Best Speakers For Outdoor Projector (Buyers Guide)

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Listening to anything outdoors is considered the best experience that a person can have. Considering the fact that you are here, you already own a projector, and the time has come to find some speakers that work with it. Well, welcome to AudioViser!

In this article, you will find some of the best speakers for outdoor projectors that are on the market nowadays. After some research, I’ve been able to conclude the top 4 picks, and I assure you that the ones that I chose are definitely some of the greatest ones that you can use!

Now, without losing your time, let us find out more about the best speakers for outdoor projectors!

Best Wired
Sonos Outdoors

Sonos Outdoors

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Best Portable
JBL Partybox 310

JBL Partybox 310

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Most Versatile
Sonos Move

Sonos Move

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Best Overall
Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20

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The Top 4 Best Speakers for Outdoor Projectors

4. Sonos Outdoors – Best Wired

Sonos is a very professional brand, and I am more than glad to mention it as the first one in this article. These Sonos speakers are made specifically for the outdoors, but still, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use them indoors. Let us find out more about them!

I mentioned speakers in a plural way, and that’s because Sonos brings them as a pair. They come in white color and they own a grille that covers the front part. As for the size, they measure 12.2 x 8.86 x 7.48 inches and weigh around 8.79 pounds which is quite light, of course, when compared to other speakers.

Being special outdoors speakers, these ones can withstand many things, and they are considered super durable. For example, they can withstand water, heat, cold temperatures, UV rays, and humidity as well. Based on that, you can place these speakers outdoors wherever you want.

In order to connect, as listed, they are wired, meaning that they work with a cable in order to get fully connected. When connected to a projector, they also need an amp in order to work completely as they should, and it is better if you connect them with a Sonos amp.

We all know that Sonos brings amazing speakers when it comes to sound quality, and these ones are no exception. Whatever you may listen to, the speakers are able to provide you with a super detailed and well-balanced sound.

When it comes to wired speakers, for outdoor movies, this is one of the best you can get.

Why Should You Buy It?
In case you want speakers that are completely wired and you want to just place them one and forever, these speakers that come from Sonos would be the best ones that you should look at.

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3. JBL Partybox 310 – Best Portable

A JBL device cannot be missed when we talk about bluetooth speakers in general, right? Well, here is the JBL Partybox 310 as one of the greatest to be used for outdoor projectors. It is one of JBL’s best bluetooth speakers!

Design-wise, this outdoor bluetooth speaker looks definitely like luggage! A cool one! It comes in black color and its measurements are 14.5 x 12.8 x 27 inches. The weight of this speaker is 42 pounds, but still, it is known as the most portable big speaker that you can ever find. At the bottom part of this speaker, you will find glide wheels meanwhile at the top of it you can use the handle. Whole luggage that brings sound!

Something that should be mentioned is that the bluetooth speaker owns lighting of any kind, and whenever you use it, it will accompany you with an amazing light show.

When it comes to durability, the JBL Partybox 310 owns an IPX4 rating that makes it splashproof, and that means that it can be used even when it is raining without causing any problem. Besides that, JBL says that this outdoor bluetooth speaker can handle high temperatures as well.

The main connectivity technology of this outdoor bluetooth speaker is Bluetooth which makes it compatible with different devices, buts till, it also uses USB and AUX. To get connected with your projector, you can use whatever it needs because in this speaker you can find many ports for the connections.

JBL in general sounds amazing, and the JBL Partybox 310 is one of them. The sound that comes out of this bluetooth speaker is amazing! You will be able to listen to anything with exceptional clarity. Movies, music, and everything that may come to your mind will be brought to you in the greatest way possible.

Because this bluetooth speaker works wirelessly, most of the time, there is a battery life that should be mentioned, and the JBL Partybox 310 can stay with you for up to 18 hours. It’s not only great for outdoor movies, but its also good for listening to music and throw parties too.

Why Should You Buy It?
Portability is one of the main features that this bluetooth speaker owns, of course among some others. If you need a powerful bluetooth speaker that can accompany you wherever you go, then take a look at JBL Partybox 310.

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2. Sonos Move – Most Versatile

Here goes another Sonos speaker, and that’s because Sonos really knows how to deal with outdoor speakers. However, that doesn’t mean that this one is the same as the first ones that I mentioned in this article. Let us see more!

Sonos Move is a small speaker that can be easily considered the best one that you can find. I said this bluetooth speaker is small, and it measures only 9.44 x 6.29 x 4.96 inches while weighing 6.61 pounds. There are two color choices: black and white, and you can choose everything based on your preferences.

Durability is also something that this portable bluetooth speaker is super proud of and does an amazing job. There is the IP65 rating that makes it fully resistant to water (rain), dust, UV rays, high and low temperatures, and humidity.

Anyways, this portable bluetooth speaker is a very versatile one that can be used however and wherever you want. It is known as the bluetooth speaker which works amazingly both indoors and outdoors.

Sonos Move works fully wirelessly while using both Bluetooth and WiFi. There is an amazing and sturdy connection in many ways. However, when you want to connect this portable bluetooth speaker with your projector, what you should do is add an amplifier, and then you are more than free to connect them.

For the sound that it provides, Sonos says that it is brilliant and very powerful. There is a rich bass that would accompany you if you are a fan. In a general form, the sound quality of this portable bluetooth speaker is indeed rich.

There’s the battery life of Sonos Move, which makes it stay with you for about 11 hours.

For a backyard movie night, this is one of my favorite portable speakers that you can buy.

In order to find out more about Sonos Movo, you can check out the Sonos Move Review.

Why Should You Buy It?
If you are a person that loves to take their speaker wherever they may go, the Sonos Move is definitely one of the best choices. It can be used wherever and whenever you want.

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1. Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20 – Best Overall

As the last bluetooth speaker  in this article appears the amazing Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20. Here it is to be listed as the best overall because of the features, and the main things that it owns! Let me tell you more about it!

JBL was considered a luggage meanwhile we can consider the Beolit 20 a simple bag! That’s because this bluetooth speaker comes as a square, and it owns a handle at the top part of it, and that is added for the portability feature. The size of this bluetooth speaker is 9.1 x 5.3 x 7.4 inches, and its weight is 5.95 pounds, assuring us that it is portable. When it comes to color choices, the speaker comes in black and grey mist.

The Beolit 20 is not only portable! It is as well a durable speaker that can deal with most of the things that you may encounter while using it outdoors. It includes aluminum and polymer as the main materials in its build.

The Beolit 20 is a speaker that uses Bluetooth, and let me say that it performs perfectly in that category! It is powerful enough to be paired with any device that you can think about at this moment. For other connections, like projectors, or any other device it also uses the 3.5mm jack which is found in many projectors.

The brand that created the Beolit 20 is an exceptional one when it comes to the sound quality, and it isn’t afraid to put it on this one as well. This bluetooth speaker is a great one when it comes to sound quality, and it doesn’t even matter if you are using it for a movie or for music. Every sound comes well balanced and detailed in many ways.

When it comes to portable speakers, B&O is a very reputable brand, and you can’t go wrong with it. It will become your new best friend on any outdoor movie night.

If you need more information regarding the Beolen 20, check out my article Bang Olufsen Beolit 20 Review.

Why Should You Buy It?
Being listed as the best overall, we get that this bluetooth speaker is able to do the job perfectly fine. Starting from the design to its sound quality, the Beolen 20 is definitely amazing!

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What to Consider Before Choosing Speakers for Outdoor Projector? – Buying Guide

The main question that is asked before buying any device is what should I look for before choosing the best one. Well, in order to find the answer to that question, of course, related to the best speakers for outdoor projectors, I will be sharing with you some of the main things that you should consider!


The size of the speaker that you are about to use is one of the most important factors that should be considered. Throughout the article, I mentioned all the sizes of the bluetooth speakers because everybody should know how big the speaker is in order to use it outdoors. However, a thing that should be mentioned is that it is not a fact that the bigger the size the better a speaker sounds. It is all based on what it has within and also on its portability since you should consider moving it around, both indoors and outdoors.


From size, the next important thing is the arrangement or the setup of the bluetooth speakers that you choose. You know that there are many bluetooth speakers on the market, and they come wired and wireless. However, setup is considered the placement as well. Choosing a speaker that cannot be put wherever you want may be the most annoying thing that one can do.


Outdoors is “mysterious” and we all know that there may be a lot of inconveniences. That’s why, when choosing a speaker for outdoor projectors you should check out the durability that the speaker has. For example, I personally would love a waterproof and shock-proof speaker that cannot be damaged by rain or if it falls off.


Since you are here, you already own a projector, and basically, you need outdoor speakers that can be connected to that particular projector. Before buying a speaker you should have in mind and find out more about the connections and the compatibilities that the speaker has, otherwise every second that you spend is totally wasted.

Sound Quality

Even though listed as the fifth one, the sound quality that the speaker has is one of the most important things that should be considered when choosing a speaker in general. While outdoors you can have different noises surrounding you and that’s why you should choose a speaker that can beat those noises and bring you a super clear sound.


Outdoor speakers come with different features, and the more features it has, the higher the price tag. That is a definite fact. However, when choosing one it would be better if you have a price in mind and basically choose everything based on that. Yet again, don’t be afraid to spend money on speakers for outdoor projectors.

Final Words

Here we are at the end of this article in which you can find some of the greatest outdoor speakers that can be used connected to a projector. What I would like to say here at the end is that all the speakers that I mentioned would do a great job regarding the main things that you need.

I really hope that this article will help you find the best options!

Further Reading

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Have fun!

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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