The 5 Best Speakers For EDM Of This Year!

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If you are in love with electronic music, finding the best speakers for it is the best thing that you should do. It doesn’t really matter if you are a professional or just a fan of it; you might want to hear every tiny detail.

In this article, you will find the best speakers for EDM so that you can choose your favorite one between them. In the article, you will find p five picks that are titles for what they are best for.

If anyone doesn’t know what EDM is, it means Electronic Dance Music or else way is known as dance music, is a genre of music which is fully dedicated to dancing in general! It is a very powerful genre of music that works at 200 beats per minute.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the speakers that I chose as the best speakers for EDM!

Best Budget
PreSonus Eris E3.5

PreSonus Eris E3.5

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Most Feature-Packed


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Best For Professionals
JBL Professional LSR310S

JBL Professional LSR310S

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Most Versatile
Mackie CR-X

Mackie CR-X

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Best Overall
Bose F1 Model 812

Bose F1 Model 812

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The Top 5 Best Speakers For EDM Music

5. PreSonus Eris E3.5 – best budget

PreSonus Eris E3.5, as listed, is the cheapest speaker you can find, of course, compared to the speakers mentioned above in this article. This type of speaker from PreSonus comes as a pair, and the speakers are near field monitors. That means that the speakers should be positioned approximately one up to two meters away from the listener or the producer. Nevertheless, they are great speakers, and once they are connected to a computer, they do the best thing possible!

Design-wise, the speakers are very good-looking. They come in a black matte finish, and they are two-way speakers. In addition, they feature a woven composite woofer which is 3.5 inches, and an ultra-low mass silk dome tweeter which is 1-inch. The measurements of the speakers, in general, are 6.4 x 5.6 x 8.3 inches, and the weight is 6.39 pounds each, and they could be considered as an ideal choice for smaller places.

With a frequency response from 80Hz up to 20kHz, these speakers bring you a very accurate sound quality in general. The woofers that are mentioned above provide a very clear overall sound and great lows, while the tweeter, since it is responsible for the high frequencies, also brings clear and well-balanced highs. The mids, however, are good, but not perfect! When these speakers are connected, since a pair, they work with a crossover frequency of 2.8kHz.

The amplification class of these speakers is AB, a combination of class A and B that works the best way possible. It offers you power efficiency and a very good sound at it works with 50 watts divided 25 watts for a speaker.


  • Price Tag
  • Good for Small Rooms
  • Clear Lows and Highs


  • Not very Accurate with Mids

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4. YAMAHA HS8 – most feature-packed

Everybody knows Yamaha as a brand. They have great speakers that quickly become favorite ones to people worldwide. The Yamaha HS8 powered speaker is no other! It is an amazing monitor that is used in many music studios when producing as well as when listening to EDM. The part that this powered speaker is a great one includes this monitor’s features.

The Yamaha HS8 measures 13.1 x 9.8 x 15.4 inches, and it has a weight of 23.5 pounds. The colors that they come in are black and white; if you choose the black one, you will also notice a combination of silver on the woofer. It is a two-way monitor that includes the cone woofer, which is 8 inches, and the dome tweeter, which is 1-inch.

From the woofer and the tweeter that this powered speaker owns, the music comes at frequencies from 38Hz and goes up high to 30kHz. All the frequencies come accurate and precise in many ways. The bass is not perfect, but still, it can be heard clearly. With EDM, the Yamaha HS8 brings you everything and every detail that you need. The powered speaker owns a very special feature: the Cutting Edge Noise Reduction. This technology fully analyzes the visual representation of the sound, and it controls and reduces the vortex, meaning the noise.

This studio monitor also owns a bi-amp system which means that it uses two channels of amplification. In total, the wattage of this studio monitor is 120 watts in total.


  • Noise Reduction
  • Neutral sound and Exceptional Clarity


  • The Design is too Simple

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3. Mackie CR3-X – most versatile

The Mackie CR3-X also comes as a pair of speakers. When titled as the most versatile, the meaning is that the speakers can be used as studio monitors for professionals and some very fancy bookshelf speakers that you use to listen to your favorite EDM music. Every detail of these two passive speakers tells us that they are great for EDM music because it really has a good sound quality.

The speakers each measure 5.5 x 8.1 x 7.1 inches, and the weight is 7.8 pounds. They own amazing ability to be moved around your house or studio because, as mentioned, they are lightweight and small. The color that this pair comes in is black, and also at the angles is included a very eye-catching green line. The speaker includes a metal faceplate and a textured wooden cabinet, which make them look very good.

The speakers own a 3 inches polypropylene-coated woofer and a 75 inches ferrofluid-cooled silk-dome tweeter. Every frequency of the sound comes greatly directly into your ears and with great accuracy. These speakers bring you a stereo sound as well. The meaning of stereo sound is that the sound is wider, more detailed, and also more realistic and natural. The frequency response that these speakers work at is from 80Hz up to 20kHz. The bass is well balanced, but it may come a little muddy when in the highest level of volume. Audio quality is great overall.

The connectivity of these speakers is wirelessly, and they have a very strong and steady connection. The amplification class of these speakers is class D, also known as digital amplifiers, which shift the sampling frequency and operate on the highest frequency possible. The watts that these Mackie speakers work at is 50 watts.


  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Attractive Look
  • Very Realistic Sound


  • Bass is Limited

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2. JBL Professional LSR310S – best for professionals

Hence the name and the title that I chose to list this subwoofer already tells us that it is a great one when it comes to being used by professionals. As said, it differs from the other devices mentioned in this article; it is a subwoofer that is in charge of reproducing the low-pitched audio frequencies. In general, the JBL Professional LSR3110S is a high-quality subwoofer that is amazing when it comes to production.

This subwoofer measures 17.65 x 15.65 x 15 inches, and it weighs about 34 pounds. A very pretty look is added on this subwoofer; it is a black one that will look very good on your studio in this case. The subwoofer also includes a 10 inches down-firing driver.

JBL Professional LSR3110S’s driver is in charge of the amazing low frequency of sound, which works at 27Hz. It brings a great overall sound, and when it comes to the bass accuracy, it is more than perfect! It also owns the XLF (Extended Low Frequency) setting, which activates a 120Hz high-pass filter, and when in use, it initiates the ample bass tuning. Overall as you can see, this subwoofer is more dedicated to the bass on the first hand, and then it goes to the other frequencies of sound. It has really high end audio quality.

The amplification of this subwoofer is an active one, and the watts that it works at is 200 watts.


  • Good Design
  • Considered Lightweight
  • XLF (Extended Low Frequency) Setting


  • Not very Tonal Bass for Some

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1. Bose F1 Model 812 – best overall

The Bose F1 is a premium speaker, which in a way also has a premium price. It has a unique design that is supported by a company that you can be confident in. Its ability to work with a range of venues is fantastic. It’s ideal for mobile DJs, musicians, and professional groups who require a reliable, portable speaker. All the things mentioned assure you that this amazing Bose speaker is the best overall when it comes to the best speakers for EDM.

As mentioned above, it is brought to you with a unique design when it comes to looks. It comes in black color, and based on its durable materials, Bose assures that this speaker is a long-lasting one. The measurements of the speaker are 17.6 x 16.1 x 73.5 inches, and it weighs 44.5 pounds. It includes a 12 inches woofer, and what is a special thing about the woofer is that you can also find 8 high-output mid and high drivers on this speaker!

This speaker works with a frequency response from 52Hz and goes up to 16kHz. It brings to you clear audio in general, and most importantly, it brings you a very powerful dynamic bass. The deep bass is very well-balanced in all frequencies, and it is super accurate. The mids and highs from the 8 high-output drivers are also more than great! What can I say more? The EDM genre of music is the best thing that you can find.

This speaker works wirelessly! It owns a Bluetooth transmission range on up to 30 feet. The speaker owns a bi-amplified design, meaning that it uses two channels of amplification in order to be powered with a single speaker. Therefore, the amplifier has a very high number of watts, and it is 1000!

Since these are powered speakers, you don’t need an external amplifier.


  • Great Design
  • Eight More Drivers
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Powered speakers (No need for amplifier)


  • A Bit Heavy
  • Premium Price

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Final Words

As you can notice, I have chosen some of the best speakers for listening to EDM. You’ll get the top sound quality using all of them, of course, if you choose to purchase the ones that I chose.

The speakers will also give you exceptional results if you connect an amplifier to them. In addition, you can expect to get amazing results using the speakers mentioned. The speakers bring the accuracy of bass, too, if you are a fan of it.

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