Best IEMs Under $200 – Which Is The Right One For You?

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Many people miss the point and can’t tell the difference between IEMs and regular earbuds.

I don’t blame them though, they are pretty much the same thing. However, they have different uses.

In today’s article, I’ll introduce what I believe is the best IEMs under $200 and explain the difference between regular in-ear earbuds and IEMS.

There are a lot of IEMS to select from with $200 in your pocket, so make sure you read all the way to the conclusions.

Best Value
1MORE Triple Driver

1MORE Triple Driver


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Most Versatile
MEE audio M6 PRO

MEE audio M6 PRO

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Best Comfort
KZ ZS10 Pro

KZ ZS10 Pro

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Best For Professionals
Sennheiser Professional IE 100 PRO

Sennheiser Professional IE 100 PRO

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Best Overall
Shure SE215 PRO

Shure SE215 PRO

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Top 5 Best IEMS Under 200$

5. 1MORE Triple Driver – Best Value

We live in an age when a high price indicates a high level of quality. However, with 1More products, that’s not quite the case.

A company that has built a great reputation for itself by providing cost-effective products.

So is the case with their in-ear earbuds that scream value in many ways.


When I look at these in ear monitors, I am taken to another era. It has a really elegant style that we saw during the 00s, but it still remains timeless and modern in certain ways.

The housing of the earbuds is made of aluminum and appears to be durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. Moreover, it barely attracts fingerprints.

They’re ergonomically constructed with extreme angles to fit your ear canals, so you may listen to music in complete comfort. Nine different ear tips are included to provide a suitable seal in your ear. No matter your ear shape or type, you will have a pair of ear tips that will fit your ears.


The 1MORE Triple Driver in ear monitors is recognized for its audio quality. The Triple Drivers deliver excellent balance and detail.

Two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver give the impression of nothing standing between you and the music.

The impedance level is 32Ω, which is rather common. A frequency range of 20–40,000 Hz while it has a sensitivity of 99 dB.

In terms of noise isolation, most external noises are already suppressed roughly halfway to the maximum volume. However, the ear tips included might help you improve noise isolation. Most of the ambient noise is blocked though. Definitely a great pair of in ear headphones.

Why Should You Buy It?
They will be used in many aspects, they are really comfortable, durable, good performers and on top of all they come at an affordable price, it is almost impossible to find a pair of IEM that offers more value than those ones. They also come with 9 different ear tips, which makes sure they will fit your ears properly. It is understandable for them to have drawbacks there and then, but they are nothing groundbreaking.

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4. MEE audio M6 PRO – Most Versatile

The M6 Pro 2nd Generation in ear monitors is an enhanced version of the first M6 Pro, which was already a success.

If an audio manufacturer names a new product after one of their existing products, it implies that their prior product filled their pockets with money and, of course, success. 

The M6 PRO in-ear monitors have been topping the charts thanks to their versatility, comfortable fit, and excellent audio quality.

With the arrival of the 2nd-generation model, sound and build quality improved even further.


They appear like a pair of professional earbuds as soon as you pull them out of the package. The cable drapes that go over the ears to increase stability and diminish microphonics give that impression.

Their design isn’t innovative; they’re just a pair of transparent earphones that look cool.

However, once properly suited, these M6 Pros will suffice for anything, you name it, jogging, gym, gaming, etc.

Moreover, they are IPX5 rated, which means they can withstand sweat in any condition. They also have T-Series memory foam tips, which is a ear tip material that is able to improve the noise cancellation performance.


The M6 Pro sounds lovely overall for the price point it comes with, and there are no serious flaws about it.

As for noise isolation, the outside noise is reduced with the Comply T-Series memory foam ear tips, allowing for safer listening volumes and improved sound quality.

It has a single 10mm Dynamic driver, a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20,000, a 16Ω impedance, and a sensitivity of 100 dB. Definitely the best IEM under $200.

Why Should You Buy It?
I’d recommend those earbuds to someone looking for a pair of IEMs to use with their daily activities, whether it’s sports, music listening, or whatever. Their durability and good isolation make them versatile and ideal for everyday use. The great ear tip materials also make these better.

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3. KZ ZS10 Pro – Best Comfort

Just “another” pair of in ear monitors from KZ, a brand that was formed in 2008 and completely changed the cost-to-performance ratio.

The original KZ ZS10 Hybrid IEM was quite a success, and KZ followed up with a successor that is continuing in its footsteps, the ZS10 Pro.


The KZ ZS10 Pro is based on the same design as the KZ ZSN, with slight modifications like as a shinier metal faceplate. Everything else is nearly identical, and nothing is wrong with it because the original design had nothing at fault. This design is both functional and effective.

The earbuds appear to be quite sturdy and resistant, especially when you consider the price.

But what I like most about those earphones has to be the comfort. You can have them sit on your ears for hours and they won’t cause any fatigue or any ear ache-which is common when it comes to in-ear earbuds.


The upgraded 5 drivers, self-customized BA drivers, and Second Generation 10mm double magnetic dynamic driver is what differentiates the KZ ZS10 Pro from its predecessor.

The frequency response ranges between 7 and 40,000 Hz. The sensitivity is 111 dB and the impedance is 24Ω.

The overall sound of those headphones is just magnificent. It is decent across all stages/ranges, but I think it will satisfy bass heads a bit more.

Why Should You Buy It?
The ZS10 Pro is without a doubt one of KZ’s greatest headphones. They stand out among KZ’s offerings, and they appear to be an excellent option for anyone searching for a cheap set of IEMs with sufficient balance to accurately recreate most genres.

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2. Sennheiser Professional IE 100 PRO – Best For Professionals

Let’s move on from consumer IEMs and offer something that is mostly used in a professional setting.

Sennheiser has unveiled the IE 100 Pro Wireless, a unique product from the renowned audio device manufacturer.

It promises to please musicians on a budget by providing a lot of flexibility for the price.


The IE 100 PROs come with a detachable black straight cable with ear hooks. It boasts a trendy yet small design.

The accompanying silicone and memory foam adapters can be individually adjusted to fit you properly, so you don’t have to worry about the fit.

There’s nothing flashy nor flamboyant about those headphones, yet you can tell they’re Sennheiser because of the branding etched on them.


Design is not the only thing that is Sennheiser, audio quality is pure Sennheiser tier also.

Audiophiles will adore these IEMs since they sound fantastic.

The dynamic 10-mm broadband transducer is a cutting-edge dynamic transducer that provides powerful and precise monitoring.

The Dynamic driver technology, on the other hand, lowers acoustic stress factors through distortion-free reproduction.

It features a 20–18,000 Hz frequency response, a 20Ω impedance, and a sound pressure of 115 dB.

Why Should You Buy It?
If you are a professional who wants to avoid throwing a lot of cash on professional studio monitoring headphones, those IEMs will be a great alternative to that, after all, It’s Sennheiser.

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1. Shure SE215 PRO – Best Overall

So far, we’ve learned that earphones with the word “Pro” in their name must be good.

However, I believe that if they also include “Shure” in their name, high quality is guaranteed.

And I am certain that I am correct.

Shure is no stranger to the audio industry. They’re recognized for making high-quality products, and the Shure SE215 PRO in-ear buds are no exception.


In a nutshell, they are stunning in terms of design.

It has a fantastic design that will remain “stunning” for years. However, the same cannot be said for its cables, which leaves a lot to be desired.

They have no inline controls and are a little too thick.

On the plus side, the thickness of the headphones is their saving grace, since it makes them quite durable.

Comfort should not be questioned because it is there and will be for hours while wearing them.


Shure never fails to impress when it comes to sound quality. It features a fantastic sound signature that is well-balanced with powerful bass quality. It won’t blow the bass heads away, but it’ll do.

The SE215 is ideal for acoustic compositions in which you want to hear the voice and instruments separately, as they are transmitted crisply and clearly.

They have a frequency range of 21 Hz to 17,000 Hz, a sensitivity of 107 dB, and a 17 Ω Impedance.

When it comes to sound isolation, the earbuds are top-notch,  you’ll notice as soon as you put them in your ears.

If you have the money, they are definitely the best IEMs under $200 you can buy.

Why Should You Buy It?
Pretty much Shure hit the nail on the head with this one. They tick all the boxes, be it professional use or consumer use.

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What’s The Difference Between IEMs and Earbuds


In-ear monitors, or IEMs for short, are used by musicians, audio engineers, audiophiles, and music band members to listen to music or hear a personal mix of vocals and stage instrumentation for live performance or recording studio mixing.

They are, as the name implies, earphones that exactly fit in your ear.


It’s just a little audio device you wear in your ears to listen to music. Most people, not just professionals, use earbuds for a number of reasons, like simply listening to music, playing video games, and mostly working out.

If you were to put IEMs and earbuds side by side you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

They are basically the same device: compact, portable, music-streaming, and ear-worn.

However, the main factor that differentiates them from one another is that IEMs (in-ear monitors) are inserted directly into the ear canal, whereas earbuds just rest on the outer ear.

After that, other things kick in like sound quality, price, and design without leaving behind the fact that IEMs are used mostly for professional purposes.

True wireless earbuds in the other hand are good for casual music listening, but not for monitoring or audiophile-level listening.

Why You Should Buy IEM

I’ll list some key reasons on what are the benefits of IEM.

First thing first, make sure they fit comfortably in your ear and are tightly sealed. If they’re not properly sealed, you won’t be able to hear all of the frequencies, such as bass coming in weak, etc.

Yes, the fit of IEMs has a massive impact on sound quality.

Better Sound Quality

Since we are talking about sound quality, In-ear monitor earbuds promise to bring better sound quality than their counterparts. Not only they are meant for professional use and for audiophiles but being put directly into your ear canal will sure do the work of a better sound.

Better Noise Isolation

Although they might not have any feature like ANC, which picks up the background noise and eliminates it. They do have good passive noise isolation. Being able to snug in perfectly in your ear, shuts the environment noises.

Better Price

If you were a professional who needed a pair of headphones for monitoring but you are on a budget, you are simply not willing to spend thousands of dollars on a pair of headphones. IEMs will do the job they are set out to do, perfectly well, at a reasonable cost.

When compared to earbuds, they may not seem to differ much, but when compared to genuine headphones/headsets, IEMs provide several advantages, such as being compact, cheaper, easier to carry around, and discreetness, so you don’t attract unwanted attention.

Final Words, Conclusion

While they are primarily intended to monitor sound, no one is prohibiting you from buying them if you enjoy how they sound.

Just make sure you do your research to find the best ones.

They should have the sound signature you want, be comfortable, and most importantly, perfectly fit your ears.

However, as I usually emphasize in my articles, please look after your ears.

Earbuds in general, especially IEM at high volume which impact your ear canal directly can seriously harm your ears which can result to hear loss and other related ear problems.

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