Best Headset For Quiet Voice in 2023 (Top 5 Picks Reviewed)

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We all know that people who talk super quietly cannot be heard as they should be whenever taking a call or whenever playing any game. That’s why in this article, you will find the best headset so that you can be heard just as you want.

Now, without further ado, let us see which are the best headsets for quiet voice!

Best Noise-Canceling
Bose 700

Bose 700

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Best for Calls
Sony WH-1000XM5

Sony WH-1000XM5

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Best for Gamers
Razer Kaira Pro

Razer Kaira Pro

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Best Overall
HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX Cloud Alpha

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The Top 4 Best Headsets for Quiet Voice

4. Bose 700 – Best Noise-Canceling

Bose is one of the most famous names when it comes to sound devices in general, and the Bose 700 headphones are the most popular ones from the brand. Here they come as the first ones on this list!

Design-wise, these headphones are very good-looking, and most importantly, they are very comfortable. The headband and the earcups stay precisely on your head and over your ears so that you don’t have to worry about it in any way.

To connect, Bose 700 headphones use Bluetooth as the main wireless connection, and they are compatible and can be used with any device that you may own.

What is special about these headphones is the excellent sound quality that they provide you with. They are very powerful when it comes to noises that may surround you because they own eleven levels of active noise-canceling. Bose is very popular with its active noise cancellation technology, and it’s one of the first brands to feature noise cancellation technology into their headphones. I have nothing to complain about the sound quality.

Bose says that these headphones have a revolutionary microphone that has an impressive pick-up of voice. You will sound perfectly fine even if you have the quietest voice in the world.

The battery that the headphones work with is a lithium-polymer and once it is fully charged it allows usage for up to 20 hours.

Why Should You Buy It?
As you can notice, besides working wth amazing microphones, the Bose 700 headphones have amazing noise-canceling technology. That’s basically the reason why these headphones are known as great ones.

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3. Sony WH-1000XM5 – Best for Calls

Sony is another perfect brand and I am more than proud to say that they have launched the successor of the Sony WH-1000XM4, the Sony WH-1000XM5! Let us see what these headphones are capable of when dealing with quiet voice!

Even though Sony has quite changed the design from XM4, there is the comfort that isn’t changed. Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones include super soft leather and plastic as the materials that they are made.

Just like the Bose headphones that I mentioned, these Sony ones also work wirelessly via Bluetooth, and they work amazingly with any device that comes to your mind right now.

The sound quality in general is the most important thing and the one that Sony is very proud of. These headphones bring to you an amazingly clear sound, and active noise cancellation, as in many Sony headphones, is called industry-leading.

There are four microphones that Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones use. Those microphones pick up your voice in the clearest way possible, and the headphones are amazing to be used during calls or any meeting.

The battery life is also something, that should be mentioned because these headphones can stay with you for up to 20 hours.

Why Should You Buy It?
If you need headphones that have exceptional microphones that will help you during calls or video calls (for meetings), Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones are here for you.

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2. Razer Kaira Pro – Best for Gamers

Every gamer has heard about Razer and everybody knows how much Razer loves gamers, right? Well, the Razer Kaira Pro gaming headset is one of the brand’s most amazing releases as it quickly becomes the favorite device to be used!

As for the design, this gaming headset looks exactly like a gaming headset should look. They come in black, white, and green, and they are comfortable enough to be used whenever and however, you want.

Working with Bluetooth of version 5.0, Razer Kaira Pro also has amazing connectivity and compatibility with many different gaming devices, especially with the Xbox series.

Razer Kaira Pro sounds just as it looks like, definitely amazing! Every frequency of sound will be delivered to you in the clearest way possible so that you can have an amazing listening experience.

As for the microphone, this gaming headset uses a super-cardioid one, which will pick up only your voice and not the noises that may surround you. If you are a person with a quiet voice, you don’t have to worry in any way.

The Razer Kaira Pro gaming headset can perform amazingly for about 15 hours when it comes to battery life.

Why Should You Buy It?
Razer Kaira Pro gaming headset, working with a super-cardioid microphone is one of the first choices for gamers worldwide. If you are one of them, then Razer Kaira Pro gaming headset is the best one that you can find.

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1. HyperX Cloud Alpha – Best Overall

HyperX is another brand that deals and works with gaming devices mostly, and the HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset comes as the last but not the least choice because it has many things within to become the best overall.

We all know that HyperX headsets all have an “aggressive” design because they tend to be used for gaming, but still, I will gladly say that you can use them in the office as well. They are comfortable and strong enough to be used for a lifetime.

HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset is also a wireless headset but instead of Bluetooth, it uses a 2.4GHz wireless USB adapter. You put it on any device that accepts it, and the connection is quite sturdy.

When it comes to sound, this gaming headset owns spatial sound with DTS:X which is surprising enough to find this technology in a headset. However, we are glad that it owns it, and let me say that this gaming headset sounds more than great.

The microphone of HyperX Cloud Alpha is a detachable one, and it can be muted whenever you want. Your quiet voice will be picked up in the best way possible, and you will be heard super clearly by the person on the other side.

A thing that surprises me and surprises most of the people worldwide in this headset is the battery life! HyperX Cloud Alpha can stay with you for weeks because as the brand says, it provides 300 hours of battery life. To find out if that’s true, you can check out different videos on the world wide web.

Why Should You Buy It?
Listed as the best overall, you can already get that the HyperX Cloud Alpha is the best gaming headset that you can use. It definitely has whatever you may need from headsets for a quiet voice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of a great headset for quiet voice?

The main thing and the main characteristic that you should look at is the microphone. If the microphone can pick up your voice clearly, you are more than ready to use it.

Can I use wired headsets?

Of course, you can! Even though I didn’t mention any wired headsets above, they are good enough to help you sound clear enough.

Can I use in-ear headphones?

Now, this is a fact that should be discussed a little bit, but in simpler words, I wouldn’t prefer you to use earbuds if you need ones for a quiet voice. They do own amazing microphones but still, being at a distance with your mouth they won’t do the best job that you need them for.

Final Words

Here we are at the end of this article! What I hope here is that it will help you find the best headset if you have a quiet voice, so that you can sound clearly enough to the person that you will be talking to!

If you choose one of them, I do hope you have fun!

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