Best Mic Stands For Audio Technica AT2020 (Buying Guide)

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When I mention mic stands, there is no way that I’m not thinking of some iconic performances of all time, in which the mic stand played the main role.

Mic stands have been playing a crucial role during live performances and not only. Nowadays, almost all podcasters use mic stands during their podcasts, because that eases their work and it delivers a better sound quality, making it possible for them to stay closer to the microphone.

Mic stands are an absolute necessity. It’s always excellent to have the option to try out various mic placements in the studio in order to get the greatest sound. During a recording session, nobody should be holding a microphone. All of them need to be supported by stands.

If you happen to possess an AT2020, then you are the luckiest one here, because in this article I’m going to present to you 5 of the best mic stands for AT2020. You can freely use them in your studio, on stage, or wherever you decide to express your art.

As a plus, I have also included a buying guide, the things that you have to consider before buying a mic stand for your AT2020, and then a few of the frequently asked questions. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Pyle Desktop Microphone StandPyle Desktop Microphone Stand
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Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone StandGator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand
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On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone StandOn-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand
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On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Microphone Boom StandOn-Stage MS7701B Tripod Microphone Boom Stand
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Rode PSA1Rode PSA1
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Top 5 Best Mic Stands For AT2020

Pyle Desktop Microphone Stand

The height of this desktop microphone stand is 8.2″ inches. The adjustment of this microphone stand does not produce static noise. A universal microphone holder or clip attachment is included with this quiet and simple mic adjustment. The gooseneck shaft also enables you to move your microphone in whatever direction you like with ease.

The 5.6″ x 6.8″ solid die casting iron U-shaped base of the Pyle mic stand will give stability and correct balance in order to prevent it from falling. 2.02 lbs of counterweight is also included for a secure microphone positioning. Its straightforward construction, long-lasting design, and light weight make it simple to carry from venue to venue or house to house.

This is the ideal mic placement and pickup for performances in a studio or on stage. You are free to feel totally confident in the quality of this desktop microphone stand’s convenient lightweight and sturdy construction. Its excellent shaft is flexible and bendable, making it the ideal microphone stand for a table, desk, counter, and other flat surfaces.


  • Base Type: U-Base
  • Base Dimensions: 5.5 x 7″ / 14 x 17.8 cm
  • Material: Iron
  • Weight: 2 lb / 0.9 kg, 2.6 lb / 1.2 kg (Base Only)

Why Should You Buy It?
Adjustable gooseneck, versatile positioning, and it works perfectly. Those will be enough to convince you to purchase it.

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Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand

The ideal multipurpose mic stand for recording or live sound applications is the Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0821 short microphone stand with a weighted base. When utilizing heavier microphones that require more balancing, the weighted base can be helpful.

The short microphone stand from Gator Frameworks can be utilized for a variety of floor applications, including kick drums and bass drums, guitar amplifier cabinets, bass guitar amplifier cabinets, bottoms of toms or snare drums, keyboard amplifiers, theater, and boundary.

A 16″ single section boom arm, twist clutch height adjustment, cable management clip, and no slip, vibration reduction gasket are all included in the GFW-MIC-0821. Furthermore, the Frameworks GFW-MIC-0821 is compatible with both regular U.S. and European microphone clips.

Grab the ergonomic, soft-grip twist clutch, and quickly change the height with a quarter-turn. For the busy user or whether you’re sharing the mic with a colleague, the practical form and texture offer the ideal grip.

The low-profile kick drum and amp mic stand is balanced and stable by the substantial, weighted base. For greater sound quality, the base has a no-slip, vibration-reducing gasket.

You may individually modify the length and angle of the single section boom arm to get the ideal location. US and European mic clips may both fit on the boom arm.


  • Stand Type: Bass Drum/Amp Mic Stand
  • Height: 11.5″-23″
  • Base Type: U-shape
  • Weighted Base: Yes
  • Boom: 16″ Fixed
  • Tube Materials: Steel
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs.

Why Should You Buy It?
A very compact base, which will make sure to make your art even more compact.

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On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

This DS7200B Adjustable Desk Mic Stand is more suited for entry-level beginners who want a cheap mic stand that is somewhat superior to the basic tripod desktop stand that comes with AT2020.

Its height can be adjusted from 9 to 13 inches, and its spherical base spreads out to be 6 inches in diameter. It weighs 2 lbs. Through the locking clutch and extendable shaft, the mic stand’s height can be changed.

This is the most basic of the mic stands, but it also serves as the group’s workhorse. The DS7200B is a compact stand with a solid circle for a base, which is better than it being just a stick on a circle. If you need to mic an amp cabinet, for instance, you may use this mic stand on your desk or on the floor because it is sturdy and long-lasting.


  • Stand Type: Desktop Mic Stand
  • Base Type: 6″ Round
  • Weighted Base: Yes
  • Height: 9″ to 13″
  • Tube Materials: Steel

Why Should You Buy It?
Excellent stand for desktop and short height miking.

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On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Microphone Boom Stand

A sturdy tripod mic stand with a boomstick combination function. Its set-up height can be altered between 36 and 63 inches. Furthermore, a solid cast end with a 5/8′′ thread screw is used. As a result, in order to use the AT2020 with this MS7701B Tripod mic stand, the built-in adaptor from the mic bracket must be removed.

It is a boom in the Euro-Style, with separate clutches for the boom’s length and angle. As a result, throughout the performance, the user can easily change the boom angle with just one hand.

It only has a 5 pound weight. The boom arm can be folded and is also removable. The mobile bands and singers can therefore benefit greatly from it.


    • Stand Type: Boom Stand
    • Base Type: Tripod
    • Height: 32″-61.5″
    • Boom: 30″ Fixed, Removable
    • Tube Materials: Hybrid Sheet Metal Boom, Composite Leg
    • Weight: 5.15 lbs.

Why Should You Buy It?
The MS7701 is designed to go wherever your music takes you.

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Rode PSA1

For usage in radio, broadcast, studios, and homes, there is the PSA1 studio boom arm. The PSA1 has a full 360 degree rotation, a horizontal reach of 820mm, and a vertical reach of 840mm.

It comes with velcro wire wraps, desk-clamp attachments, and desk-insert attachments for flexible mounting in desks up to 55mm (clamp) or 70mm (insert) thick (insert). The PSA1 accommodates the majority of microphones weighing between 700g (1.5lb) and 1.1kg (2.4lb) when used with the shock mount, and it was created for the R-DE Procaster and Podcaster.

Note that the PSM1 shock mount is available for purchase separately.

Since its modest beginnings in the 1990s, RDE Microphones has grown steadily on the world stage and is now the standard microphone for many different industries. RDE uses cutting-edge technology and precise equipment to maintain its goods’ top-notch quality and affordable prices. Definitely one of the best mic stands for AT2020.


  • Stand Type: Broadcast Arm
  • Boom: 32″ Horizontal Reach
  • Height: 33″ Vertical Reach
  • Base Type: Desk Clamp and Insert Attachments
  • Tube Materials: Steel

Why Should You Buy It?
Definitely a premium product with a premium build.

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Buyer’s Guide

Shock Mounts

The piece of equipment that attaches your microphone to your stand is called a shock mount. In essence, they are what they appear to be to be: a circle made of black rubber bands. Regardless of the mic stand you pick, a shock mount intended to provide vibration isolation is a worthwhile purchase.

The AT2020 bridges the gap between a lush vocal recording and one that sounds like it was recorded from a train and fits well in a shock mount.

Mic Set Ups

Other than the mic stand, the AT2020 microphone configurations also come with a pop filter and a shock mount that works with it. If you only add a pop-filter to the regular mic stand bracket, it functions perfectly.

However, the true issue arises if you decide to add a shock mount to your AT2020 microphone. Make sure the mic stand you purchased is compatible with the thread screw mount of the shock mount. You will need an additional adaptor if not.

Isolation Shields

Similar to a pop filter in appearance, an isolation shield is located on the other side of the microphone. A pop filter’s principal goal is to ensure proper airflow and resistance to the mic’s internal workings. Unwanted sound from the back and sides is reduced by an isolation shield placed behind the microphone.

An isolation shield is more of a luxury item than a necessity because your Audio-Technica AT2020 already has a cardioid-pattern microphone. The AT2020 does a respectable job of minimizing back and side noise on its own, but if you are still hearing noise from other parts of the room, you might want to consider purchasing an isolation shield.


Your intended use and application will have a significant impact on the sort of mic stand you choose to purchase. The boom arm and desktop mic stand are the ones you should be looking for if you are a podcaster or singer who always uses the mic while seated.

If you always record your vocals while they are standing, you can opt for the floor-standing boom arm and mic stand.

Pop Filters

These are most certainly something you’ve seen; in fact, I’m positive you have. The little black circular filter that is placed in front of the singer’s microphone is known as a pop filter.

Your audio’s sibilance (the “sss” sounds) and plosives (the “f” and “p” noises) can be adjusted with the pop filter on an Audio-Technica AT2020. Including a pop filter in your setup is a fantastic idea. Basically, singing or speaking into your microphone while standing close to it is a what a performer does.


Make sure the microphone stand has a 3/8″ or a 5/8″ threaded screw. In fact, a built-in 3/8 adaptor is already present in the basic mic stand bracket that is included with the AT2020 microphone.

Simply take off the integrated 3/8″ adaptor if the microphone stand you purchased uses a 5/8″ thread screw. Additionally, it will work well with the AT2020 mic stand bracket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve the sound of my AT2020 microphone?

Make the appropriate adjustment to your microphone level to get the best performance out of your AT2020. It should be as high as it can be without overtaxing the input of your machine. If you notice distortion or the recording software reports excessive peak levels, you should lower the mic volume.

Are drivers required for the AT2020?

The AT2020 USB+ is a class-compliant device, therefore using it with Apple operating systems (OSX, iOS) requires no additional drivers. If an appropriate driver isn’t already installed for Windows, it should be downloaded immediately.

What makes the AT2020 so well-liked?

That’s because it has so many strings attached to its bow. First off, it functions excellently as a vocal microphone. It can accurately mimic all the minute variations in speech applications. It is ideal for recording acoustic guitars and other acoustic instruments due to its sensitivity to acoustic detail.

Final Words

With the mic stands I have listed in this article, no matter which way you go, you can’t go wrong, because they all deliver great features and they will for sure enhance your creativity.

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