Best DJ Lights in 2022 (Top Picks For Live Performances)

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You know that here, at AudioViser, you can find important things that are related to sound in general. If you are a DJ, I would like to say that you are more than welcome here! We do have everything you are in need of, from professional headphones to the smallest devices that you may need.

Music and lights are one of the coolest combinations that one can do! Lights will definitely help a person, especially a DJ, bring a better performance to their fans. It is important to mention that there are many lights, but when it comes to DJ ones, they should have some features included, for example, the sound activation mode.

Anyways, I’ve heard that many people, especially DJs are in doubt when it comes to choosing the right DJ light, and guess what? That’s what I am here for! In this article, you will be able to find the best DJ lights that are found on the market nowadays.

Now, without wasting your time further, let me get this article started and let me tell you which are the best DJ lights!

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The Top 8 Best DJ Lights

8. Luditek

Key Specifications
⦁ Material: Plastic
⦁ Weight: ‎7 ounces
⦁ Light Type: Painted
⦁ Power Supply: 100-240V

I am starting this article by mentioning a well-known brand when it comes to DJ lights in general and it is one of the first names that comes to mind. This light from Luditek is great for any type of party that you might take part in. The light is portable and can accompany you wherever you go.

The light owns three sound activation modes and the colors are the main RGB ones. There’s a massive combination of red green and blue and the led lights come in any way that you want. An important mode that can be activated with this light is the music one. There is a combination of musical rhythm and lights.

What’s Included in the Package?
1 X Party Light, 1 X Remote Control, 1 X User Instruction

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7. Vnina

Key Specifications
⦁ Material: Copolymer
⦁ Weight: 8.1 ounces
⦁ Light Type: LED
⦁ Power Supply: AC85V – 260V

If you need dj led lights of any kind, here comes Vnina to the rescue! This brand is in charge of any type of lighting equipment that you may need. Yes, even the simplest one. The one that I chose is one of the greatest disco balls that are on the market. It is super versatile, and it can be used however and wherever you want.

This light’s lighting, as you can already notice, comes as LED. A LED that includes RGB, (red, green, and blue). The combination is definitely magnificent! It enlightens the whole place that you may be playing in the coolest way that you can think. Definitely my favorite dj lighting setup.

What’s Included in the Package?
1 X LED RGB Stage Lighting, 1 X Remote Control, 1 X Bracket, 2 X Screws

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Key Specifications
⦁ Material: Metal
⦁ Weight: ‎1.2 pounds
⦁ Light Type: Laser / Electric
⦁ Power Supply: AC110V – AC240V

Suny brings a very strong and durable DJ light that is easy to be used and very safe to be used. Based on some DJs, this light can be used wherever you want and that includes both indoor and outdoor environments.

The led lights on this device are controlled in four main play moded. Those modes include Sound Active, Automatic, and two combinations of automatic and sound. When it comes to the lighting part, there are 40 pattern combinations, and the combination is RG meaning that it works in between red and green colors. Being laser, the led lights are clear, and they move perfectly without bothering anyone.

What’s Included in the Package?
1 X Light, 1 X IR Controller, 1 X Power Cable, 1 X Handle, 2 X Screw, 1 X User Manual

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Key Specifications
⦁ Material: Aluminum
⦁ Weight: 9.8 pounds
⦁ Light Type: Electric / Projector
⦁ Power Supply: 100 – 240 VAC

This Chauvet light is definitely one of the greatest ones that you can find. It is a super compact one, and most importantly, it is portable and very durable. What should be mentioned about the body of this light is that it is very flexible, and it has pan and tilt movements. There is a movement of any kind, and the movements are precise.

When it comes to the lighting part, this light is super bright, and as Chauvet says, it brings very crispy optics while in use. The lights are all LED, and they can be changed in whatever color that you want. So it is basically up to you on choosing the way it enlightens the scene.

What’s Included in the Package?
1 X Power Cord, 1 X Light, 1 X Hanging Bracket + Mounting Hardware,1 X Reference Guide

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Key Specifications
⦁ Material: Metal
⦁ Weight: 5.72 pounds
⦁ Light Type: LED
⦁ Power Supply: AC 240V

Many people say that this DJ light is for any occasion that you might have. It is one of the main picks when it comes to disco, karaoke, Christmas, birthdays, and whatever else comes to your mind.

Just as the number that this light is listed, Marygel comes with 4 main lights. There are RGBW colors, which means that besides the red, green, and blue, this light offers also a combination of white. Every light that you use based on colors is one of the greatest ones, and the combination is better than you can think. There are some modes in which this light can be driven: Auto Play, Sound Activated mode, Master/Slave.

What’s Included in the Package?
1 X MARYGEL Stage Light, 1 X Remote Control, 1 X User Manual, 1 x US Power Line

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3. DragonX

Key Specifications
⦁ Material: Metal
⦁ Weight: 21.1 pounds
⦁ Light Type: LED
⦁ Power Supply: AC 240V

Hence the name, DragonX lights are some of the most amazing led lights that one can find. The light that I chose comes with 4 main led lights included. Even though there are many in number, the lights are portable and become a friend for DJs wherever you may go.

DragonX works with a combination of the famous RGB lights. The combination is great in all four led lights and they do the best job possible. These led lights are those that can be used whenever and wherever you want. A specialty that should be mentioned is the compatibility with other lights from different brands.

4 bar LED stage lights with comes 4 LED Par Cans, Tripod Lighting Stand to maneuver, Foot-Switch Controller for better control, Power Cord, and Stand Bag

What’s Included in the Package?
4 X LED Lights, 1 X Tripod, 1 X controller, 1 X Power Cord, 1 X Stand Bag

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Key Specifications
⦁ Material: Metal
⦁ Weight: 12 ounces
⦁ Light Type: Projector
⦁ Power Supply: AC110V – 240V

Even though the brand owns a kind of funny name, Spooboola brings to the market some of the greatest DJ lights that you can ever find. This light is also very compact and portable in many ways. It is known as a very practical light because of its size.

This light is again an RGB one which includes the main colors, as you already know they are red-green and blue. Just as three main colors, three main modes make the colors move around. Automatic, Strobe Lights Mode, and Sound Activated mode. The automatic one tells already what it does, the second one is the colors appearing and disappearing in flash mode, and the last one is going with the flow.

What’s Included in the Package?
1 X Light, 1 X power supply, 1 X Manual, 1 X Tripod, 1 X Remote controller

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Key Specifications
⦁ Material: Aluminum Alloy
⦁ Weight: 10.2 ounces
⦁ Light Type: Laser
⦁ Power Supply: AC100V-240V

Pococo is a brand that is totally related to lighting in general. As the last light in this article stands one from Pococo, and it is one of the most used led lights by many DJs. It is a lightweight light, and it is fully portable. Based on where to use this light, it is one of those that can be used wherever you want. It works both indoors and outdoors.

The led lights that this product owns are RGB (red, blue, and green), and there are exactly six combinations in number. There are three modes of using this light: Auto (full-automatic use), Strobe Lights Mode (with a flash effect), and Sound Control (everything is controlled with the rhythm of music).

What’s Included in the Package?
1 X DJ Stage Light, 1 X Remote Control, 1 X Micro USB Cable, 1 X Stand, 2 X Screws, 1 X User Manual

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How to Choose DJ Lights? – Buying Guide

If you think about it, it is interesting enough on choosing the best light of any kind. You may say you buy the light and that’s it! Well, not really! When buying the best DJ lights, there are some things that should definitely be considered.

The main important things include:


As you can notice, above when I listed the key specifications of each light I mentioned the types of the light. Before buying a DJ light you should always consider what type of light you need and which one works better for you.


The price of any device is one of the most important things that a buyer can look carefully at. It goes the same when it comes to lighting as well. Anyways, what deserves to be mentioned is that the led lights that I chose are all affordable and when I say affordable you should get that they are indeed cheap ones.

FAQ About DJ Lights

What are DJ lights?

DJ lights are essential equipment for any DJ! They are basic lights that we are used to seeing but there is a difference because DJ lights include different specific patterns within them. When it comes to their use, you can find these types of lights in different environments, especially at parties!

They are a great purchase for DJs since they bring a little bit of life to the party that you may be making music at!

Are all DJ lights portable?

Based on the lights that I mentioned in the article, I would gladly say that every type of DJ light is portable. Most of them are super lightweight, and that is the biggest feature that a device should have in order to be portable. That is automatically linked to the DJs because as we all know, they don’t stay in one place, they are always in movement.

Are there different types of DJ lights?

There are three types that are known as the main ones when it comes to DJ lights:

  • Projectors
  • Lasers
  • Party Lights

The most commonly used ones are the laser lights and the projectors. They definitely know how to bring the best lighting at a party of any kind!

Final Words

Here we came at the end of this article! The lights that I mentioned are all great ones and they would definitely do the job that they are intended to. Even though I chose many picks and I included different lights, I assure you that they are the most commonly used ones by many DJs all over the world.

I really hope that this article will help you find the DJ lights that you need!

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I don’t think there’s something else to mention, besides I hope you have fun with the DJ light that you choose!

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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