The Best Bluetooth Speakers For Boats (Buying Guide)

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Everybody loves those boat trips that you may organize with friends, right? Well, at least that’s what I like! Anyways, you that find yourself here love them and love to listen to music at the same time. Why music? Well, because music is great and everybody wants to listen to music on a trip especially when you go on one with your friends.

However, I am here to help you find some of the best Bluetooth speakers for boats that can be found in the nowadays market. In the article, you will find the main five picks, and I assure you that they are “main” as they come from some of the most well-known brands that deal with speakers in general.

Without losing your time further, let me get straight to the point and let me introduce to you which are the best Bluetooth speakers for boats!

Best Budget
Anker Soundcore 2

Anker Soundcore 2

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Most Durable
Bose SoundLink Flex

Bose SoundLink Flex

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Best for the Bass
Sony SRS-XB43

Sony SRS-XB43

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Best 360 Sound
Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

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Best Overall
JBL Flip 6

JBL Flip 6

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The Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Boat

5. Anker Soundcore 2 – Best Budget

Anker brings out to the world almost everything that you may need. Especially when it comes to Bluetooth devices, it is definitely the first one that you should search for. Here goes the best budget Bluetooth speaker for boats and it is the Anker Soundcore 2. The Soundcore 2 is one of the most popular waterproof speakers of this year.

This speaker comes in four colors, and they are black, blue, red, and teal. As a whole, the Anker Soundcore 2 measures 6.5 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches and weighs 12.6 ounces. Based on the size and the weight you already got how is the part of the portability right? I bet so!

When it comes to durability, this Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, rain-proof, and dust-proof because it owns IPX7 rating protection. You can use it wherever you want, especially on a boat.

The connectivity of this waterproof bluetooth speaker is all via Bluetooth and it can be connected with any type of device that owns Bluetooth. Also, it can be paired wirelessly with another Anker Soundcore 2 speaker.

For the sound quality, the speaker works with neodymium drivers, and it knows how to bring great sound to you wherever you go. There’s the bass that should be mentioned because it is brought in the best way possible. Every bass beat will hit the way that you want.

Being a Bluetooth speaker, the Anker Souncore 2 works with a 5,200mAh lithium-ion battery, and once it is fully charged, it can stay with you for full 24 hours.

Why Should You Buy It?
I listed this waterproof speaker as the best budget and that’s basically what may catch your attention in order to purchase it. It has many features at a super low price.

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4. Bose SoundLink Flex – Most Durable

You may already know that I love Bose, right? From earbuds to the biggest speakers that you may need, Bose is there to fulfill your needs in many ways. The Bose SoundLink Flex deserves a definite place on our list.

Bose SoundLink Flex is 2.06 x 7.93 x 3.56 inches big, and it weighs 1.3 pounds. Even though it is a bit bigger and heavier than the one mentioned above, Bose always brings portable devices, and this one is no exception. It comes in black, stone blue, and white smoke, so you can choose based on your preferences.

This speaker can go with you wherever you go, not only on a boat because it is quite durable! It has an IP67 rating and based on it, Bose says that this speaker can also float besides coming on a boat! It is as well dust resistant, debris resistant, and also resistant to rust.

Just so you know, a thing that you already know, this speaker works with Bluetooth, and it works with any device that may come to your mind, of course, if it owns Bluetooth. The range is 30 feet, so you can move around easily.

Bose sounds perfectly fine! Just as the famous headphones sound nice, this speaker is also a great performer in the field of sound quality. It brings clear and understandable sound and also a very great deep bass.

An important thing that should be mentioned about Bose SoundLink Flex is that it has a built-in microphone, and it can be used to make or receive calls. That’s a Bose specialty!

Working with a lithium-ion battery, this speaker can stay with you for 12 hours, once it is fully charged. It’s definitely one of the best waterproof bluetooth speakers out there.

Why Should You Buy It?
Because it is Bose! Not really! This portable speaker is for those “clumsy” people or “clumsy” boats. Jokes aside, this speaker is one of the greatest when it comes to durability.

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3. Sony SRS-XB43 – Best for the Bass

Quoting Meghan Trainor, Sony SRS-XB43 is “All about that bass“. Even though Sony isn’t that popular with its wireless speakers, Everybody knows Sony, and almost everybody once in a lifetime has heard about Sony SRS-XB43 as one of the greatest portable Bluetooth speakers that one can use. 

Even though the Sony SES-XB43 is pretty similar in looks with other speakers, just like all waterproof Bluetooth speakers are, its main features are what set it apart. When it comes to the size, this speaker measures 14.33 x 5.98 x 7.8 inches and weighs around 6.5 pounds. It is a little bit heavier than the two above but it is portable enough to come with you on your boat trip. There are three colors that it comes in, black, blue, and taupe (which looks very good).

The durability is also an important feature that this speaker owns. It has an IP67 rating, and it is fully waterproof, dustproof, and rustproof. Based on that, the speaker is capable of handling lots of things, wherever you may go.

There’s the Bluetooth connection that is the main one when it comes to the connectivity technologies, and another thing that should be mentioned here is that Sony SRS-XB43 also works with NFC. For those that don’t know, NFC; meaning near field communication is a wireless standard, and it is used to pair devices that own it.

Bass, bass, and bass! As mentioned at the beginning, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is all about the bass! Whenever you will listen to music with this speaker, on your boat, you will notice that this one is made to make you feel the music besides listening to it. Every sound comes clear enough and is super well-balanced.

All-day and all night are the words that Sony uses to describe the battery life of this waterproof bluetooth speaker, and I am going to use them too! This waterproof bluetooth speaker can stay with you all day and all night because it can work amazingly for 24 hours. It works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It’s one of the greatest portable boat speakers you can buy.

Why Should You Buy It?
Bass lovers should definitely gather around Sony SRS-XB43 because it definitely knows how to deal with you guys. It is indeed the best bass Bluetooth speaker that one can purchase.

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2. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 – Best 360 Sound

Ultimate Ears is very well-known in the world of celebrities, and it always releases things that have to do with sound in general. A thing that caught my attention was that there is a fact that many celebrities, like Sam Smith, Rita Ora, Paul McCartney, and many others are pretty good fans of this brand, and they don’t go anywhere without their products. Anyways, let’s go back to the topic and see what the MegaBoom 3 has to offer!

Measuring 3.2 x 3.2 x 8.75 inches and weighing 2.04 pounds, the speaker is one of the best friends that accompanies you wherever you go. It has a very cool look, and it will look good wherever you may put it, yes even on your boat, it looks pretty fine. It also comes in three colors, black, blue, and red.

Owning an IP67 rating, this speaker has full waterproofness, and it is dustproof. While on a boat, you can also submerge it in water and stay there for up to 30 minutes, so that it can boom everything!

Working amazingly with Bluetooth, the MegaBoom 3 can be paired and is compatible with any device that may cross your mind. You can literally pair it with whatever you want, and in case, you have other Boom speakers from Ultimate Ears, you can pair up to 150 of them with one another.

The MegaBoom 3 has 2 drivers, and those are in charge of bringing you excellent sound quality in a general form. The sound comes out perfectly fine, it is loud and clear, and what is more important is that the sound comes omnidirectional, making the speaker known as a 360° one.

As long as the battery life is concerned, the speaker can stay with you for up to 20 hours, and differing from the other speakers already mentioned, on this one, we have a CR123A battery type.

Why Should You Buy It?
You would like to look like a celebrity, right? I bet you do! Anyways, you should buy this speaker in case you are searching for good features and good sound quality that comes from every corner.

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1. JBL Flip 6 – Best Overall

JBL is super powerful, and it is a definite celebrity in the world of sound brands! Anyways, the Flip 6 is one of the newest releases from the brand, and one of the most used speakers all around the world.

Even though this speaker has a very simple look, you can choose between 8 colors! Yes, a total of eight colors are: black, blue, green, grey, pink, red, teal, and white. For its size, the JBL Flip 6 measures 7 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches, and the weight is 2.05 pounds. It is known as an ultra-portable speaker.

Just like many other waterproof Bluetooth speakers, the JBL Flip 6 is also very durable. It owns an IP67 rating, and it is dust and water-resistant in many ways. While on a boat, you can use this speaker however you want. You can also immerse it in water at 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Bluetooth is again the main connectivity technology that works perfectly fine, and it is quite sturdy. There’s as well a JBL specification, which is called PartyBoost, and it is used whenever you want to pair other JBL speakers with this one for a better experience.

Whenever there is JBL, there is always good sound, and that is a definite fact! Whatever that you will be listening to with this speaker will be brought to you clearly, loudly, and in a word, it comes perfectly! There’s also a deep bass that comes quite well-balanced.

The battery life, in my opinion, can be better! Anyways, JBL Flip 6 is able to stay with you for about 12 hours, once its lithium-polymer battery is fully charged.

Why Should You Buy It?
Being listed as the best overall, JBL Flip brings everything that you may need! It is one of those speakers that knows the needs of the customers and it brings to you portability, durability, and excellent sound quality. Everything that a portable Bluetooth speaker should own.

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What is IP Rating?

There are two famous letters that we see in speakers, and they are IP. They are not only found in speakers, they are in many devices, but in this case, I am writing to talk and tell you about speakers!

What does IP stand for? IP means Ingress Protection, and it is completely related to the durability that a speaker has to offer. After the IP letters, you will find numbers. The first number shows the resistance to solid, meanwhile, the second number shows the resistance in liquid.

Anyways, on some devices, you may notice that there is the letter X and it is followed by a number. Whenever you see an X, you should know that there is no testing on that part, mostly on the test of solid materials.

Wireless Speaker For Boats Buying Guide

Everybody loves a buying guide because it always helps whenever you have to choose anything that you have in mind. Since in this article we are talking about portable speakers for boats, let me mention a few things that should be considered before purchasing the best one. Those few things include:


Considering the fact that we are on a boat, that means that we are traveling. It is not a fact that we are traveling a long way, we may be only in a place, but there’s still a thing that is one of the most important features that a portable Bluetooth speaker should own and it is the portability that it offers.

Before choosing the best Bluetooth speaker for your boat, you should check if it is portable enough.


Besides portability, it is the durability that should be present in the speaker that you are about to buy. Boats are not the driest places that one can find and that’s why your speaker should be durable enough to withstand the water, and why not any other thing that may damage it.

Waterproof bluetooth speakers will be suitable for boats.

Sound Quality

All in all, a speaker’s job is to bring sound to us, and that’s basically the main reason why we are choosing one, right? Well, in case the speaker that you are about to choose has the features that I mentioned above, portability and durability, just check out how that speaker sounds! If it sounds big enough to cover a big boat, then go for it!

Final Words

I know pretty well that finding a specific speaker for a specific pace is not the easiest thing that one can do. That’s why I am here for you!

I really hope that this article will help you find the best Bluetooth speaker for a boat, and I hope it is one of those that I mentioned in this article!

Further Reading

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I wouldn’t like to mention something else besides I hope you have fun while using your Bluetooth speaker on your boat!

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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