5 Best Headsets For Rainbow Six Siege (Buying Guide)

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When it comes to first-person shooter games, there is one name that will always remain towards the top of the list of most played games, right next to CS: GO.

No, it’s not PUBG but it’s Rainbow Six Siege, a widely well-liked tactical shooter game created by Ubisoft.

The game heavily emphasizes player cooperation and environmental destruction. In several gaming scenarios, each player takes control of an attacker or a defender, such as rescuing a hostage, defusing a bomb, or seizing control of an objective within a room.

With that said, it becomes clear that playing Rainbow Six Siege requires you to recognize audio effects such as bombs, footsteps, and so on. To progress up in this game, you need good headphones. It’s vital to aim your gun at enemies while you hear their footsteps or other audio effects.

In today’s article, I’ll discuss the best headsets for Rainbow Six Siege so you can get better at the game and enjoy it even more.

Best Gaming Earbuds
Bose QuietComfort 20

Bose QuietComfort 20

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Best Hi-Fi Gaming Headphones
SteelSeries Arctis Pro

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

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Best value


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Best Runner Up
Logitech G PRO X

Logitech G PRO X

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Best Overall
HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II

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Top 5 Best Headsets for Rainbow Six Siege

5. Bose QuietComfort 20 – Best Gaming Earbuds

Bose has been the go-to brand for noise-canceling headphones since the company’s original QuietComfort models made their debut in 2000.

But who would have imagined that they would one day be employed as gaming headsets?

Well, I certainly didn’t foresee it.

I decided to include them on my list since many professionals consider them to be a go-to option for Rainbow Six Siege.

But it goes further than that.

Given that they are Bose headphones, excellent performance comes as standard. They are still earbuds. They have their shortcomings and a heavy price tag attached to them.

All of this leads me to believe that Rainbow Six Siege players utilize those as backup headphones to their primary ones.

When you stop to think about it, it actually makes sense because even though they are earbuds, they provide excellent noise cancellation, and pairing them with your primary headphones creates a wonderful combo.

However, only do this if you have money to spare. The outcomes will be excellent but also costly.

What Makes The Bose QuietComfort 20 a Good Pick:

  • They are earbuds, lightweight, and really versatile.
  • Despite being earbuds they have exceptional noise cancellation.
  • Bose Sound quality, very detailed and crisp.
  • Can be used as secondary headphones.

Professional Players Who Use Those Headsets
Team Secret – Gomfi
DarkZero – Canadian
Vitality – P4
Astralis – Easilyy
Soniqs – Gryxr
Soniqs – Supr

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4. SteelSeries Arctis Pro – Best Hi-Fi Gaming Headphones

When it comes to gaming equipment, there is one manufacturer who knows how to build it and offers it in a variety of forms, such as mice, keyboards, and even headphones, that’s none other than SteelSeries.

Even though those gaming behemoths are famous for their excellent mouse that are available in numerous lineups, such as Rival, Sensei, and so on, they also make excellent headphones.

A testament to that is the Arctis Pro.

Those are a pair of headphones that are offered in the high-end spectrum, so yes, they have a painful price tag behind them.

The fully configurable RGB lighting on the headset’s exterior is immediately noticeable. Once you touch them, you’ll realize that they are made of lightweight steel and aluminum, which further enhances their “premium” quality.

The AirWeave ear cushions, on the other hand, keep your ears dry and cool thanks to their performance fabric that was inspired by athletics. The elastic material flawlessly molds to the shape of your head, evenly spreading the weight and removing pressure.

Performance-wise, you get one of the greatest mics in the industry along with DTS Headphone:X v2.0 Surround Sound to improve the already fantastic sound that the headset delivers.

Nothing should prevent you from buying such headphones if you can get over the high price.

What Makes The SteelSeries Arctis Pro a Good Pick:

  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Sleek Design
  • Hi-Fi Tier Sound Quality
  • DTS Headphone:X v2.0 Surround Sound
  • Fully programmable RGB lighting

Professional Players Who Use Those Headsets
Faze Clan – Astro
Faze Clan – cameram4n
Liquid – HSNamuringa
BD – lon
BD – YooNa

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To be honest, even though this is a well-known brand that I think most people are familiar with, we weren’t expecting them to enter the gaming market. However, they are experts at making high-quality headphones, so why not?

To put it mildly, Sennheiser has some experience with this whole “audio” business.
Since they have spent more than 50 years devoted to sound and music, it is not surprising that their headsets sound simply incredible.

You should not be concerned, the sound signature of Sennheiser won’t be found here, although we quite like it on their other headphones.  Sennheiser has done its research; you won’t hear ear-shattering bass rumblings that cover up the sounds you want and need to hear.

I must admit that I adore their design.

Their design is fairly comparable to the other headsets they have to offer, but it also has that aggressive, gamer-like appearance.

They have XXL ear cups and are reasonably lightweight but sturdy. I suppose that for some reason, all gamers have large ears. Nice one Sennheiser.

They have a closed-back design and a custom-fit, double-layered memory-foam ear pad made of leatherette for the best possible acoustic seal to exclude outside noise. Their passive noise cancellation is just top-notch despite not having an ANC feature.

Overall, they have excellent noise cancellation and design.

They are merely plug-and-play headphones with no software or EQ customization capabilities. All you really get with them is good sound quality for gaming.

Nothing groundbreaking, but also nothing awful.

This is one of your finest options if you want a fantastic and comfortable headset that does the job without extra features.

What Makes The SENNHEISER GAME ZERO a Good Pick:

  • Classic Cool Design
  • Built To Last, Robust
  • Great TRansducer Technology
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Collapsible Design that rewards with great portability

Professional Players Who Use Those Headsets
Team Secret – SlebbeN
BDS – RaFaLe
BDS – Renshiro
SSG – Lycan
Mad Wizards – Liven

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2. Logitech G PRO X – Best Runner Up

Yes, we frequently hear the term Logitech mentioned in relation to many computing-related products.

This is a manufacturer that consistently ranks at the top of the online charts for gaming or general technology devices.

Here we have one of their greatest headsets, the G Pro, which is part of their most prominent series.

The Pro name isn’t just there for show; it actually has meaning. Since professional esports players were involved in the creation of the Pro range from Logitech, they were both a target audience and collaborators.

You can choose them in a wireless version as well, which is wonderful because it allows you more freedom. However, I choose to include the wired version due to potential cuts with wireless headphones.

You get the picture; I wouldn’t want my sound to stop working because of a poor connection.

I’d also want to mention their professional grade microphone, which is jam-packed with features and includes real-time blue voice technology. It includes noise reduction, a compressor, a limiter, and many other things which is something you don’t really see with microphones very often.

They use a really modest approach to design that looks fantastic. With a sturdy aluminum steel headband, they are extremely comfortable while still being constructed to last.

There is absolutely no limit to customization.

You can customize the EQ settings and a lot more things with the help of the Logitech software.

I have no doubt that those could be some of the headphones with the most features, with a strong emphasis on pleasing gamers in various ways.

In a nutshell, they are magnificent. I’m not sure what else to say.

What Makes The Logitech G Pro X a Good Pick:

  • Great Build Quality
  • You have the chance to pick them wired or wireless
  • They come with a removable mic, for versatility
  • Great Microphone Quality
  • Great Performance

Professional Players Who Use Those Headsets
ORDER – Cutiee
ORDER – JackDaddy
G2 – Virtue
Twitch Streamer/ Cloud9 – shroud

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1. HyperX Cloud II – Best Overall

The HyperX Cloud II is the last but certainly not the least. I bet most of you gamers out there expected this to top the list.

If you are someone who is not aware of those headphones, please don’t call yourself a gamer.

Jokes aside, the HyperX Cloud II is a pair of headphones that are used by many gamers all around the world, not only professionals but even average gamers, and there’s a reason for that.

They are simply wonderful, with a great value behind them, they offer so much in return while not costing the earth.

They sport the well-known Black and Red design from Hyperx, and while they are not the flashiest, it is exactly the point—that is not how they were intended to be.

Its metal frame is dependable and strong, giving it the durability you desire in a gaming headset. It has two sets of ear cups, with the option of velour or faux leather, and a padded headband for comfort.

HyperX is yet another gaming titan, so they know what they’re doing with their gaming peripherals.

These headphones provide 7.1 virtual surround sound, which provides amazing sound quality to help you pinpoint the enemy.

Not only that, but the speech lines, explosions, and overall audio all sound fantastic.

Since I put them on, my teammates have thanked me for having a pretty good microphone. Moreover, the microphone is detachable and excellent.

The HyperX Cloud II is what you get when you combine all of these features, good design, good sound quality, and comfort in a very affordable price tag.

What Makes The Hyper X Cloud II Good a Pick:

  • High-quality materials ensure that they won’t break easily.
  • Excellent sound quality
  • It comes with a 7.1 surround
  • It has a microphone with excellent noise cancellation
  • Unrivaled Value
  • It is highly adaptable because it can be removed from the dongle and used as both a normal and gaming headset.

Professional Players Who Use Those Headsets
G2 – Alem4o
Faze Clan – souulz
Faze Clan – Bullet1
BD – Live
Liquid – Paluh
Liquid – XS3xyCake

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Rainbow Six Siege: How To Choose The Best Gaming Headphone

I figured that listing the headphones alone wouldn’t be enough, so I also considered including a buying guide so you’d know what to look for in gaming headphones generally rather than just ones for Rainbow Six Siege.

Comfortability During Long Durations of Playing

First and foremost, I want to talk about comfort. Please wait and listen to me before you react with ” What ??? ”

One of the most crucial aspects of gaming headphones is how well they fit on your head.

For instance, can you think of a single gamer that simply sits down and plays for 30 minutes before quitting?

Being a gamer myself, I believe that 3 hours a day of gaming is a minimum, and 3 hours is a lot. We need to be as comfortable as we can be for those three hours in order to concentrate on the game, succeed at it, and enjoy it more.

It’s Necessary to Pay Attention to the Sound Quality and Isolation

I won’t respond if you ask me whether you should prioritize comfort over sound quality.

Please don’t put me in a tight spot.

Both matter equally, if comfort is not there, the discomfort will not let you pay attention to the sound quality and vice versa.

Any set of headphones, not only those used for playing video games, should have good sound quality.

As for gaming the sound quality is important not to hear the game soundtracks, we all hate them and mute them instantly, but to actually hear the sound effects of bombs being planted and especially the footsteps of our enemies.

Good headphones will immediately identify foes as soon as they move, which is crucial to improve in games.

As for isolation, you need some kind of isolation to not be distracted by your mother vacuuming or your baby brother crying in the background.

I am not telling you it is a must to get ANC headphones, but headphones with passive noise cancellation will be appreciated and quite useful.

Please, for God’s Sake, Fix your Microphone

As a gamer, I’m sure you’ve heard those phrases before.

In games, a microphone—especially one with superb sound—is crucial. We all agree on how much we dislike players that don’t use a microphone and don’t communicate.

I lost so many games simply due to poor communication, therefore if you don’t want to lose your game and your teammates’ game, please make sure you get a microphone.

Not simply a microphone, but let it function properly for the love of God; we don’t want to hear background noise or muffled sounds like your mother cleaning or the barking of the dog, as I mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Gaming Headphones?

Not because of their edgy and aggressive design, but rather because of the gaming performance they provide. That is the justification for exclusively opting for gaming headphones.

Can I Use Normal Headphones To Play Rainbow Six Siege?

Well, you can, but I wouldn’t really recommend doing so. If you can’t purchase a pair of gaming headphones, you can use any headphones meanwhile but as soon as you save some cash, make sure you buy a pair from the above list since they will make your gaming experience far better.

Which Are The Best Best Headset for Rainbow Six Siege?

I can’t really answer this one question. As you can see there are a bunch of professionals and none of them use the same headsets. What I want to say is that it all boils down to preferences.

Final Words

So, we got the point of the last few words.

I believe I have covered all the essential information about the best headsets for Rainbow Six Siege.

The headphones I’ve listed above are all excellent choices that I made based on what the majority of Six Siege pros used and my understanding of gaming headsets.

However, what works for them might not work for you, so you might need to conduct additional research before purchasing a pair of headphones.

Further Reading

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For example, I have compiled a list of amazing soundbars for gaming, something that you don’t see daily. There’s also a list of the best headphones for hearing footsteps, yes this will come to use, no doubt.

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This concludes everything, happy reading.

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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