The 5 Best Headphones For Truck Drivers (Compared & Reviewed)

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Driving a truck, or driving in general is not very easy! You should always have your eyes and your attention on the road so that there won’t happen any problem or inconvenience. There is a rule that fully prohibits truck drivers, to use their phones without the hands-free mode! That’s why I prepared this article!

In this article, you will find the five top picks about the best headphones for truckers, and I really hope it will help you find the best ones for you! At the end of the article, after the reviews of the products, you will find a buying guide as well as some benefits of using them!

BlueParrott B450-XT

BlueParrott B450-XT

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Anker PowerConf H700

Anker PowerConf H700

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Jabra Evolve2 65

Jabra Evolve2 65

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Plantronics Voyager 104

Plantronics Voyager 104

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Blue Tiger Elite

Blue Tiger Elite

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Here Are The 5 Best Headphones For Truckers

5. BlueParrott B450-XT

BlueParrott is a brand that is around the world for more than 25 years. It deals with headphones/headsets in general that have an amazing superior call quality even in the highest noisy environments. B450-XT is the company’s newest over-ear this bluetooth headset and they stand as one of the top picks for truckers!

This bluetooth headset measure 3.6 x 1.1 x 0.63 inches and it is lightweight weighing only 0.9 ounces. They have an amazing super durable design and they are considered long-lasting. Rated IP54 the headphones resist any moisture and any dust!

Besides being durable, this bluetooth headset are also very comfortable, it owns a headband that is filled with very soft materials and the earcup is cushioned. You can wear this bluetooth headset all day long and it won’t bother you at all!

On this bluetooth headset, you will find a superior noise cancellation that cancels the noise that surrounds you during driving your truck. It has an attached microphone that also works with noise-canceling technology and your voice will be picked up very clearly during phone calls. The sound quality in general is amazing, accurate, and super clear.

The connectivity of this bluetooth headset includes a Bluetooth connection and makes them compatible with many devices that work via Bluetooth and that includes most of the devices! The battery life on the other hand promised by this bluetooth headset is 24 hours of talk time once they are fully charged!

Definitely the best bluetooth headset in its category.

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4. Anker PowerConf H700

Anker is one of the most famous nouns of the best headphones all around. Some of you may know but have you heard of Soundcore headphones? They are very famous, and since in this article I am listing the best headphones for truckers, Anker PowerConf H700 is definitely one of them!

The measurements of the headphones are 6.74 x 2.74 x 7.24 inches and they weigh about 6.2 ounces. The headband of these headphones, on the inside, is made of strong materials, yet, it is covered with soft plastic so that it doesn’t squeeze your head. The earcups on the other hand are very soft and they can be swiveled and can be rotated flat.

Anker PowerConf H700 features an Active Noise Cancelling technology that works amazingly and doesn’t only cancel the sound that may be around you but also helps you be more concentrated on your driving! The microphone of these headphones includes a VoiceShield technology which is very sophisticated and when using the headphones for phone calls it fully clears your voice. As per the sound quality in general, it is perfectly clear!

The connectivity of these headphones is called Multipoint! It is because via the Bluetooth connection on these headphones you can connect two devices at the same time! The battery life that they can stay with you is for 24 hours on a single charge and they come with a charging case.

Overall, i would say that its an amazing trucker headset that has a great sound quality, a good battery life and takes its place amongst the most popular wireless bluetooth headsets out there.

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3. Jabra Evolve2 65

The designers of this wireless headset say that they are engineered and made to be keen! They stand as the best choice for truck drivers because of their amazing built-in features and they are unnoticed at all even if you use them for the whole day!

The headphones in general are very comfortable! The headband is made of silicone and it also includes a very soft rubber material that feels like a balloon. The earcups are mostly made of leatherette material and stay perfectly on your ears. As a whole, the size of the headphones is 2.38 x 6.19 x 7.32 inches and their weight is 1.6 ounces.

The Noise Cancelling technology is also present on this wireless headset and in this case, it is Passive. The noise that is around you is canceled on 48% and you can listen to a clear sound on them. The microphone of these headphones is also attached and when in use it clears the background noise so that your voice can be clear.

As per their connectivity, Jabra Evolve2 65 uses a Bluetooth connection and it is can be easily connected with any device that works via Bluetooth. The battery of these headphones is fully rechargeable and once they are fully charged they stay with you for about 37 hours! It’s an amazing bluetooth headset that takes its place amongst the best wireless headsets out there.

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2. Plantronics Voyager 104

A voyager is a person who travels a lot and travels on a long journey! This name tells us all about this bluetooth headset! This bluetooth headset is made for travelers and they are also made to last! This bluetooth headset is definitely one of the best and right choices for truck drivers!

The measurements of this bluetooth headset are 7.5 x 2.7 x 3 inches and they have a weight of 6.4 ounces. The material that this bluetooth headset is made of is very durable, and the headphones include a coating that protects them from moisture, splashes of water, and dust!

Even though this is a mono headset, it has a great sound quality which is what most truck drivers need. The ear cup has a good padding and is pretty comfortable.

The headband and the earcup are very comfortable as well. Made of very soft materials, the headband doesn’t squeeze your hand, either pull your hair, and the earcup stands perfectly on your ear.

The noise-canceling of this bluetooth headset works amazingly so that no other noises can bother you! On the headphones is also attached a microphone that helps you be very clear and loud during phone calls.

This bluetooth headset also works with Noise Cancelling technology. Even though they work with a high volume, the headphones have been fully tested, and they don’t damage your ears at all!

The connectivity of the bluetooth headset also includes Bluetooth connectivity and it works very fast. Once it is connected, it stays sturdy in many ways, even if you move 20 meters away from it. The headphones can stay with you for about 24 hours because of their very powerful battery!

It’s one of the greatest bluetooth headsets you can get. It’s good at removing background noise and it can connect to many different bluetooth devices.

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1. Blue Tiger Elite

Elite headphones, for elite truck drivers! This can be the motto of this Bluetooth headset! This Bluetooth headset works perfectly well and with the features that they include they definitely deserve a place on this list!

This Bluetooth headset has a design that doesn’t differ a lot from the ones that are already mentioned, even though they have their own specialties! The measurements of these headphones are 9.65 x 7.56 x 2.99 inches and they weigh 14.4 ounces.

This Bluetooth headset is strong and comfortable at the same time. The headband is soft and made of premium materials and it is flexible and adjustable as well as the headphones include very soft earcups that don’t bother you in any way.

Featured with Noise Cancelling technology, this Bluetooth headset is the best companion during long journeys with your truck! This technology on these headphones cancels the voice by 96% and there is no strength that can break this off! It works amazingly during phone calls helping you to be clear while using the amazing microphone!

Wirelessly connected via Bluetooth connection, the Blue Tiger Elite headphones can be connected and stay connected with many different devices. You can use them for about 60 hours once they are fully charged.

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Why should truckers use headphones/headsets?

As two important reasons why truckers should use Bluetooth headsets are:

  • Staying Attentive – Bluetooth headsets during driving allow you to easily answer calls or either way to listen to music! Their attention and most importantly every driver’s attention, should be on the road and not on something else!
  • Handsfree – Bluetooth headsets bring handsfree actions, but what are those? In this case, handsfree actions during driving are a little bit related to the first thing mentioned. They can have easily hands-free calls without having to hold their phone in their hands during driving.

Important things to consider before buying the best headphones for truckers

  • Battery Life – It is the biggest factor and feature that bluetooth headsets for truckers should have! Once the battery life is more than great, you can use them without having to charge them every single hour! As you can see all the headphones mentioned have amazing battery life. The best bluetooth headset should have a minimum of 10 hours battery life.
  • Noise Canceling Technology – During journeys or while driving there is always noise! The Noise-Cancelling technology helps you listen to the sounds without any interference.
  • Microphone Quality – Just as the sound should be heard great, your voice should also be picked up clearly when you use them for phone calls! All the microphones of the bluetooth headsets mentioned in this article work combined with the Noise-Cancelling technology, meaning they are perfect. You can’t call a product the best bluetooth headset if the microphone quality is lacking.
  • Comfort – Comfort is always important! In this case, it is important because during driving you should be comfortable in many ways and the headphones that you choose should bring the best comfortability to you since they are used for a long time.
  • Wireless Connectivity – Just as all the things mentioned above, connectivity is also takes place as an important thing! Wireless connection is mostly mentioned and it is definitely important. During driving, you don’t want a wire hanging around but you need something that works wirelessly. Keep an eye on this issue!

Benefits of using the headphones for truckers

  • Avoidance of Accidents – Talking on the phone or trying to answer a phone call may cause an accident full of damages. Having these types of headphones helps you avoid these things by just tapping the earcup.
  • Great Call Quality – Using your phone to answer calls and using Bluetooth headsets are the same and different at the same time! Phones do not include Noise Cancelling technologies whereas these headphones do. They bring to you an amazing call quality!
  • Instant Communication – You shouldn’t pull over your truck anymore in order to answer a call! The headphones that are specially made for you help you make quick conversations.
  • Help in time of Accidents – In case you just had an accident, you should just call an emergency center and stay on call for as long as you have to! You shouldn’t hold your phone in hand all the time when you can just put your Bluetooth headset on!

Final Thoughts:

All in all, these were my choices for the best headphones for truckers! The products mentioned above come all from different companies and they come all with different price tags!

There are also some things that the headphones mentioned have in common and firstly is listed the immersive Noise Cancelling technology which is present in all of them. The next thing that they all have in common is their great battery life! There are no headphones that could not last for at least 24 hours!

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