Best Headphones For Babies in 2023 (Top 5 Picks)

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I was thinking about what I should write today and realized that I’ve written a number of articles about headphones, there is one for audiophiles, rock fans, people with tinnitus, and a variety of others for the whole audience.

But I never wrote one for our adorable children. That bothers me greatly.

To make up for that, in this article I’ve included what I consider to be the best headphones for babies.

The headphones I’m about to offer will satisfy your infant or child in a variety of ways, from calming them and sending them to sleep to simply providing an enjoyable listening experience.

Let’s get started without further ado.

Best For 3-12 Months Old Babies


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Best for 6 Months To 2-Year-Old Babies


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The Best for 1 to 3-Year-Old Babies
Sakar Kids Safe

Sakar Kids Safe

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Best High-Quality For Kids
JBL JR 300

JBL JR 300

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Best Feature-Packed Headphones For Kids


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Top 5 Best Headphones For Babies

5. BBTKCARE – Best For 3-12 Months Old Babies

Starting with a pair of headphones from a company that solely makes baby headphones.

As the name says, the BBTKCARE is well-known and well-received for providing effective yet reasonably priced baby headphones.

With the noise-canceling feature, the BBTKCARE claims to protect your baby’s sensitive ears from bothersome loud noises while keeping them comfortable and safe.

With those baby noise canceling headphones on, your baby will undoubtedly sleep like a lamb.

In terms of design, they are well padded with an curved wide headband that is ergonomically made to keep close to your baby’s head, providing all-around comfort without exerting pressure on the head of the toddler.

Not only that but it allows even further adjustments in case you need them to make your baby feel as comfortable as possible. In terms of colors, there’s nothing groundbreaking, besides them, coming in a bunch of flashy colors that will look cute and good on your baby.

The noise cancellation they provide will suffice in any situation, whether you are outside in your yard or at a loud restaurant, you will be able to enjoy the events because the baby will not be bothered by the loud noises.

Why Should You Buy It?
This is a great affordable choice if your baby has a sensitive sleep, I can assure you that once you put those headphones on your baby you will be free to do your chores and everything since they are really comfortable and keep the noise elimination at good levels. I would advise buying those for newborns up to 1 year.

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4. Baby BANZ – Best for 6 Months To 2-Year-Old Babies

The Baby Banz manufacturer is here to do the same thing as the above brand.

When they work, they just have one goal in mind: providing your children with high-quality, functional baby headphones while keeping an affordable price tag.

Banz advertises their earmuffs as having industry-leading noise suppression and a soft, comfortable fit.

Those aren’t just hollow claims, either.

The Banz come in a variety of bright colors, some of which are even painted, to bring attention to your babies while also making them look cute.

The earmuffs have an adjustable headband that fits various head sizes without placing strain on the baby’s head.

The design is also collapsible, making storage and transportation a breeze.

There’s also the ultra-plush cushioning, which is quite comfortable.

If you don’t believe it, you can try them for yourself, just don’t forget to take them off, they are made for your babies!

Their noise reduction is claimed to be industry-leading, with an NRR of 28dB. It prevents dangerous sounds and ensures that your baby’s hearing is protected to the fullest extent possible.

When you put them on your toddler, he or she will not be troubled by the noise, whether it is at a concert or in any other noisy place.

Why Should You Buy It?
When it comes to Baby equipment, Banz is not a new name. Not only do they provide earmuffs or say headphones for toddlers on planes but a bunch of other things. This implies that they know what they are doing with your products and you can freely continue with the purchase.

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3. Sakar Kids Safe – The Best for 1 to 3-Year-Old Babies

If your 3-year-old child is screaming and crying because he wants the headphones that his older sibling has, it’s time to get him some baby headphones.

The next product from Sakar Kids Safe is a set of ideal headphones for kids aged one to three years.

Those are some eye-catching baby headphones for youngsters right away. They’re available in a variety of designs, including Dora the Explorer, My Little Pony, TMNT, and, yes, even Batman.

I’m not going to lie, I’d wear the Batman ones myself.

Aside from the jokes, those baby headphones provide excellent comfort while also having an attractive look that any child would find appealing.

It doesn’t stop there, they also are a pair of baby headphones that sound really good.

Know this before you start accusing me of endangering your child’s hearing with headphones.

They have a volume limiter, so they can keep the ears safe without being too loud, while also producing good and calm sounds.

The noise-isolating ear cups are light, with firm, soft padding, and the headband bends effortlessly for a comfortable fit.

They’re also compatible with any portable device having a 3.5mm stereo jack output, such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and portable gaming consoles like the PS Vita and Nintendo DS series.

Still, I believe the built-in volume limiter is the star of the show here, since it protects children’s hearing by automatically lowering audio volume to about 80% of the original maximum volume.

These baby headphones are ideal for children aged 3 to 9.

Why Should You Buy It?
If your toddler has started begging for a set of baby headphones, you simply cannot buy them regular headphones because they can severely harm their ears and will not keep them comfortable. Those baby headphones, on the other hand, are created specifically for that purpose.

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2. JBL JR 300 – Best High-Quality For Kids

JBL is a well-known brand when it comes to baby headphones.

They’re one of the big dogs, a company that makes top-tier baby headphones for a wide range of audiences, including gaming headphones, workout earphones, and much more.

Yes, they even have kid versions of headphones.

If your child wants a set of well-known brand noise cancelling headphones, it’s time to get them a pair of JBL JR 300.

Despite the fact that they are from a prominent manufacture, they are reasonably priced.

In terms of design, you can tell they’re made of JBL right away. Not only because of the large JBL imprint on the ear cups but also because the headphones follow the same design cue as the rest of the headphones from this brand.

The ear cushions and headband are available in a variety of bright colors that appeal to children. Moreover, the cushioned headband and ear cushions provide excellent comfort to baby’s ears.

Furthermore, they are suitable for all head sizes and are both safe and light.

Being a JBL product, good sound quality is expected. However, you may rest assured that they will not be too loud for your children’s hearing.

They’re designed that way to have a volume limiter, so the sound won’t hurt the ears. They generate just the proper quantity of sound that isn’t harmful while also being peaceful and calming.

Why Should You Buy It?
They come at a really cheap price despite being from a JBL, after all, they are known for their cost-effective offerings. Hearing protection, noise reduction and many more features make these a great pick. If you have a kid aged around 5 to 10 years old, this might be a great gift for them.

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1. Belkin SOUNDFORM – Best Feature-Packed Headphones For Kids

I would have mistaken these for a pair of noise canceling headphones for adults if they weren’t marketed exclusively for children.

That’s how many features they have in them.

The Belkin Soundform Mini Kids are a pair of wireless headphones made specifically for kids, and they offer great ear protection for baby’s ears.

Despite the fact that they are children’s noise canceling headphones, they have a somewhat unobtrusive design, unless you purchase them in a brighter color.

The Soundform is available in white, black, aqua blue, and even pink.

They’re the ideal size for a baby’s ears. The cushions are thick and fluffy, making them quite comfortable to wear.

Additionally, these noise canceling headphones are wireless, these ear protection headphones provide stable and reliable wireless connectivity, allowing your children to listen without restriction.

If you want, you may plug in a 4-foot 3.5mm aux connection and use the provided cable to connect directly to your devices.

Being Bluetooth headphones you might get worried about your kid pairing the devices. Well you should not, the pairing is quite simple and straightforward something that is not a problem for your smart kid.

Besides all this, they also sound good and they have a sound limiter to not cause any damage to the hearing or ears.

Why Should You Buy It?
Overall, these are a terrific pair of noise canceling headphones for kids that are quite feature-rich, including Bluetooth 5.0 and many other functions. They offer great comfort for baby’s ears, great noise reduction, and amazing ear protection. All that for a price that is a little less than $25.

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Buying Guide: Selecting the Best Headphones for Your Toddlers

When it comes to buying a pair of headphones for your babies, we should not seek audiophile sound quality right?

Instead, we should pay the most attention to the design and comfort part and also to the noise cancellation.


When selecting headphones for your infant, the first thing to think about is comfort.

It’s all about comfort, with no regard for sound quality.

You want the headphones you buy for your child to be as comfortable as possible, without the headband placing strain on the child’s head.

He’s a baby, after all, and he can’t speak and tell you “the headphones are uncomfortable.”

Look for something that has been proven to be comfortable, has adequate adjusting choices, and is large enough to comfortably sit on the head.


The design should be comfortable, but it should also be sturdy without being overly so.  It’s essential that they’re as light as possible.

The design color, on the other hand, is important since babies are drawn to bright colors.

If the child is three years old or older, they will want something painted on the headphones, such as a cartoon.

Try to find something that will “awe” your newborn or child.

Noise Cancelation

Noise Cancelation

This is another important factor you need to pay attention to.

After all, that’s the reason you are buying in the first place, or is your baby an audiophile?

Jokes aside, the headphones should be able to block out a significant quantity of noise. The earcups are responsible for the majority of it. Take a look at how they’re constructed.

If there’s sufficient noise cancellation, it will make the baby sleep well without being prone to loud noises.

Sound Limiter

By now, you should have noticed that all of the above-mentioned headphones come with a sound limiter.

We all know how dangerous headphones are to adults, let alone to young people.

The manufacturers are aware of this and have implemented sound-limiting technology.

They made the headphones just to produce the right amount of sound without hurting the ears or hearing.

Ear protection

Most noise cancelling headphones for babies are made for ear protection. Manufacturers focus mostly on ear protection instead of sound quality.

Sound quality isn’t that important when it comes to baby headphones, and that isn’t their main purpose of them.

All of the headphones on this list have a great noise reduction rating and provide good ear protection.

Hearing protection is also another important factor that you should consider. You don’t want to expose your children to loud sounds, because that can cause hearing damage. That’s why, we listed the best noise canceling headphones that have great hearing protection features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Headphones Cause Hearing or Ear Damage to Babies?

Yes, they sure can. A pair of loud headphones can cause damage to even adults, let alone infants. However, almost all baby headphones offer great hearing protection and prevent all loud sounds.

Can Baby Headphones Cause Discomfort to Babies?

Yes, they can, you must make sure the headphones are comfortable prior to buying them.

Final Words

When it comes to buying a pair of headphones for yourself, it’s not hard. You will always find something for yourself.

Purchasing a pair for your child, on the other hand, is a difficult undertaking.

They can’t speak and inform you if the headphones are harming them or if they are excessively loud, as I previously stated.

In this case, you should be cautious.

Try on the headphones and see how they feel before putting them on your child’s head.

Learn more about the brand and read customer reviews to see how other parents have used them to accommodate their children and etc.

This isn’t something you should rush into; instead, take your time and make sure you find the appropriate ones.

I hope I was clear and that I was able to add some valuable information to you and your baby.

This concludes everything.

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