5 Best Speakers For Rock Music (Top 5 Picks)

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The experience of rock music could be turned into something completely different by having the most influential speakers that can serve the same purpose.

There are a variety of them available with different specifications and features to cause confusion; however, in the end, they all serve similar purposes.

As everyone has a different preference, it’s best to be aware when purchasing a product.

I came up with some fantastic choices, and that’s why I recommend you to keep reading the article as it will provide you with five effective speakers to play rock music.

Firstly, I’ll walk you through our review section and then the basic buying guide. If the reviews do not prove helpful, the buying guide will work for sure.

Best Portable
JBL Clip 4

JBL Clip 4

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Best Studio Monitors
KEF LS50 Mini Monitor

KEF LS50 Mini Monitor

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Best Value
Edifier R1280T

Edifier R1280T

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Best Retro Design
Marshall Stanmore II

Marshall Stanmore II

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Best Floor Tower Speaker
Cerwin-Vega XLS-28

Cerwin-Vega XLS-28

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The Top 5 Best Speakers For Rock Music

5. JBL Clip 4 – Best Portable

After the successful debut of Clip 3 back in summer 2018, JBL is now marketing its successor, Clip 4. The new contender sports an entirely new design, features, and power while still maintaining affordable prices.

Even though JBL completely redesigned the Clip lineup, the Clip 4 is still as compact but in a round, oval shape, pretty much like a padlock. Its carabiner-style handle can clip the speaker on various things, whether it is your backpack, bike or something else.

It is made of good quality aluminium and silicone, while the surfaces are covered in a lovely mesh fabric.

As always, JBL is generous on the colour aspect. The Clip 4 is available in some flashy colours like; blue, grey, pink, red, squad(camo) and white. In the back of the speaker, you will be greeted by the soft silicone stripes that reward the speaker with a better grip, so it won’t slip off flat surfaces.

It supports Bluetooth 5.1, so you won’t bother pairing since it will instantly pair and be of excellent quality.

Looks are not the only thing where the Clip received an update; JBL also gives it more audio power. JBL has integrated a 40mm driver, which is rated at 5W. The signature Bass of JBL is quite shown, deep and warm – so be careful when rocking the volume at max levels since it might ruin the reproduction and spoil your listening experience. Overall, this is an outstanding Bluetooth speaker when you think how small and loud it gets, plus the excellent bass from JBL – definitely something that will benefit your rock lifestyle.

Lastly, it has a battery life of up to 10 hours of constant playtime, but it will drain the battery faster at higher volumes. If you are looking for a smaller version, check out our comparison of JBL Go 3 & JBL Clip 4.


  • CarabinerLoud has been improved for the size (5W output)
  • Large controls
  • Battery life
  • USB-C charging
  • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity
  • Durable and IP67 rating


  • No PartyBoost or Connect+
  • No aux input or microphone
  • There is no rapid charging

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4. KEF LS50 Mini Monitor – Best Studio Monitors

The LS50 Mini monitor is one of KEF’s three flagship speakers. KEF has been a main and prominent player in the speaker industry since 1961, and it is not planning to stop.

As the name implies, they are pretty compact and nothing big and space consuming. Measuring 10.9 x 11.9 x 7.9 inches and weighing 15.87 pounds.

They are the evidence of excellent craftsmanship and, at the same time, being technologically up-to-date. The internal stiffening and the curved baffle create an extremely solid and stable cabinet that is unresponsive to resonances. The cabinets are decorated with a high-gloss varnish in either white or black it exudes quality, and the finish is perfect. There are no visible screws inside the baffle’s curvature, which is an added bonus.

The major selling point of the LS50 Mini must be its Uni-Q driver that is built exclusively by KEF for this particular model. Currently, Uni Q is one of the most advanced speaker drivers on the market.

The range sound it can achieve is hard to beat, and even believe.No no doubt that KEF has produced a beast.

Thanks to the two-way bass reflex system enhancing the reproduction of low-frequency sound, you will be able to hear everything accurately. Having boosted low frequencies make those speakers a splendid choice for Rock music.


  • Great sound, especially on low frequencies
  • Unbeatable build and design
  • They cost less than they should


  • There’s no dedicated stand
  • It heavily depends on partnering equipments

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3. Edifier R1280T – Best Value

Edifier R1280T offer an outstanding balance between affordability and high-quality sound. The moment I had the chance to test and connect them to a smartphone via an aux cable, I was amazed at how loud and deep they were. However, it wasn’t only the sound that impressed me, but also the design.

Most budget speakers are just plain black rectangles, even though speakers aren’t designed to turn heads from a design perspective. This was not the case with the Edifier R1280T; they are some “handsome” speakers. Of course, we expect good looks from the known brands like Sonos, Bose etc., since that’s how they made a nice due to the sleek and small good looking speakers they provide. Still, for a mid-level brand like Edifier to offer a beautiful design of this calibre, I am not going to lie; it was quite surprising.

Another surprising fact was how good they sound for a pair of budget speakers. The bass and treble knobs were more subtle than the ones you will find on many EQ controls. While the drivers offer a reasonably flat response in the neutral default setting. Basically, even with the bass knob entirely on the max volume, it won’t throw the balance off or cause distortions dramatically, and all that makes those speakers ideal for Rock Music – unbeatable value indeed.


  • Greatly Priced
  • Can’t find a better pair at this price point
  • Can easily pair with PC and mobile devices, or everything that has an RCA output


  • No wireless
  • A little heavy and bulky

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2. Marshall Stanmore II – Best Retro Design

Stanmore II keeps the same design style as the other Marshall models; it is based on the classic style of the famous amplifiers used by legendary guitarists, for example, Jimi Hendrix, back in the analog days. However, nowadays, Stanmore II is a modern device, despite the story. It can be operated and adjusted by using Bluetooth connectivity and voice commands using Google assistant.

It is available in white or black. As I mentioned above, The elegant Stanmore II Bluetooth follows similar design principles to the rest of Marshall’s products: It appears to be an amp for a guitar that is miniature. However, it weighs 7.7 and 13.8, and 7.3 inches (HWD) and 10.3 pounds; the Stanmore II Bluetooth is an extremely large speaker. If you are a fan of the retro style of Marshall amps and speakers, the Stanmore delivers them with style with its leather-grain exterior and a tweed-like grille with brushed aluminum and gold-colored highlights.

Marshall Stanmore II Voice Marshall Stanmore II Voice is an imposing and bold sound that fills the space when turned up; however it does not compromise the sound quality. The bass may be rumbling while it is being thunderous when the song permits it, but there’s still plenty of space between the middles and the trebles for the song to breathe. The sound signature of Marshall speakers, in general, is heavily oriented towards music; hence rock music sound really good on them.


  • Beautiful Looks
  • Grant Rock sounds
  • Easy to operate


  • No battery option
  • A bit heavy

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1. Cerwin-Vega XLS-28 – Best Floor Tower Speaker

Cerwin-Vega built its reputation by supplying professional and excellent equipments that are used by bands around the world.

Their XLS-28 might be their best flagship, especially in Rock/Metal genre.

With 200 watts of maximum power, It focuses on the bass and power management. So if you’re looking for that huge sound with just one speaker device, This is the unit for you.

It has an eight” Cast Frame High Execution Woofer, 1″ Soft Dome Tweeter that has Ferrofluid as well as 6.5 Mid-range Speakers. Although the sound focuses on bass, it still retains its clarity of the midrange and higher frequencies.

Thanks to the frequency range of 38Hz to 20kHz, it is unnecessary to have an additional subwoofer, but you can get one if you want even more rumble.

The Cerwin VegaXLS-28 is made to bring a high-quality sound that is bursting by focusing more on bass while not forgetting the clarity that you need in a large room. It’s a splendid blend between clarity and punch.

If you want a live concert experience, there’s no doubt that you will enjoy Death metal, Heavy Metal, and all kinds of heavy bass rock music with this loudspeaker.


  • Grill can be removed
  • Great Sound quality for rock
  • Great home theater experience


  • Not the best for large rooms
  • Limited on one color

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Things To Look For Before Buying Rock Speakers

What makes those speakers the best speakers for rock music?

Truthfully you can play all kinds of music with any type of speaker. But, what led me to consider writing the best speakers for rock music article, me as a rock fan and music, I am also drawn to rock-inspired things. At the end of the day, our tastes are different; however, between one rock fan and another, I’d like you guys to consider my personal recommendations since it took me a while to research and find the most suitable speakers for rock music.

Sound Quality

Well, sound quality is the most crucial thing when buying any type of speaker and not just Rock one.

There are a lot of rock sub-genres out there, like alternative rock, punk, progressive rock, post-rock, metal and many more.

And of course, it is not possible to buy a speaker for each genre that you like.

In this case, you will try to get yourself a speaker that has a well-balanced soundstage, meaning it will work across all genres.

And there’s also the neutral sound signature; neutral sound signature means that the music will come out as it means to come, without any colouring or enhancing on a specific frequency.

Room Size/Design:

The speakers I picked sure provide excellent sound quality, but you also want them to look good and blend in with your room design.

I don’t blame you at all, to enjoy your speakers to their fullest you want them to look good with the rest of the furniture too.

As for the room size, it plays a vital role in determining the right speaker for you. If the room is large, you need a speaker that packs massive power.

On the other hand, if it is a small room, you want to take the opposite, opt for something that a reasonable output power.


In the modern world, speakers sure are feature-packed, but sadly, they come with a price that is quite hard to swallow.

Premium, High-end speakers will sure sound better than a pair of budget speakers. However, there are also cases where budget speakers proved to be more than enough.

So all I can say is, don’t rush things, and try to buy something that will bring you value for the price. Spending tons of money on a speaker will hurt your bank; buying a budget one will cost more in the long run, so what I want to say is try to find yourself in the middle of both worlds.

Final Words:

There might be a lot of reasons for you to invest in a speaker that provides good quality rock music. Whether you are a producer, an entry rocker or just like to listen to rock music in general, a good speaker will benefit you hugely. Please note that the speakers i mentioned in this article are geared more towards rock music, so if you want to listen to other softer genres such as classical music, i recommend you buy a pair of speakers for classical music instead.

If you enjoyed my article regarding the best speakers for rock music, feel free to take a look at my previous article, the best headphones for rock music.

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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