Best Mic Stands For Audio Technica AT2020 (Buying Guide)

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When I mention mic stands, there is no way that I’m not thinking of some iconic performances of all time, in which the mic stand played the main role.

Mic stands have been playing a crucial role during live performances and not only. Nowadays, almost all podcasters use mic stands during their podcasts, because that eases their work and it delivers a better sound quality, making it possible for them to stay closer to the microphone.

Mic stands are an absolute necessity. It’s always excellent to have the option to try out various mic placements in the studio in order to get the greatest sound. During a recording session, nobody should be holding a microphone. All of them need to be supported by stands.

If you happen to possess an AT2020, then you are the luckiest one here, because in this article I’m going to present to you 5 of the best mic stands for AT2020. You can freely use them in your studio, on stage, or wherever you decide to express your art.

As a plus, I have also included a buying guide, the things that you have to consider before buying a mic stand for your AT2020, and then a few of the frequently asked questions. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

A Quick Look at My Favorite Mic Stands for AT2020

Pyle Desktop Microphone Stand

Pyle Desktop Microphone Stand

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Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand

Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand

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On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

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On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Microphone Boom Stand

On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Microphone Boom Stand

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Rode PSA1

Rode PSA1

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Key Takeaways

  • A microphone stand will always help you be more unrestricted regarding movement when using a microphone.
  • If you don’t want to spend too much money on a microphone stand for AT2020, you should check out Pyle PMKS8, as it comes at a very low price.
  • The best choice in a stand for AT2020 is Rode PSA1 mic stand.
  • Compatibility is one of the main things you should check out when purchasing a mic stand for AT2020.

Top 5 Best Mic Stands For AT2020

Pyle PMKS8 – Best Budget

Pyle PMKS8 is a microphone stand that will work perfectly fine with your Audio Technica AT2020 microphone. It is also the cheapest mic stand, especially compared to this article’s other stands.

This stand is generally known to be super-strong, as it is mainly made of steel. Even more unique and special, it is super lightweight, and you can move it around however and whenever you want.

As for the shape, Pyle PMKS8 is a gooseneck stand primarily used in desks, offering excellent durability and compatibility with your microphones. Also, it is flexible enough and allows movement of any kind. The rubber feet that this stand has free your microphone from vibrations.

Why Should You Buy It?

The Pyle PMKS8 microphone stand is the most affordable microphone stand that you will find; in fact, it is the cheapest one that I’ve found so far. So, if you don’t want to spend too much money on a mic stand, you can freely purchase this one!

Base TypeU-SHAPE
Dimensions2.33 x 5.71 x 7.5 inches
Weight1 pound


  • Super-Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible in Movement


  • Big Base

4. Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0821 – Best for Most People

Gator is another name that does a great job when it comes to using it with an AT2020 microphone, and it is one of the most used stands by many professionals, especially those that use the AT2020 microphone for podcasts.

Like the stand mentioned above, Gator is also made of steel, offering excellent stability and durability to your microphone. The U-Shape base helps your microphone stay in place with no unexpected movements. 

What deserves to be mentioned about the Gator stand is that it owns a boom arm, which helps with the horizontal movements of the microphone you use, in this case, AT2020. You will be more than satisfied to check out the boom arm feature!

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are a podcaster and use the AT2020 microphone, let me present the impressive Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0821 stand, which will do a perfect job and help you be completely free of movement. It is a versatile stand that will help you immensely with AT2020 and other microphones.

Base TypeU-SHAPE
Dimensions23 x 6 x 13 inches
Weight7 pounds


  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Boom Arm Included


  • Heavy

3.On-Stage DS7200B – Best Mid-Range

Here goes another super-affordable microphone stand that will help you bring out the best Audio Technica AT2020 microphone! On-Stage DS7200B is known as the most professional of stands; you can see it in front of many professionals that work with AT2020.

Without becoming boring for you, this stand is also made of steel, and it is durable, just like the other two stands I mentioned above. Again, it offers stability, flexibility, and something unique that the DS7200B stand has is versatility and the fact that you can use it for a lot of things.

The base of this stand is rounded in shape, and most importantly, it fits everywhere! As the brand says, the On-Stage DS7200B is the stand you can find on a table, desk, at conferences, speeches, and other public presentations. If that doesn’t say versatility, I don’t know what does!

Why Should You Buy It?

Being budget-friendly is one reason that you should definitely buy this On-Stage microphone stand, but another important aspect of this microphone is the versatility that it offers! It is a microphone stand that you can use wherever and whenever you want.

Base TypeRounded
Dimensions9 x 13 x 6 inches
Weight2.2 pounds


  • Super-Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile in Use
  • Affordable


  • Heavy for Some

2. On-Stage MS7701B – Most Versatile

I know that I already mentioned an On-Stage microphone stand, but as I said, they are known to be the most professional stands for microphones. Well, here I am going with another On-Stage stand, and it is the fantastic MS7701B will work perfectly with the AT2020 microphone.

With a specialty and uniqueness, this stand comes with a tripod base, mostly made to work in stages. Let me mention that many professional artists love this one. The microphone stand works with everything, in terms of microphones, as it is compatible with many models. On-Stage MS7701B is also scratch-resistant which was one of the features that got my attention the most.

This stand is also known as a boom stand, and it means that you will be able to move this stand around horizontally. It is a flexible stand that will offer versatility for many uses as well. There is also an adjustment method available for cables if you want to hide them.

Why Should You Buy It?

As we’ve seen in this list, we’ve tried including stands that are more versatile, and versatility is probably something you’re after as well! Rest assured, since versatility is the main thing that the On-Stage MS7701B microphone stand offers, as it will work not only with AT2020 but with many different microphones. If you work on stage, choose On-Stage.

Base TypeTripod
MaterialMetal + Steel
Dimensions32.5 x 4 x 4.25 inches
Weight4.95 pounds


  • Strong Tripod Base
  • Resistant to Scratches
  • Flexible on Horizontal Movement
  • Cable Arrangements


  • Complicated to Set-Up

1. Rode PSA1 – Best Overall

If you know something about microphones, you have probably heard about the brand Rode, as it is one of the most influential brands and brings out unique microphones. Well, here we have it bringing an impressive microphone stand that will work perfectly for your Audio Technica AT2020 microphone.

Rode PSA1 is the strongest and the most durable microphone stand you will ever find, and that’s because it has metal as its primary material, and I don’t think that there is anything better than a metal stand. It will stay with you for a lifetime, and it is the one that you will never give up on.

Rode never brings devices that are not flexible, and in Rode PSA1, you will find a boom arm that allows a rotation range of 360 degrees in a horizontal form. It is a mic stand that can stay on your desk quite precisely and sturdy.

Why Should You Buy It?

As it is the best overall, Rode PSA1 is the microphone stand that will do the job perfectly when using the Audio Technica AT2020 microphone! It has everything you need, from durability to flexibility, and it will stay with you for a super-long period.

Base TypeSmall Rounded
Dimensions32 x 33
Weight3.83 pounds


  • Super-Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Steady
  • Boom Arm with 360-Degree Rotation


  • Pricey

Things to Consider: Buying Guide

Just like everything else, knowing the main things one should consider before buying a microphone stand are an essential part of the purchase. As you need to buy a microphone stand for Audio Technica AT2020, you should have in mind some key factors that make a microphone stand good, and they are:

Base Type

When you need a microphone stand, the first and most important thing that you should consider is the type of base that the stand has. You will find different bases, such as tripod, rounded, U-shape, and others. Still, what you should know regarding this part is where you will use the stand, the exact place. For example, if you want to use the stand on your desk, a U-shape stand will do the job quite fine and offer different things. If you need a microphone stand on stage, you might choose the tripod base.


As you search for a stand to help you keep a specific microphone like AT2020, you should check its compatibility wisely. I don’t think there is something worse than noticing that the microphone won’t stay appropriately in a stand, right? That’s why, before choosing the best mic stand for AT2020, you should check whether the microphone will stay precisely and adequately in that stand.


Nobody would want a microphone stand that breaks easily, as a stand is a device or tool you will need for a prolonged time. Most microphone stands are made of the same steel material, but I would advise you to be more concerned about the metal ones. Metal is one of the sturdiest materials you can ever find in a mic stand, and it offers durability in the perfect way possible.


Nothing says flexibility in a microphone stand but the boom arm that it may have! As mentioned above, you will be thrilled to discover that the boom arm is a specific feature that some microphones own. It allows the whole 360-degree horizontal movement of the microphone, and it will make a stand and the microphone flexible in many ways. When choosing a mic stand for AT2020, the boom arm is the best feature you should check out!


I am well aware of the fact that you need a specific microphone stand for a particular microphone like Audio Technica AT2020. However, choosing a versatile stand will be the best thing to find! A versatile microphone stand will help you use any type of microphone there, and it helps in many different places.

Price Range

Microphone stands aren’t high-end tools, but still, you may find some of them at high prices. Yet again, don’t be afraid to spend money on a microphone stand, as they are some of the most needed tools for any microphone owner. As I always say, it is better to have a budget in mind or your pocket and choose a device, in this case, a microphone stand, all based on that specific budget. It helps a lot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a microphone stand for the AT2020 mic?

Audio Technica AT2020 is a very strong and one of the perfect microphones that one can own. Yet again, using a stand with it is the best thing to do, as it becomes boring when holding it in your hands during the day or for any specific thing that you need the microphone for. A microphone stand is always one of the main things that you need whenever you own a microphone. Also, it will help you move around easily.

Will any microphone stand accept any microphone?

It all depends on the versatility of the microphone stand that you will choose! However, most microphone stands are super-versatile and will be compatible with your microphone model.

Are microphone stands worth it?

As I mentioned above, microphone stands aren’t pricey, but some of them tend to be. However, you should never worry about this part as they are super-worthy tools that will help you a lot! Don’t be scared to spend some money on a microphone stand!

Final Words

Here we came at the concluding part of this article, in which I mentioned some of the best microphones stand for Audio Technica AT2020!

All the microphone stands I mentioned in this article are definitely some of the best choices you can make, and most importantly, they are known as ideal picks for your AT2020 microphone.

Yet again, I hope that this article will help you choose the mic stand for AT2020 that you are searching for and that suits your needs the most!

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