Best Microphones For ASMR (Comprehensive Buying Guide)

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ASMR is one of the most famous phrases in recent years and refers to the autonomous sensory meridian response. If you are a fan of ASMR, you probably know how satisfying it is, and I am pretty sure that everybody has thought of creating an ASMR recording or video.

To do so, you should consider investing in a high-quality ASMR microphone. To find one, I present to you this article, in which you will find the five best microphones for ASMR to choose from! Let’s start!

A Quick Look at My Favorite ASMR Microphones

Best value
Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

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The Most Versatile 
Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B

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Beginner friendly
Razer Seiren Mini

Razer Seiren Mini

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High Quality
Rode NT- USB

Rode NT- USB

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Best Overall 
Logitech Blue Yeti USB

Logitech Blue Yeti USB

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Key Takeaways

  • ASMR videos are one of the most satisfactory videos you will find on the internet.
  • If you need a microphone that will do the job great during ASMR but other things as well, I present to you Shure SM7B, which is the most versatile microphone.
  • The perfect choice you can make regarding ASMR microphones is Logitech Blue Yeti, with its unique and excellent features.
  • The microphone’s polar pattern is the most important thing you should check when choosing any microphone.
  • You can combine your ASMR microphone with an amplifier to boost its performance.

Top 5 Best ASMR Microphones

5. Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ – Best value 

Let me start this article with one of the most famous names in the audio industry, Audio Technica, with its unique AT2020USB+ microphone.

This microphone is for prolonged usage, as it owns a super-rugged body build that uses metal. The microphone capsule is protected by its grid so that you won’t have to deal with anything terrible regarding soft body issues.

Whenever you use this microphone, you will notice the crisp sound; that’s because of this microphone’s excellent frequency range. With its unidirectional polar pattern, this microphone will pick up only the wanted sounds, but you should remember that it should also be near them.

Hence to its name, the connectivity of this microphone is wired, but it comes with a USB output that makes it work well for any recording of ASMR that you may want.

Why Should You Buy It?

As this microphone does a great job regarding clear sound, you will be thrilled to find out its price value. This microphone will be the quantity and quality combined in the best way possible.

TypeCardioid Condenser Mic
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Frequency Response20 Hz- 20 kHz
Weight13.6 ounces
Size6.38 x 2.05 x 2.05 inches


  • Great Frequency Range
  • Durable
  • Crispy Sound Quality
  • Affordable


  • Needs to Be Next to You

4. Shure SM7B – The Most Versatile 

Next on, there is a very famous name related to microphones: Shure. The SM7B microphone from Sure is one of the most amazing and is used by many people worldwide.

Shure SM7B is a stunning microphone all covered in black, and indeed it can be considered the prettiest microphone one can find. This microphone is made out of a combination of metal and plastic and is known as a rugged microphone.

As I have listed this microphone as the most versatile one, you should know that you can use it for anything you want to record. As for the use of ASMR, you will be thrilled to listen to the super-clear sounds that it delivers.

Microphones primarily work with the XLR type of connection, which is present on Shure SM7B, as it makes the microphone compatible with different audio devices that already have the XLR plug.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are versatile and don’t want to choose divided microphones for specific things, Shure SM7B is here to help you bring out the best of everything.

TypeDynamic Microphone
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Frequency Response50 Hz – 20 kHz
Weight2.03 pounds
Size13.3 x 7.2 x 4.8 inches


  • Good-Looking
  • Rugged Construction
  • Accurate and Smooth Sound


  • Pricey

3. Razer Seiren Mini – Best for Begginers

Everybody has heard about Razer as a brand, and I am sure you know that they work more on gaming devices. However, the Razer Seiren Mini is an excellent ASMR microphone, especially for beginners in this field.

As its name says, this microphone is small and doesn’t occupy much space, and it comes in three fabulous colors that you can choose from. Something worth mentioning related to this microphone is the fact that it is shock-resistant, and nothing can happen to it even if it falls.

When you use this microphone for ASMR, you can be more than sure that you will sound decent enough to provide your “fans” with great ASMR sound. The picking-up of the sound and voice is good enough to be heard great.

Just like the first microphone of this article, Razer Seiren Mini has a connection via a USB, and it is one of the microphones with super-sturdy connectivity without any distortion.

Why Should You Buy It?

Suppose you are a beginner in the world of ASMR; Razer Seiren Mini is one of the easiest and the most accessible microphones. Razer Seiren Mini has an aim, and it is to help beginners!

TypeCondenser Mic
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Frequency Response20 Hz- 20 kHz
Weight15.2 ounces
Size3.55 x 3.55 x 6.35 inches


  • Compact
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Shock-Resistant
  • Good Connection


  • There is No Volume Control

2. Rode NT- USB – Best Runner Up

Rode is quite a famous and respectable brand regarding microphones, and I couldn’t leave a Rode microphone unmentioned. Rode NT-USB is one of the most outstanding USB microphones that will work perfectly fine and help you bring out some great ASMR recordings.

This microphone isn’t the most good-looking one, but the fact that it comes with a tripod stand makes it great to choose and use. You won’t find any problems while in use because it is easy.

The unidirectional pattern of this microphone will help you record ASMR significantly, and you can be more than sure that it will sound excellent with exceptional clarity. There is a frequency range that starts from 20Hz, and it is known as the best one regarding ASMR.

Besides the clear audio quality, I am sure you will fall in love with this microphone’s connection as it combines the 3.5mm jack and the USB type of connection. It works and is compatible with many devices that accept the connectivity cables it comes with.

Why Should You Buy It?

This microphone should be one of your first choices because of its perfect sound quality and excellent frequency range. There are other features as well, but these would be the main ones that you should choose Rode microphone.

TypeCondenser Mic
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Frequency Response20 Hz- 20 kHz
Weight1.15 pounds
Size2.44 x 1.97 x 7.24 inches


  • Tripod Stand Included
  • Picks Up Voice Greatly
  • Amazing Frequency Range
  • Perfect Connection


  • Not Very Beautiful

1. Logitech Blue Yeti USB – Best Overall 

Last but not least, the best overall microphone for ASMR stands for Logitech Blue Yeti, one of the microphones standing in front of many people that record ASMR videos in general. With some great features, this microphone deserves to be the best overall.

The Blue Yeti microphone from Logitech is one of the most good-looking microphones you can ever find on the market. By the way, something else that makes the design even more remarkable is its seven color choices. Another feature I’d like to highlight is the fact that this microphone is quite durable.

With three capsule arrays, this microphone picks up voices and sounds in the most precise way possible; and also worth mentioning that the sound will also come off super powerful, especially considering the frequency range.

Something worth mentioning about this microphone is the fact that it can pick up the voice in four ways or patterns such as cardioid, Omni, bidirectional, and stereo. Now, imagine how good ASMR will sound.

This microphone is a USB one regarding its connectivity, and it is known to work perfectly with any computer and MAC device. Still, when choosing to connect this microphone with any other device, you should ensure it has a USB plug. 

Why Should You Buy It?

You should choose this microphone because it is known as the best overall! This microphone has everything that ASMR needs, and I am pretty sure that it will fulfill your needs in many ways, even if you want to choose it for other things like streaming and podcasts. Just remember that this microphone has four polar patterns too!

Polar PatternFour Patterns
Frequency Response20 Hz- 20 kHz
Weight3.2 pounds
Size4.9 x 4.7 x 11.6 inches


  • Versatile Use
  • Perfectly Designed
  • 4 Patterns of Voice Pick Up


  • Pricey for Some

Buying Guide

Whenever you have to buy any device, it is crucial to know the main things and specifications so that you can choose the best one, in this case, the best microphone for ASMR. I would like to mention some of the main things you should consider when selecting a microphone for ASMR.


You may know that there are different microphones, and when choosing a microphone, you should always consider the type you need. There is no specification regarding the ASMR recordings, but a good microphone is always a Cardioid one.

Polar Pattern

The microphone’s polar pattern will tell you how it picks up the voice or any other sound. As for ASMR, you can be more than sure that everything works great as long as the ASMR sounds are correctly heard. Omnidirectional microphones will pick up sounds and voices from many directions. Meanwhile, the unidirectional ones are more for specific use and pick-ups.


Different microphones have various types of connections, but as you choose the best one for ASMR, you can be more than sure that XLR and USB microphones are the best ones. Remember that you should mostly avoid wireless microphones as they are not the greatest at picking up sounds.


A versatile device is always a great thing to use, and when choosing a microphone, you should never forget what you can use it for. I don’t think there is one person that needs a massive number of microphones for different things. Make sure to choose wisely, and choosing in a wise way is nothing but versatile microphones.


There are always high-end and budget microphones, and I would like to advise you in this part that you should always have a price range in your mind before choosing a microphone for ASMR.

FAQ Related to ASMR Microphones

What exactly is ASMR?

As mentioned at the beginning, the letters ASMR refer to Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is an activity that means a tingly feeling and is known as the most satisfactory “noise” for many people.

Do I need any other device for ASMR?

If you have chosen the best microphone for ASMR and are satisfied with it, you don’t need any other device. But, if you need a quality boost or volume boost, I recommend using an amplifier.

Can I connect my ASMR microphone to my camera?

It is all related to the connectivity the camera and microphone have and whether they are compatible. Still, many microphones are compatible with cameras, so I wouldn’t say you will have a problem.

Are ASMR microphones worth it?

Microphones for ASMR are budget devices, and you shouldn’t worry, even if there are some high-priced ones. That’s because any ASMR microphone you choose is more than worth it.

Final Words

We are at the end of today’s article, where I mentioned some of the best five microphones for ASMR! As you’ve come here, I am pretty sure that you know how delicate ASMR is and that it requires a specific microphone.

After everything is said, I assure you that all the microphones mentioned in this article are some of the most excellent choices regarding ASMR.

I hope that in this article, you will find the best microphone for ASMR to suit your needs!

Further Reading

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