5 Best Floorstanding Speakers Under $300 of 2023

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Music is most people’s favorite thing and it deserves to be! Music helps you find peace in a way and depending on what type the music is, that’s how we act, you forget everything and start feeling! Some people love to listen to music all the time while doing anything around their homes.

Headphones are great but sometimes it may be boring having them in-ear or over-ear, that’s why you need floor standing speakers in your houses! They are the best thing that you could purchase, to take your favorite music to the next level.

There are many types of floor standing speakers, but they might be a little bit pricey! In this article, I listed the top five picks for best floor standing speakers under $300. You will see detailed reviews about the speakers that I chose and also, at the end of the article, you will see what are the most important things before buying them!

Let’s take a closer look at the speakers!

Sony SSCS3

Sony SSCS3

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Klipsch R-610F

Klipsch R-610F

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Polk Audio T50

Polk Audio T50

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Polk Monitor XT70

Polk Monitor XT70

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Dayton Audio T652-AIR

Dayton Audio T652-AIR

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The 5 Best Floorstanding Speakers Under $300

5. Sony SSCS3

Sony stands among the most famous names when it comes to almost everything! It definitely couldn’t stay at the back when floor-standing speakers were needed! Sony SSCS3 is the company’s most famous floor-standing speaker!

Sony SSCS3 is a three-way speaker, meaning that it is divided into three parts! Its measurements are 14.2 x 11.6 x 40.2 inches and it has a weight of about 10 pounds, which for speakers is considered lightweight. Being lightweight this floor-standing speaker can be easily moved around your room or your house.

Since it is a three-way floor standing speaker, Sony SSCS3 includes a woofer that is 5.12 deep and it is responsible for the low-frequency sounds, a tweeter which is 1 inch that works with the high-frequency sounds, and the super tweeter which is ¾ inches and this one has to do with the ultra-high frequencies.

The speaker also includes a four-driver system that provides a full sound with no exceptions. The sound that comes out from all of the parts of the speakers is super clear and it brings an amazing performance. The frequency response of this floor-standing speaker works from 45Hz up high to 50,000Hz. In general, this floor-standing speaker covers all the frequencies that a human being can hear.

The technology that is included in this speaker is Dolby Atmos, which is a surround sound technology. It adds height channels and allows the sound to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects.

As per its connectivity issues, Sony SSC3 is a speaker that works with 145W maximum input power.

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4. Klipsch R-610F

Klipsch is a brand that is fully dedicated to sound! They make the best headphones, soundbars, and speakers. Their products quickly become people’s favorite things because of the features that they include!

Design-wise this floor standing speaker is very well-built. Differing from the first one already mentioned, this Klipsch speaker is a two-way speaker and it measures 15.11 x 9.45 x 37 inches. Its weight on the other hand is 36 pounds.

The speaker in general has a single 6.5 inches woofer that brings to you amazing quality of low-frequency sounds and a single tweeter that is 1 inch big and it is fully made of aluminum and it brings amazing high-frequencies of the song or anything else that you want to use them for.

The sound is very clear with no interference. The frequency response that this floor standing speaker works at is from 45Hz up to 21kHz, which is an enormously high number of frequencies.

The technology that is added to this Klipsch speaker is Tractrix Horn. It is a technology that is directed to the shape and the character of the sound and helps it come to you in the most perfect way possible with an immersive clarity and fully detailed. An important thing about its technologies is that on it can also be added Dolby Atmos.

The input power that this floor standing speaker works at is higher than the first one and it is 340 watts of power.

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3. Polk Audio T50

Polk in general is also a well-known company for sound products! Besides being known for headphones and speakers, Polk is also known for its reasonable price tags! Their products even though are amazing and fulfilled with lots of features they come with wallet-friendly prices!

In general Polk Audio T50 is a good-looking speaker that will look good in any place that you put it! Its dimensions measure 8.75 x 7.75 x 36.25 inches and its weight is 20.4 pounds. It can as well, be moved to any place that you want.

Polk Audio T50 is a three-way speaker, which includes a 1-inch tweeter, 6.5 inches driver, and also two 6.5 bass radiators. All of them combined to bring to you a very well-balanced sound that is very natural and once the speaker is placed in your room it reaches easily any corner of it.

The overall frequency that this speaker works at is from 60Hz up to 24kHz. The sound is perfectly clear, it is lifelike as if you are hearing your favorite music when it is being recorded.

The speaker is featured with the Dynamic Balance technology which is a technology that minimizes the vibrations of the speaker and it helps balance the sound that comes out of the speaker. It is a technology that works perfectly with highs mids and bass also.

Polk Audio T50 works with an input power of 100 Watts.

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2. Polk Monitor XT70

From Polk T50 here goes another speaker from Polk, and it is Polk Monitor XT70. Polk is a brand that is repeated in this article because it sure knows how to deal with great speakers, and with low prices.

As a whole, this floor standing speaker has a very modern design that fits and looks good with any decor that your home may have, and also it owns an amazing build and sound quality. It is made of very strong materials and measures 9 x 10 x 40 inches. As per its movement capability, it can be moved easily, even though it may sound heavy, by weighing 35 pounds.

The floor standing speaker owns a 1-inch tweeter, two 6.5 inches woofers, and two 8 inches passive radiators. The radiators are in charge of the mid ranges and the bass of the sounds that you are listening to. The floor standing speaker brings a very good sound quality, it is very accurate and with powerful and clear highs! The frequency response of Polk Monitor XT70 goes up high to 40kHz.

Polk Monitor XT70 features Dolby Atmos technology which as said above is a surround sound technology and also the floor standing speaker is compatible with DTS:X compatible which is an audio codec that helps the sound move around the place they are in.

The power input of the Polk Monitor XT70 works from 25 watts up to 200 watts of power.

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1. Dayton Audio T652-AIR

Dayton Audio, just as the name supplies, is a brand that is in charge of sound systems in general! The products that they launch, even though not very famous, are amazing! On Dayton Audio T652-Air are included both low price and quality!

Differing from the other tower speakers already mentioned above, Dayton Audio T652-Air sound system comes as a duo, meaning there are two speakers included! Each one of them measures 34 x 19 x 13 inches and the weight is 31.9 pounds.

The tower speakers both include two 6.5 inches woofers that are responsible for the amazing bass, and there is a 1-inch tweeter that helps for the smooth reproduction of the sound!

The users of these speakers say that the sound that comes out of them feels like their favorite musicians are in the room with them! And in fact, that is said because the speakers bring a very clear sound! The frequency response of Dayton Audio T652-Air works from 45 to 20,000Hz.

There are no special technologies included on these speakers, but they don’t need them at all! The sound as said is perfect and most importantly they are speakers that are aimed mostly at bass lovers.

There is, however, included an AMT (Air Motion Transformer), which is an electroacoustic transducer. Basically, with it, the air or the sound moves around 180 degrees.

The power input of the speakers is from 90 watts up to 150 watts. Definitely an amazing sound system that every home should own.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Floor Standing Speakers

What are floor standing speakers?

Floor standing speakers are types of home theater speakers that basically stand on the floor. They are tall, sit directly on the ground, and bring to you a rich sound quality.

Why do I need floor standing speakers?

Floor standing speakers are the best thing that you could do if you are a music fan! They, in fact, sound the best and bring to you a full range of sound! Since they are mostly put in rooms they fully share the music all around!

Are floor standing speakers better than bookshelf speakers?

As some of you may already know, bookshelf speakers are smaller in size and they as said, are meant to be put on a shelf, on a table, or any other high surface. In my opinion, floor standing speakers are better because they can be put on the floor basically and yet cover everything!

Now, as we finished the reviews and the frequently asked questions about the best floor standing speakers under $300 let’s get to an important question about floor standing speakers!

What are the most important things that you should consider before buying floor standing speakers?

Sound Quality

As the first and most important thing about floor standing speakers and speakers/headphones, in general, of course, is the sound quality! Good sound quality is when the sound comes in the most perfect way possible! The sound should come from the speaker just as it is supposed to be, as it was first recorded!


Drivers are also a part of the sound quality. They are elements of speakers, that are responsible to convert the audio signal, into sound. Everything that has to do with sound (headphones, speakers) has drivers. The larger the drivers of your speakers are they have a more dynamic range at higher volume.


Compatibility is also an important thing before buying these types of speakers. If you already own an amplifier or a soundbar, then it is important to know if the speakers that you are about to buy, will work with them. Even if you don’t own any of them you should be careful with what are they compatible with.


Size deserves a place on the list of the most important things. Floor standing speakers come in a variety of sizes and the size should always fit on the room that you are putting them. There is also a saying that the size of the speakers should be tall enough to match your ear levels.


Price is an important issue with which every buyer deals! In this case, since the article is about the best floor standing speakers under $300, I don’t think that there will be any problem in order to choose in between them.

If you have some more money to spend, take a look at some higher-end models on our roundup of floorstanding speakers under $2000, or floorstanding speakers under $500.


I hope that this article will help you choose the best option for you. On the reviews about all the products are mentioned the key features of each and every speaker!

Since the prices are all under $300, besides considering their price, be aware and keep an eye on the other important things that are mentioned in the buying guide at the end! I hope you do choose the best one that fits you and your room and have fun listening to your favorite music!

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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