Best Silent Disco Headphones in 2023: Be Quiet!

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If you have ever been to a silent disco party, you probably know the meaning of it. Since you are here, you are considering making it. However, the first thing needed to make the best silent disco party is to find the headphones.

In this article, I will list some of the best silent disco headphones in today’s market. It is essential to mention that all of the headphones that I will include are some of the most incredible headphones worldwide! Let’s start!

A Quick Look at My Favorite Silent Disco Headphones

Best Overall
Silent Sound System Silent Disco

Silent Sound System Silent Disco

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Best Runner-Up
Party Headphones Silent Disco

Party Headphones Silent Disco

Check Latest Price
Best Design
AYVVPII Rechargeable Wireless Silent Disco

AYVVPII Rechargeable Wireless Silent Disco

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Best for Smaller Gatherings 
Sound Off GLO 2 Silent Disco

Sound Off GLO 2 Silent Disco

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Best Budget
Factory Sell Silent Disco

Factory Sell Silent Disco

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Key Takeaways

  • Silent disco means having a party without speakers; instead, everybody at the party uses headphones!
  • The best overall choice regarding the best silent disco headphones is the Factory Sell Silent Disco package.
  • Silent disco headphones are pretty pricey, but here goes the AYVVPII pack of ten headphones as the most affordable one.
  • The connection and the wireless range are the two most important things to consider when choosing silent disco headphones.
  • A transmitter will be a crucial device in every package of silent disco headphones.

Top 5 Best Silent Disco Party Headphones

5. Silent Sound System Silent Disco – Best for Most People

The first pack of silent disco headphones comes from a brand that is in charge of bringing only silent disco headphone systems, and there is no doubt that they will become your favorite bundle of headphones, just like they are for many people.

The number of headphones included in one pack is 50, and this bundle has the highest number of headphones compared to the other packs I will mention in this article.

What you should know about this pack is that the headphones include super soft earpads that include leather as the primary material, and it is more than sure that they will provide comfort to all 50 people wearing them.

The control of these headphones works with two transmitters in charge of bringing three channels of radio frequencies. The RCA to 3.5mm audio jack will help the connection of the headphones to the transmitters. As for the overall connection, these headphones work wirelessly with a range of 450 meters.

The overall sound quality of these 50 headphones is excellent enough to have you included in the music. They sound pretty okay, and most importantly, they are loud enough to help you create a party of your own.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you have a massive group of friends and want to organize a silent disco party, the 50 Silent Sound System will help you gather all of them in one room. This bundle is the one with the most headphones included.

Headphones Included50
Transmitters Included2
Wireless TechnologyRadio Frequency (RF)
Wireless Range450 meters
Audio Channels3
Battery Life12 Hours


  • Soft Earpads
  • 50 Headphones in Total
  • Good Wireless Range
  • Great Sound


  • Highly-Priced

4. Party Headphones Silent Disco – Most Versatile

Next, as we move on, the second product of this article again comes from a brand that launches party headphones of many kinds.

You know that party headphones come as a bundle, but here you will encounter only ten headphones. Yet again, they look pretty good when considering the LED lights that make them very beautiful.

Besides being pretty,  these headphones also include very soft cushion earpads and a headband that makes them comfortable for anyone who would use them even for extended periods during one party.

There is one transmitter included in one pack of ten headphones, and it works connected via an RCA to AUX cable. As for the technology, these headphones also work with RF, and they have two specifications regarding the wireless range. You can choose between 200 meters and 500 meters.

These headphones are worth mentioning because the battery life is quite good, and it offers usage for up to 12 hours of playtime.

Why Should You Buy It?

Do you want to host a party, a wedding, a conference, or other events? This bundle of party headphones will be the best to use as it has many different usages regarding everything mentioned. You wouldn’t want to use them only for parties. This pack is the most versatile one regarding usage.

Headphones Included10
Transmitters Included1
Wireless TechnologyRadio Frequency (RF)
Wireless Range200 meters and 500 meters
Audio Channels3
Battery Life12 Hours


  • LED Lighting
  • Versatile
  • Good Battery Life


  • Only 10

3. AYVVPII Rechargeable Wireless Silent Disco – Most Affordable

I know that the name of the brands that launched these headphones is a little weird, but there is nothing to say because they are indeed some of the most affordable packs of headphones that one can find.

If there are some good-looking headphones, I would like to give first place to these! This bundle of 10 headphones brings out some of the most beautifully made headphones, and the LED lights bring beauty to them even more.

 They are very proud of the connectivity of these headphones, and you should also be proud of them. They work wirelessly with a super strong signal range of 500 meters. Also, there is one transmitter that owns a 3.5mm jack connector. You can also use this connector to connect the headphones to your phone and use them as regular headphones.

It is the sound quality that deserves to be known! There is a specification regarding the drivers of these headphones, which include 40mm drivers that will deliver the most extraordinary sound you have ever heard.

ilent Disco Headphones can help you achieve that.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want to use some of the most good-looking silent disco headphones, the AYVVPII pack of ten is the one to check out! Besides that, they are affordable compared to the others and offer very stable connectivity.

Headphones Included10
Transmitters Included1
Wireless TechnologyRadio Frequency (RF)
Wireless Range500 meters
Audio Channels3
Battery Life8-10 Hours


  • Affordable
  • Good-Looking
  • Sound Fine
  • Stable Connection


  • Not the Most Comfortable

2. Sound Off GLO 2 Silent Disco – Best High-End 

Moving on, another bundle appears that includes a high number of headphones, and you will find 45 headphones there. Sound Off Glo 2 is another potent brand that knows how to fulfill the needs of silent disco lovers.

You cannot miss the LED lighting feature in a high-end headphones pack, including the change of six different colors. In general, all the 45 headphones in this pack are very comfortable as they include cushion earpads. Most importantly, there is the adjustable headband. Based on these things, you can see that these headphones are pretty and very comfortable.

All of the 45 headphones in this pack get connected to one transmitter that is very powerful and offers a range of 300 meters. Just like the headphones already mentioned, there is the RF working frequency, and it is at its highest level.

If you care about the sound, let me mention to you the fact that the earpads provide noise isolation, which means that nothing else, noise,  from the outside gets in there! You will listen to excellent sound quality with an impressive frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are ready to spend a lot of money on silent disco headphones, there is nothing better than giving them to the Sound Off GLO 2 pack of headphones. They are pricey, but you get the most feature-packed silent disco headphones because they offer many things.

Headphones Included45
Transmitters Included1
Wireless TechnologyRadio Frequency (RF)
Wireless Range300 meters
Audio Channels3
Battery Life11 Hours


  • 45 Headphones
  • Battery Life
  • Noise Isolating
  • Good Frequency Range


  • The Price Only

1. Factory Sell Silent Disco – Best Overall

Here we are at the last but not least pack of headphones for this article! Differing from all the other silent disco headphones mentioned, these come with 20 headphones in one package. It can be considered the average number of headphones that one needs.

I know that I didn’t mention portability in this article, but the time has come to say it because these headphones are known as the ones that accompany you wherever you go. Besides that, the comfort is on the highest level as they include leather-made cushiony earpads. Also, they look very cool with their LED lights.

On 20 pairs of headphones, you should surely expect one transmitter, and that’s what it owns. This range of headphones has a great wireless range of 500 meters regarding movements; based on that, you are free to move around and party just as you should. The main connector in all 45 headphones is the fantastic 3.5mm audio jack.

You will listen to every note, every tone, and every rhythm in the best way possible because these headphones are some of the greatest ones regarding sound quality. The LED lights I mentioned above all work based on the rhythm of the music you will listen to, which means that you will have a silent disco party with perfect music and lighting.

These headphones are the best option for all those silent disco lovers who are on a budget.

Why Should You Buy It?

I don’t think there is something better than choosing the best overall silent disco headphones in this article. Factory Sell headphones come with a great range of connections, a good battery life, and are good-looking. Most importantly, the price you pay is entirely worth it!

Headphones Included20
Transmitters Included1
Wireless TechnologyRadio Frequency (RF)
Wireless Range500 meters
Audio Channels3
Battery Life10 Hours


  • Portable and Comfortable
  • Perfect Connection
  • LED Lights Work With Rhythm
  • Amazing Sound Quality


  • None

What to Consider: Buyer’s Guide

An article about choosing the best products for something specific isn’t complete without a buying guide. Because silent disco headphones are a bit weird compared to the other headphones we are used to, there are some things you should consider before choosing the best ones. Here goes the buying guide regarding the best silent disco headphones!


With quantity in silent disco headphones, I mean the number of headphones that will come in one pack! As you can notice in the headphone packs mentioned above, you can easily find that there are different packs with different headphones. The best thing to do is check the ones with more headphones within. If the ones with more are pricey for you, choose based on the group of people that you have at one party.

Wireless Technology

All silent disco headphones come with wireless connection and transmitters; it is a fact. Yet again, you should always know with what connection they work. There are three connections that you may find, and they include Bluetooth, RF, and IF. The new silent disco headphones primarily work with radio frequency (RF), which you should consider. The RF allows connection at the same frequency.

Connection Range

When I say connectivity, I mean wireless range; you should have an idea. I am sure that no one wants to have a short wireless range and then notice that the connection is lost. Always choose silent disco headphones with a higher range, like 300 or 500 meters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a silent disco?

Silent disco refers to an event such as a party or a wedding in which people dance and party while having wireless headphones on their ears. Silent disco refers to a party with headphones instead of speakers.

Is the transmitter a critical device for silent disco?

A package of silent disco headphones will always come with at least one transmitter within. That tells that transmitters are the key devices needed in a silent disco event. A transmitter will help you connect all the headphones in one frequency, and everybody will listen to the same thing.

Can I use apps like Spotify for silent disco?

Of course, you can! You can use Spotify in your silent disco headphones, and not only! You can use other music streaming apps like Apple Music, Google Play, Youtube, and many others.

Are silent disco headphones worth it?

The first thing to know is that silent disco headphones are very pricey and stay in the high-end group of headphones. However, everything they bring and the number of headphones included will always be worth it.

Final Words

Well, here we are at the end of our article! I tried to take an in-depth look at the best silent disco headphones on the market. Everything I mentioned and every pack of headphones I included in this article are undoubtedly some of the best ones you can use.

Based on this article, I hope you will find the silent disco headphones you have been looking for and organize the best silent disco party ever!

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