Best Gooseneck Microphones in 2023 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

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I’m assuming you require a gooseneck microphone because you want to update your meeting room. However, you might also need one for other purposes.

Whatever the reason, don’t worry; in today’s blog, I’ll showcase what I consider to be the best gooseneck microphones.

A gooseneck microphone is a type of professional condenser microphone that, as the name suggests, has an extendable flexible tube, or “gooseneck,” linked to the body of the microphone.

The flexible tube enables accurate positioning while holding out the possibility of packing away conveniently when not in use.

So without further ado, let’s present those best gooseneck microphones.

Best Value


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Best for Auditiourm 
Samson CM20P

Samson CM20P

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Best Mini
FIFINE Mini K050

FIFINE Mini K050

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Best Budget


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Best Runner-Up
Audio-Technica PRO 49QL

Audio-Technica PRO 49QL

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Best Overall
Shure CVG18-B/C

Shure CVG18-B/C

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Top 6 Best Gooseneck Microphones

6. KLIM Talk – Best Value

Let’s start with a cost-effective solution that may be applied to a variety of situations.

A self-made third-party company named Klim Talk is attempting to establish a reputation for itself by offering some cool products at incredibly low prices.

This powered USB gooseneck microphone is equivalent to those available on the high-end market and has some awesome tricks up its sleeve.

It is expertly constructed using metal and sturdy plastic. It appears to be fairly tough and capable of withstanding damage.

The value this microphone offers is difficult to match, so I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small-usage microphone without any severe requirements. You get great sound quality for the price.

Its measurements are 2.2 x 1.69 x 1.28 inches, and its weight is 9.9 ounces.

Technical Specifications

  • Outstanding Anti-Pop filter
  • Flexible neck
  • Great Compatibility
  • On/Off switch
  • USB Connectivity

Why Should You Buy It?
This is a great affordable microphone that can be used for a variety of reasons. Don’t expect anything groundbreaking from this microphone, it comes from a third-party brand that released this microphone at a cost-effective price.

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5. Samson CM20P – Best for Auditiourm 

The Samson CM20P gooseneck mic is the next option, which is ideal for people looking for a gooseneck microphone to utilize in various buildings.

For all styles of speech and voice presentations, the Samson CM20P gooseneck podium microphone offers a variety of mounting choices. The optimum sound quality is produced by a condenser element and a cardioid pickup pattern.

The cardioid pickup style of this condenser microphone, which effectively captures your sound while rejecting unnecessary background noise, makes it superb.

This condenser microphone has a matte black finish and a tough metal casing, which gives it a particularly attractive appearance.

This condenser microphone weighs 10.6 ounces and has dimensions of 26 x 2.75 x 3.25 inches.

Keep in mind that there is also the CM15P, which is merely a scaled-down counterpart of this one. Definitely a great mic with exceptional sound quality.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Response 60 – 16,000 Hz
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Internal Pop Filter
  • Flexible top and Bottom Gooseneck
  • Foam Windscreen

Why Should You Buy It?
It is an excellent gooseneck mic for speeches both inside and outside of the object. As well as lecture halls, colleges and universities, and other events.

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4. FIFINE Mini K050 – Best Mini

The following gooseneck microphone on the list is made by a well-known manufacturer of microphones, and that’s none other than Fifine.

Here we have a mini microphone from Fifine, the Mini K050 microphone.

I’ll start by saying that this is a home microphone that you should use for casual purposes rather than a professional one. It can go with you wherever you go.

This microphone’s little size will definitely appeal to vloggers because you can chuck it in the suitcase and start recording right away.

Additionally, despite its small size, you’ll be astonished by how well it is constructed and can pick up your voice.

It measures 2.6 x 2.6 x 6.61 inches and weighs 5.6 ounces

On top of all this, it doesn’t even cost that much, it comes at a budget price point.

Technical Specifications

  • Compact
  • Simple for traveling
  • Adaptable to any angle
  • Excellent for traveling

Why Should You Buy It?
If you are looking for a gooseneck microphone that you can pretty much take anywhere, look no more since this bad boy from Fifine is here to accompany you anywhere you go.

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3. JOUNIVO JV-601 – Best Budget

We have another microphone on the list that is priced quite low.

Once more, this is a third-party program that seeks to establish a reputation by receiving favorable reviews of its products on popular shopping platforms.

It succeeds in doing so.

The JV601 USB microphone is a great gooseneck microphone that comes with a base and USB compatibility.

This usb microphone is a fantastic option for those who want an external microphone to accompany them during their everyday computing but don’t want to break the bank.

It has a 360-degree flexible design and is extremely nicely constructed. Though it is well crafted, I wouldn’t test it to the fullest.

This usb microphone offers an omnidirectional polar pattern, a clear sound, and noise reduction technology, which is what I appreciate about it despite its modest price.

It weighs 9.1 ounces and has dimensions of 4 x 4 x 12 inches. Definitely a great condenser microphone you should consider.

Technical Specifications
  • At this Price, Base Is Unusual.
  • 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck
  • Mute Button
  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern

Why Should You Buy It?
If you are on a budget and don’t want anything you can use this microphone for youtube videos, online meetings, gaming stuff, Skype, and more. It will surely deliver despite having a cheap price.

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2. Audio-Technica PRO 49QL – Best Runner-Up

Audio Technica is a well-known brand when it comes to audio equipment. This company is renowned for making high-quality headphones that satisfy all types of customers, including novices, professionals, and even audiophiles.

They don’t stop there; they also offer a range of other devices, such as microphones, and they have essentially the same level of success in this field.

The Pro 49QL is a microphone that can be used everywhere, but it excels in the commercial world mostly.

It is intended for serious home studio owners, podcasters, and broadcasters who desire a high-quality microphone without breaking the budget.

You won’t have any trouble placing it anywhere you want because it is very well built and adaptable.

Additionally, it will generally produce an audible sound that is clear and comprehensible.

So don’t be skeptical of this microphone’s capabilities.

Its dimensions are 1.6 x 23.8 x 1.6 inches, and its weight is 6.4 ounces.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Range/Response: 70 Hz – 16,000 Hz
  • Condenser Cartridge
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Uniform 120 Degree Acceptance Angle
  • Foam Windshield
  • Small Diameter Double Gooseneck Design

Why Should You Buy It?
This is a great all-rounder that comes from a reputable brand. It is mostly billed for professional and serious things, but no one is stopping you from using it for almost everything.

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1. Shure CVG18-B/C – Best Overall

Once again, we are dealing with a well-known brand, and what we just discussed about Audio Technica applies pretty much equally to Shure.

The Shure brand specializes in high-end electronics like headphones, IEMs, and other items.

A centraverse microphone like the Shure CVG18-B/C is perfect for usage in cooperatives, government buildings, and other similar settings.

The sound quality is comparable to some high-end XLR microphones. Yes, that’s not an exaggeration, its sound quality is stunning.

Even though it belongs to the professional range and only has a standard gooseneck design, it nonetheless outperforms its competitors because of its reliable and strong construction.

Additionally, it has a split part design that makes it simple to set it wherever you like.

You are free to sing on it because of the excellent microphone’s cardioid polar pattern.

However, unless your primary microphone is broken or there is no other option, I wouldn’t recommend using it for singing.

It weighs 6.7 ounces and has dimensions of 2.5 x 1.5 x 20.5 inches.

This is without a doubt among the best gooseneck microphones available.

Technical Specifications
  • Frequency Range/Response: 70 Hz–16KHz
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Sturdy Yet Flexible Neck
  • USB Connectivity
  • Dual-Section Design

Why Should You Buy It?
This is a great microphone that is used for pretty much everything. I can go as far as to recommend using it even for professional recordings like singing if you don’t have a real recording microphone, that’s how good this one from Shure is.

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Gooseneck Microphone: Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a Gooseneck microphone there are a few things you need to consider on why you are buying this type of microphone. I prefer them over wireless microphones because they are able to offer the same audio quality at a lower price.


Let me cut this one part short.

Don’t expect cutting-edge performance from Gooseneck Microphones. Those are microphones that are made for basic use and do not pick up your voice in a professional manner like a studio microphone.

You just want it sounds clear that’s all.


Design is another important aspect of gooseneck microphones.

Not only to look good while you are out there presenting, but it has to have good mounting capabilities and to be sturdy and not break as soon as you try to adjust it.


What I like about gooseneck microphones is how cheap they are.

You can pretty much just go online now and purchase one, that’s how cheap they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Gooseneck Microphone?

A gooseneck microphone is a normal microphone that has a “Goose Neck” the purpose of those types of microphones is to be as flexible as possible.
They are meant to stay on a stand or just get mounted somewhere close to your face.

What Are Gooseneck Microphones Used For?

Gooseneck mics have a focused pickup pattern and are an excellent option for capturing distinct vocal nuances. Additionally, they give you more freedom than a handheld microphone might.

These microphones are typically found at institutions, in auditoriums, in law facilities, and so on.

Can You Game On a Gooseneck Microphone?

Yes, you can, who says you cannot.

However, I wouldn’t really recommend gaming on a gooseneck microphone not only it might be annoying but it won’t be as appealing and comfortable as normally using the microphone that comes with your headphones. You won’t be able to focus as easily as you do with headphones on the game while having a gooseneck microphone.

Final Words

We are pretty much near the end of the article now.

Since I took sure to cover every scenario in which a gooseneck microphone can be useful, I am convinced that the mics I have highlighted are excellent choices and will be useful to you.

But before purchasing a gooseneck microphone, you must be sure to understand why you need it. Is it for work, is it for an institution, or something else?

Because it is not a good option for certain other things, I wouldn’t advise purchasing one specifically for gaming. I understand that people want to game occasionally, but headphones with microphones are still a superior option when it comes to gaming.

Still for daily computing gooseneck microphones remain a great choice, you can simply plug in them, and you are ready to go, there’s nothing complicated behind them.

I hope I managed to make everything clear and give you additional information about my favorite gooseneck microphones.

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