Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers in 2023 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

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In the last few years, portable music players have progressed from shoulder-carry boomboxes to pocket-sized speakers.

Their evolution does not halt at the compact factor; they continue to evolve day by day.

Bluetooth speakers that can play music while floating in water are now available.

In today’s article, I have rounded up what I feel are the best bloating Bluetooth speakers.

Most Affordable
DuoTen Bluetooth Speaker

DuoTen Bluetooth Speaker

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Best for Kids
Blufree Bluetooth Speaker

Blufree Bluetooth Speaker

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Best Value
Soundcore Flare Mini

Soundcore Flare Mini

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Best Portable
JBL Clip 3

JBL Clip 3

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Best Overall


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The Top 5 Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers

5. DuoTen Bluetooth Speaker – Most Affordable

Let’s start with a speaker from DuoTen, a third-party brand that is attempting to establish itself in the market with its cost-effective products. Even though it’s not a big player, it’s making a good name in the market with its floating pool speakers.

Their speaker is small and appears to be a toy at first glance, but don’t be fooled; it is well-made and will withstand a few bumps.

It weighs 8.2 ounces and measures 3.82 x 3.82 x 2.95 inches.

The IPX7 waterproof rating ensures that water spray and splashes are kept at bay, allowing you to enjoy any water-related activities like showering, swimming, boating, fishing, and sailing without affecting audio quality.

Moreover, You can use this strong suction cup to stick to tiles, mirrors, and other flat surfaces.

Another feature I enjoy about this speaker is that it has seven LED colors to choose from, and you can either lock one or let it scroll.

In terms of connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 allows for a connection range of up to 66 feet and ensures steady transmission.

Don’t worry about compatibility, all Bluetooth-related devices can be paired.

Surprisingly, considering its tiny size, the device is quite loud. Its powerful 8W driver produces clear, loud music with deep bass. In the budget range, this is probably one of the best floating bluetooth speakers you can buy.

Why Should You Buy It?
Despite being from a brand that is not so well known, it is a really nice speaker. It is decently built and can get really loud while maintaining good audio quality. This is just something you might need if you don’t want to hurt your bank.

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4. Blufree Bluetooth Speaker – Best for Kids

The next item on the list is a waterproof bluetooth speaker that is very similar to the first option.

It is inexpensive, adaptable, and provides a lot of value. However, this is one I’d recommend to kids.

It’s shaped like a basketball and has lights all around it, making it highly appealing to our beloved children.

Despite being plastic and “funny-looking,” it is IPX7 rated, which means it can float in water and withstand the elements.

The Blufree allows Bluetooth connecting up to 50 feet distant and also accepts a USB input.

Two Blufree speakers can also be joined together to create a stereo pair or a louder system.

In terms of audio quality, this Blufree speaker can get quite loud, however, I wouldn’t use it to power a house party.

This speaker has enough power to pump some sounds and get the dancefloor open for casual use around the pool or for a small gathering.

Why Should You Buy It?
It is reasonably priced, the design is well-executed, and the kids will love it. While I recommend it for children, it doesn’t imply adults can’t use it; in fact, they should because this bad boy can be rather loud.

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3. Soundcore Flare Mini – Best Value

Next, as the best value option, we have none other than the Flare Mini.

Flare is a line-up from Soundcore that is known for its speaker that can survive the elements and “swim” so well.

The Flare small seeks to combine all of its competitors and the rest of the Soundcore products’ characteristics. It also does not fail to provide them at a reasonable cost.

It’s a smaller and lighter version of its bigger brother, the Flare Bluetooth speaker, with many similarities but certain trade-offs that make it a little less expensive.

It’s extremely appealing, and I’ll describe it as a cute tiny speaker

As I previously stated, it is a smaller version of Flare. The speaker is encased in the same dark grey mesh material as the rest of the speaker, with the Soundcore logo positioned at the bottom at the front.

This is a battery powered waterproof bluetooth speaker, and it has a battery life of around 12 hours, which is pretty good considering the price of this speaker.

It has an IPX7 rating, so floating or streaming music in the pool won’t be a problem.

Mini is just on his name since this speaker is really loud and sounds the opposite of mini. It offers a full 360-degree sound field, allowing you to set it almost anywhere and still hear excellent music quality.

Why Should You Buy It?
Soundcore is a brand that always has been about value, you simply can’t go wrong with this speaker it has everything someone might need for a pool speaker, it sounds exceptionally good, it is well designed and it’s Soundcore.

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2. JBL Clip 3 – Best Portable

JBL products don’t need much of an introduction, but the Clip 3 is a surprisingly portable Bluetooth speaker.

It’s JBL’s smallest Bluetooth speaker, but it’s also quite sturdy and robust.

It comes in a variety of colors, including the basic black and white as well as a few more vibrant ones.

The Clip 3 has an IPx7 water resistance classification, which means it can withstand being submerged for up to one meter without difficulty, making it ideal for pool parties or relaxing on rainy days.

What l like about this waterproof bluetooth speaker is that thanks to the noise and echo-canceling speakerphone, you can make crystal-clear conversations from your speaker at the touch of a button.

When it comes to audio quality, what Can I say, It is a waterproof bluetooth speaker that is made by JBL, a renowned brand when it comes to Bluetooth speakers and sound quality. Considering this is a portable waterproof bluetooth speaker, it has a battery life of up to 10 hours, which is pretty good if you ask me.

Overall this waterproof bluetooth speaker sounds great, no matter if it is on water or out of the water, you will notice the signature sound of punchy and powerful bass but it’s nothing to irritate your ears, its the bass we all love

Why Should You Buy It?
Not only it is a great swimming speaker, but mostly it is ultra-portable and it promises to come in use in many aspects. It is your number one companion when it comes to going on vications. A battery life of 10 hours will get you through the day.

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When it comes to portable devices, Ultimate Ears is not a new name; it has been battling with the big dogs for years now.

The UE Wonderboom 2 is a terrific option if you’re searching for a waterproof bluetooth speaker to accompany you on all of your summer adventures.

This UE waterproof bluetooth speaker is incredibly portable and lightweight at the same time. It also has a handle to help with the transporting process.

It is constructed of knit fabric and comes in a variety of colors to pick from. It is well built and won’t mind taking some punishment, just don’t take it too far.

It has IP67 dust and water-resistant rating. One of the highest ratings a device may receive is IP67, which means that it won’t mind water and sudden rains since it can easy “swim”.

Bluetooth connectivity is excellent on this speaker. It can connect to up to two devices at once, making switching between them simple, and it has a reasonable range. It also has a great battery life. UE claims that the Wonderboom 2 has a battery life of up to 13 hours, and according to our tests, the results were pretty close.

The 360-degree sound function is the show-stopper here. It is capable of producing a 3D sound that is extremely pleasing to the ear.

It may also get rather loud, making it an excellent tool for showers or pool parties.

I simply like everything about this speaker.

Why Should You Buy It?
It is a waterproof bluetooth speaker that comes from a renowned company, it has portability, good design, good waterproofing and on top of it 360 degrees, good sound quality.

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Buying Guide: Choosing The Right Floating Speaker

There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to buying the right waterproof bluetooth speaker that floats, the wrong buy might result in you getting a knockoff that will die as soon as you put it in water.

Make sure you buy from reputable and authentic brands, because a fake floating pool speaker will not be able to handle water.

Waterproofing and Water Resistance

First and foremost, a waterproof bluetooth speaker that you want to stream music while in the pool, must have a good amount of waterproofing.

They’re measured in Ip rating, with certain devices having a greater Ip rating than others.

Choosing one with a high IP rating will allow you to submerge the waterproof speaker in water for an extended period of time.

Others, on the other hand, have a low one that can only withstand splashes of water.

Sound Quality and Loudness

The next thing that is important must be the sound quality and how loud the waterproof speaker can get.

Pool parties tend to get loud, you want a waterproof speaker that can get loud to certain levels. With that being said the waterproof speaker should also maintain good sound quality while being loud.

Most cheap floating pool speakers can’t keep their sound quality level at high volumes since the distortions and muffling sounds occur.

Not only that but floating pool speakers also change their sound quality when you immerse them in water, most manufacturers fixed that when they decided to give those floating pool speakers a high waterproofing rate, while some still struggle with it.

Buying a Bluetooth speaker that sounds good and loud can be a hard task. However, the products I mentioned above have been proved to work well in those circumstances.

Design and Construction

Being waterproof and water resistance was important enough, the next thing would be for the speaker to look good and be durable.

You are familiar with how chaotic the pool parties can get, there are people everywhere, kids jumping and playing around, this means that the speaker will take some punishment whether it is intentionally or unintentionally.

I am not saying it should be mega robust or something, but to be able to survive some knocks there and then.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why do floating Bluetooth speakers seem to be unaffected by water?

If you were to throw a speaker on the water a few decades ago, it was over for that speaker. However, floating Bluetooth speakers are designed that way to keep the water away from entering their main drivers/components.

Is it possible to submerge floating speakers?

Yes, they have a really high waterproof rating and can survive underwater for a long time. However, I wouldn’t recommend it at all, it’s not wise to submerge a floating speaker no matter how good it is.

What would be the right IP rating for a floating speaker to survive the water and float?

For most general uses, the IP65, IP66, and IP67 classifications are widely considered waterproof and won’t have a problem being submerged for a short time

Final Words

When it comes to purchasing a floating Bluetooth speaker, it is certainly not a walk in the park. It’s hard to tell if they will survive the water tests.

But looking on the bright side, they are relatively cheap.  The majority of the items mentioned above cost less than $100.

Even if the floating speakers won’t be able to stay submerged for an extended period of time, you still got yourself a working Bluetooth speaker.

Yet again, I think the products mentioned above come from trusted manufacturers and won’t fail to provide you with a great pool party experience.

Don’t be hasty in making the decision. Look first at exactly what you need and then continue with the buying process.

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