker, it features plenty of RGB LED lights; you can pick and change them via the app. It has a 25 hours battery life, which should be more than enough for outdoor parties.

What I liked about this portable party speaker and what made me put it so high on the list was that it has something like surround sound.

The sound will be the same no matter where you place it. Not only that, but the sound quality is very clear with enough of bass.

It has two forward-firing 6.6-inch woofers and three forward-firing 2.3-inch tweeters.

There’s also a fourth rear-facing 1.9-tweeter that only turns on when the party speaker is vertically positioned to create that omnidirectional sound we all enjoy. Definitely the best bluetooth party speaker in its category.

Why Should You Buy It?
Sony actually has a spot for Bluetooth speakers, this is not their first product and It won’t be the last. It is a feature-packed design with great sound quality features, this is something that should be on your list for sure.

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1. JBL PartyBox 710 – Best Overall

Guys, you were probably expecting it. When it comes to bass and partying, we all know who is at the top of the list.

JBL is a well-known manufacturer of outstanding Bluetooth speakers with great sound and aesthetics.

The JBL PartyBox 710 is a monster of a Bluetooth speaker that will give everything the party host wants.

Just like its rival from Sony, this is a big and hefty party speaker that won’t be easy to transport around.

In a way that suggests that JBL is serious about their speaker.

Moreover, It’s as robust as they come.

It’s sturdy and doesn’t wobble in any direction, whether vertical or horizontal, the rubber legs also contribute to the fact that it does not shake.

The IPX4 classification, on the other hand, protects it against water splashes but not immersion.

LED strips and lights form a figure-of-eight pattern inside the speaker grille while with a dial on top of the speaker, you can alter the color scheme of these LED lights, and it looks wonderful.

Sound-wise it is sure loud. From nearly 270 meters away, I could plainly hear the song at full volume.

The led lights of this portable bluetooth speaker are definitely my favorite part of this speaker. The LED lights can bring life to your party, because they are pretty strong and you can sync them to your music and customize them as you like.

The best thing about this party speaker is its battery life. It has a battery life of up to 30 hours which is IMPRESSIVE.

With so much volume, I was unsure how the music would sound. I expected it to distort at high volumes.

I expected it to distort at high volumes. It is impressive that it does not distort at all. Not only is the sound powerful, but it is also of high quality.

Someone who owns a JBL speaker would laugh at you if you asked if the bass is good. Bass is JBL’s signature sound. Not only that but there’s a bass boost feature as well.

To put it another way, the bass is the star of this speaker. Definitely one of the nicest bluetooth party speakers you can buy.

Why Should You Buy It?
I’ll list three reasons why this party speaker is a must. JBL, Bass, Bass. Shouldn’t that be enough to push you over the edge? However, some people may find the bass to be overwhelming, and it may grow rather loud; not everyone is a basshead. The led lights are an amazing addition too.

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Buying Guide: What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Party Speaker

Don’t be hasty there are a few things you need to consider when it comes to buying the right party speaker.

Size and Location of the Gathering

When it comes to parties and gatherings, this must be the most crucial factor.

We are fully aware that those are simply Bluetooth speakers designed to provide sound to a group of people rather than an entire concert. You must examine the location and the number of people who will attend the party whether there are 30 or 100 people.

You don’t want to add to the awkwardness by bringing a small speaker whose tones can’t be heard by everyone.

In terms of loudness, I doubt a single party speaker can go so far as to “summon” cops.

Extra Help From Speakers

I just mentioned that a single Bluetooth speaker will struggle to serve 150 people with sound.

What you can do, is simply ask for help from the rest of your speakers.

Many party speakers nowadays have cutting-edge technology, such as built-in features that enable them to link with other speakers, particularly those from the same line-up.

When you couple two speakers, you get the same sound quality, but it’s now louder because both party speakers are synced to fill the room with tones.

Sound Quality

The Audio quality must be the next consideration, right?

What good is a speaker if it doesn’t have decent audio quality, distorts a lot, or creates some strange muffling noise?

We don’t want that, or the party will be abandoned.

What you should seek in a party speaker is bass, bass, and bass.

When we go to a party, we all want to vibe, dance, and feel the bass in our throats.

So make sure you find a speaker that can provide all that bass.


Who needs design? You could be wondering right now if the speaker will be ignored by the crowd anyway.

True, but when you go to a party, you want to seem as spectacular as possible, right? You want to appear cool in front of everyone.

Apparently, the speaker is in the same boat. He wants to look cool with all those RGB led lights around him.

If you don’t have any extra led lights, the RGB lights from your speaker may significantly change the mood of the party.


We wanted to have backyard parties in high school, but either our parents were against it or we didn’t have the money.

Worse, we lacked a speaker. Why didn’t we have a speaker? Because we couldn’t afford one, simple as that.

What I’m trying to say is that you should look for a speaker that you can afford, but not one that is from a knock-off brand with poor sound quality.

There are some excellent party speakers available for a reasonable price.

Battery Life

If you’re going somewhere remote, you will definitely need a party speaker with a good battery life. Battery life is important when it comes to party speakers because you don’t want your speaker to turn off at the peak of the party.

That’s why, unless you can buy portable chargers, you should look for party speakers that have a battery life of at least 4 to 6 hours.

If you plan to host parties in your backyard, then battery life won’t be that much of a problem because you can just plug it in to your power outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I were to get a soundbar instead of a Bluetooth speaker?

That is not a good idea. I’m not saying soundbars are awful devices; on the contrary, they’re fantastic speakers. However, they were designed to supplement your home theater setup or simply provide you with better TV sound than your TV’s original speakers.

Is a microphone included with the party speakers?

Depends on the brand, some include one some don’t.

Can some high-volume sounds harm speakers?

Yes, being on high volume non-stop can put a strain to your speaker. The toll they have to pay is even higher since they are not professional speakers. Professional party speakers are accommodated to survive loud volumes.

How do you know if a speaker is powerful?

To see if the speaker can fill your whole yard or room with sounds, you will be needed to look at its watt. Between 15 and 30 watts is the optimal wattage for a normal speaker. Most homeowners find 20 watts to be enough. A speaker with 50 or 100 watts can be used for larger groups. Such high power is not suitable for home use.

Final Words

We’ve finally arrived at the end.

In conclusion, I will advise you not to rush into purchasing a speaker in general, let alone one for a party.

People throw parties to have fun and create lasting memories, thus it is your responsibility as the host to provide outstanding music.

Frequently, the entire party is wrecked because the terrible speaker stopped working or, even worse, started sounding poor.

Don’t be hasty and get those parties started.

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