The Best Headphones For Toddlers Flying On Airplanes

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Traveling sometimes is an exhausting activity that you may need to do, especially when it comes to traveling on a plane. Imagining the fact that traveling is a very tiring activity for adults, toddlers do have some problems, too, especially those that don’t travel frequently. However, they should feel comfortable enough when on the plane, and since nowadays every child owns a tablet, the time to complete their devices has come.

In this article, you will find the best headphones for toddlers on plane, so that your traveling time could be quieter and a bit less difficult. The article consists of six top picks so that you can easily choose in between them!

Without losing too much time, let’s go directly to the best picks!

Best Overall
Philips K4206

Philips K4206

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Best Looking


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Best Wired
LilGadgets Connect+

LilGadgets Connect+

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Best Budget
iClever HS14

iClever HS14

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Best Noise-isolating
JLab JBuddies

JLab JBuddies

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Best Wireless


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The Top 6 Best Headphones For Toddlers On Planes

6. PowerLocus – Best Looking

If your child is into looks, meaning they love the way his or her wireless headphones are designed, the PowerLocus kids headphones would be a great choice!

Design-wise, these kids headphones are good-looking and they come in many choices of colors. Red, pink, purple, blue and a cute combi8nation with some little ears so that your children can choose however and which one they like both girls and boys. Weighing 5.8 ounces, these wireless headphones are comfortable for your toddlers and they are unnoticed while on their head; they also come with very soft protein foam, leatherette ear cups. On the look are also included the LED lights, they can be turned on or off whenever you want.

The PowerLocus wireless headphones deliver very clear HD stereo sound, meaning the sound comes in various directions giving the feeling of natural normal hearing. Since these kids headphones are specially made for children, the headphones have a volume limit which works at 85dB, so that your toddler is protected from damages of hearing in general. The headphones also include a microphone that can be used for calls.

The connectivity on these kids headphones is how you want it; they come as wired with the 3.5mm jack plug and are also wireless. While wireless the headphones connect via Bluetooth 5.0 which makes them compatible with many devices; for example, phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and so on. When connected wirelessly, the headphones have a battery life that could last 15 hours, on just a single charge.


  • Good-Looking
  • 85 dB of Volume


  • No Parental Control

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5. LilGadgets Connect+ – Best Wired

Being titled the best-wired headphones, the LilGadgets Connect+ kids headphones are better for older toddlers, which wouldn’t create any problem with the wire of these kids headphones.

These kids headphones come in various color choices, they come in black, pink, blue, green, red, and purple. In general, the LilGadgets Connect+ kids headphones are made for toddlers and come lightweight weighing only 8 ounces and they are comfortable, just as every child should feel, comfortable. The headband is adjustable and flexible and the ear cups are made of soft padding so that your toddler’s ears won’t be irritated or bothered in any way.

When it comes to the sound quality, these kids headphones work with a normal range of frequencies, just those that we find at normal headphones for adults; 20Hz-20kHz. The volume is limited to 93dB, meaning they are louder than the other kids headphones mentioned above, but still don’t damage or cause any problem with your toddler’s hearing. The microphone of these kids headphones is added on the wire (since they are wired) and it can be used for whatever you need it for.

As already mentioned, the LilGadgets Connect+ toddler headphones are wired toddler headphones that include a standard normal cable with a 3.5mm audio jack plug at the end of it. The headphones are compatible with any device that owns the audio jack port. On the headphones is included the SharePort technology with which you can connect more than just a pair of kids headphones, which is perfectly fine if you have more than one toddler.


  • Many Color Choices
  • SharePort Technology
  • 93dB volume limit


  • Volume could be Lower

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4. JuniorJams – best wireless

Here go some great wireless headphones for your toddler. Toddlers around the world quite use the JuniorJams because of their wireless connectivity and battery life.

The JuniorJams kids headphones are lightweight, with a weight of only 13 ounces, and they are comfortable while on your head. The headphones are foldable and adjustable, meaning that they are a great travel companion wherever you go. They come in four choices of colors: blue, pink, green, and very pretty teal color.

The volume of these kids headphones  is limited and it works on up to 85dB, still, that doesn’t mean that the headphones have a bad sound quality! They bring an outstanding sound performance, plus on them is included the Puro Balanced Response Curve, which isolates the unwanted noises that may come from the outside. They also feature a built-in microphone, which makes them great for use during phone calls.

The headphones are the best wireless ones that you can find! They include a very strong and sturdy Bluetooth connection, which works perfectly even if you move 30ft away from the device that they are already paired with. They can be connected with tablets, smartphones, and computers. However, the headphones can also be used as wired. These wireless headphones come with a detachable 3.5mm audio jack cable in case you don’t want to use the wireless mode.

While connected wirelessly, the headphones can work full 22 hours, on just a single charge, and they work with a lithium-ion battery.


  • Sound Quality
  • Connectivity and Battery Life
  • Puro Balanced Response Curve


  • Sound Quality Fades When in Wired Mode

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3. iClever HS14 – best budget

The iClever HS14 kids headphones can be a great choice if you are on a tight budget. However, even though they are cheaper than the other ones, they still include the most important features.

These kids headphones are on-ear headphones, meaning that their ear cups are smaller and they go directly on your toddler’s ears. They weigh 6.1 ounces and they are foldable and flexible in many ways, making the headphones portable as well. The headband is tough for durability and it is soft for comfortability! The ear cups give a pillow feeling since they are made of memory-protein material. The colors that you can choose from are pink, purple, black and blue, green, and many others.

The limitation of volume on these kids headphones is adjustable! When listening to anything indoors they can be adjusted on up to 85dB and while traveling especially while on a plane you can put it on 94dB. The sound in general is clear, bringing you very accurate lows, mids, and highs. The iClever HS14 headphones are equipped with a great microphone that picks up your voice clearly and it is amazing when used during online courses of your older toddlers.

The iClever HS14 kids headphones work fully wired, with a cable that features a 3.5mm aux input, and that makes the headphones compatible with many devices. Tablets, smartphones, computers, chromebooks, iPads, and so on.


  • Adjustable Volume Limit
  • Great Microphone


  • No Wireless Capability

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2. JLab JBuddies – best noise-isolating

The JLab JBuddies include a great feature within, and it is the noise isolation; it is a great one when you have toddlers that are bothered by the noise that may surround them.

You will notice on just a first look, that these kids headphones have a very cool look, and they would look good on anybody. They come only in two choices of colors, a combination of grey-blue and a grey-purple. The headband includes cushion faux leather and it is adjustable, while the earcups are made of cloud foam cushions. The wireless headphones are comfortable for all ages of your toddlers since they fit everybody and are great even for the longest usage.

The sound quality of these kids headphones is called mind-blowing! It is called like that because the sound is very clear and very well balanced in many ways. The volume on these wireless headphones is limited to 85dB and it cannot go higher than that. That is only because JLab thinks about the damages that high volumes may cause on your toddler’s ears. A specialty on these wireless headphones is the ability of noise-isolation. The earcups provide the best noise isolation when compared to the other wireless headphones mentioned in this article. They are capable of isolating any noise that may bother your toddler.

Wirelessly, these kids headphones use a Bluetooth connection and they have a wide range of compatibility with many devices. You can connect the headphones with any kind of device that you may own. As for the battery life, the JLab JBuddies promises 13 hours of playtime.


  • Comfortable and Flexible
  • Normal Volume Limit


  • Battery Life could be Better

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1. Philips K4206 – best overall

Philips is a quite known brand for any type of headphones, and it owns toddler headphones as well. Comfortability is the primary thing that you should consider, and these wireless headphones provide the best of it as well as some other amazing features.

These over-ear headphones from Philips come in two choices of colors, blue and pink. They are lightweight at 9.2 ounces and deliver immersive comfortability. They include an adjustable headband for a better fit, plush ear cups cushions that bring perfect comfort when the headphones are over your ears. Also, the headband includes a soft piece on the inner part that goes around your head.

The wireless headphones are also include four light modes, red, green, blue, or you can choose a combination of the three of them!

Sound is brought in a very normal range of quality and the volume limitation of them is 85dB too, just as many other headphones that are mentioned above. Another great thing that these headphones include is Parental Control! You can use this feature via the Philips Headphone App. There are alerts that the app shows you so that you can see if the volume has reached a higher limit than normal.

The pairing or the connectivity of the headphones works wirelessly and is wired at the same time. When in wireless mode, the headphones use a Bluetooth connection and once they are paired with a device, the next time they get connected automatically. The wired connection is available by the 3.5mm plug on the detachable cable, and the headphones are compatible with many different devices in both modes of connection. Battery life when used wirelessly holds up to 28 hours.


  • Super Comfortable
  • Parental Control Available
  • Battery Life
  • Volume limit notifications


  • Only Two Choices of Colors

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FAQ about the best headphones for toddlers on plane

Are headphones safe for toddlers?

Even though toddlers wearing headphones may sound unsafe for some people, it is quite normal, and they won’t damage your toddlers in any way. As long as the toddler headphones provide comfort, great fit, and parental controls of any kind, they are more than safe!

What is the difference between normal headphones and toddler headphones?

In this case, adults use normal headphones that cannot be controlled by anyone but the users themselves, and the hearing is normal almost for anybody. They come with high-frequency ranges and high volumes. A toddler’s hearing is still developing, and their ears are more sensitive; because of that, the dedicated toddler headphones produce a lower sound output and a very normal ideal level of volume.

Should a parent choose wired or wireless headphones for their toddler?

There is no particular rule on which ones you should choose. That is, in a way, based on the preferences of the buyer. Still, wired headphones are in a way more affordable than wireless ones, while when choosing wireless headphones, you won’t have any problem with the tangling of the wired. But, still again, it is based on the buyer!

What features should headphones for kids have?

All headphones for kids need to have volume limiting settings, volume control, a background noise blocker, and an adjustable headband and it’s preferable if they are wireless.

Headphones for kids also need to be lightweight in addition to all the things I mentioned above. Most of the headphones for kids I listed in this article have all of these features, so you don’t need to worry when choosing a pair of volume-limiting headphones for kids.

The things you should consider before choosing headphones for toddlers on a plane

  • Parental Control Settings – As you can read above in the reviews about the toddler headphones, some of them include parental control settings. That is a great thing because, for younger toddlers that have no idea how technology works, parental control is an important thing you should look for.
  • Volume Control – This case is in a way related to the one already mentioned above. As a parent, you should control the volume of anything that your toddler is listening to so that there wouldn’t happen any damage to your toddler’s ears when listening at a higher volume.
  • Comfort – Toddlers shouldn’t wear Bluetooth headphones for a very long period. However, long or short, the headphones you choose should provide comfort. The headband and the ear cups should be comfortable enough so that your toddler won’t be bothered in any way.
  • Durability – Some toddlers are very hyperactive, meaning that they are in movement all the time. Therefore, the Bluetooth headphones that you choose should be strong enough so that they cannot get broken.
  • Share Port – If you are a parent of two or more toddlers, the best thing that the headphones should own is the share port. That way, with this feature, you can connect two headphones so that they can share the same experience.

Headphones For Parents

If you are often traveling by airplane, I recommend you get a pair of noise-canceling headphones for yourself too. I personally love long flights because it lets me read books or listen to audiobooks or my favorite music, i basically take some time off to myself. That’s why I recommend you buy a pair of headphones for listening to audiobooks.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article will help you choose the best headphones for toddlers on planes! As information or advice that I can give you at the end of this article is “Don’t use any kind of earbuds”.

Even though you might encounter somewhere some types of in-ear headphones, made for children, they are not good to be used!

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