Best Studio Monitors for EDM (Buying Guide)

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We all know how great devices are studio monitors and we all know that we can see them in many different recording studios. A studio monitor is a basic speaker, but it is used mostly for professional purposes.

Now, I would like to mention EDM (Electronic Dance Music) as a very powerful type of music that many people are in love with. When you combine studio monitors with EDM, the experience is perfect and the production is magnificent.

In this article, you will be able to find some of the best studio monitors for EDM music that are on the market nowadays. I’ve chosen five main picks, from different brands, and listed them what they are best and known for! In case, you need extra information such as a buying guide, you can stick until the end in order to find it!

Without further ado, let us take a closer look at the best studio monitors for EDM!

Best Budget
Mackie CR3-X

Mackie CR3-X

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Best Near-Field
PreSonus Eris E5

PreSonus Eris E5

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Best 8-Inch


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Best Runner Up
KRK Classic 5

KRK Classic 5

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Best Overall


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The Top 5 Best Studio Monitors for EDM

5. Mackie CR3-X – Best Budget

The Mackie CR3-X even though has a very affordable price, is a pair! Now imagine, a super cheap pair! Anyways, Mackie is a brand that always brings monitors that do the job that they are required to do in a great way!

This pair of monitors look very good! Made of wood and coming in a full black finish, the monitors will be the coolest things that will be placed in your studio. The measurement of each speaker is 5.5 x 7.1 x 8.1 inches, and the weight is 7.8 pounds.

When it comes to the size, there are two other things that should be mentioned. These speakers are two-way speakers, meaning that they include a woofer and a tweeter. The woofer is 3 inches, and it is a polypropylene one, meanwhile, the tweeter is 0.75 inches, and it is a silk dome one.

Coming as a pair, these speakers come with a speaker wire that is used to connect one to the other. However, in order to connect it with any other device, you can use the 1/8-inch RCA cable. By the way, these monitors also allow connection with Bluetooth!

The sound quality is something that these speakers are very proud of! Being super professional they bring a professional sound as well, and they definitely sound amazing. Considering electronic music is a very powerful type of music, every tone that you will produce will be heard clearly. Definitely a great pick for any home studio.

Frequency Response: 80Hz to 20 kHz

Why Should You Buy It?
These monitors from Mackie are the cheapest ones that you can ever find, plus they sound great!

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4. PreSonus Eris E5 – Best Near-Field

When searching for studio monitor speakers, you will always notice that PreSonus is a quite frequently seen brand, and that’s because they know what people require and want to fulfill their needs in the best way possible, and they really do! Here goes PreSonus Eris E5!

Differing from the one mentioned above, PreSonus doesn’t bring us a pair instead it brings only one studio monitor. However, this speaker has a very simple appearance, and also, it looks cool enough to fit everywhere that you may want to put it. This one measures 11 x 14 x 10 inches and weighs 10.02 pounds. Being a near-field studio monitor, you should know that it has to do with the placement, and you should place it closer to you.

Again, we are dealing with a two-way speaker, which includes a woofer and a tweeter as the main parts. The woofer of this speaker is 5.25 inches big made of woven composite, and the tweeter is 1-inch and made of silk dome.

In order to connect this monitor to anything, you can use the balanced XLR and the famous RCA inputs. You shouldn’t worry about the connectivity or compatibility either!

Whenever you want to produce electronic music, or just listen to your favorite music, with this studio monitor, besides listening to the music you will also feel it. There is an amazing balanced sound that comes out from the woofer and the tweeter. Everything is more balanced than you can think. 

Frequency Response: 53 Hz – 22kHz

Why Should You Buy It?
When talking about Presonus Eris E5, we deal with a near-field studio monitor, which as mentioned is related to the placement. However, this monitor is affordable and it is able to bring us a great sound.

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3. YAMAHA HS8 – Best 8-Inch

Another brand that is super famous, and is considered a celebrity in the world of sound is Yamaha! I’ve chosen one of Yamaha’s best studio monitors, and it is the Yamaha HS8. Let us see what does it own!

The Yamaha HS8 comes to us with a minimalistic design, and I would like to say that it looks simple and very nice on just first sight. It will blend with any decor, of course, if you are a person that is into looks. As for the size, the Yamaha HS8 is 13.1 x 9.8 x 15.4 inches big, and it weighs 23.5 pounds which in fact is a bit heavy. 

This monitor is again a two-way one, and its woofer is a cone one of 8 inches; making it one of the greatest 8-inch studio monitors, and the tweeter, on the other hand, is 1 inch made of the dome. 

The connectors that these monitors are of two types. The first and the most important one is the RCA and the other one is the TRS phone jack input. 

Yamaha says that this monitor is very powerful when it comes to sound quality, and it is more than true. Every frequency range that you may listen to will be brought clearly and in detail. Low frequencies are brought deep enough, and the high frequencies are super clear. Everything is intact, and your electronic music will be brought perfectly. 

Frequency Response: 38Hz – 30kHz

Why Should You Buy It?
If you know about monitors and woofers in general I would say that this one from Yamaha is the best 8-inch that you can ever find, and it will definitely perform great. Has a lot more features than other monitors in this price range.

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2. KRK Classic 5 – Best Runner Up

KRK is also a well-known name in the sound industry in general, and I am more than proud to say that the monitors that they launch are definitely one of the greatest and do the job perfectly fine. KRK has brought many series of studio monitor speakers but still, I’ve chosen here the classic one which is not so classic, though! Let’s see the features of KRK Classic 5!

Some of you may know that KRK doesn’t lose its originality when it comes to the design of its speakers, and the KRK Classic 5 is no exception! It is covered in black color and there is a definite KRK woofer that comes in yellow color. The monitor measures 15 x 12 x 10 inches, while it weighs 6.6 pounds. Based on its weight, this monitor can be moved whenever you want.

I mentioned that the woofer is yellow, but it is important to know that it is a 5-inch woofer that s made of glass-aramid composite, while the tweeter is a 1-inch soft dome. This fact makes the speaker a two-way one.

It requires an unbalanced RCA connector, a balanced TRS, and an XLR connector. Basically, in this studio monitor, you have three main ways of connection.

The two parts that I mentioned above, the woofer and the tweeter, are in charge of bringing to you guys the greatest sound that you have ever listened to. Every frequency of sound, of your EDM, will be able to be heard perfectly fine.

It has a flat frequency response, which provides exceptional sound quality and makes them a great option for critical listening. It basically has everything you need for music production.

Frequency Response: 46Hz – 35kHz

Why Should You Buy It?
The KRK Classic 5 is known for the sound quality that it has, and that is the main reason why people choose it. The flat frequency response, lets these monitors have a great sound output. Also, there is a significant KRK design that looks quite cool and interesting which music producers will love.

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1. JBL 305P MKII – Best Overall

Everybody knows that no one competes with JBL when it comes to many features that a monitor should own! The JBL 305P MKII is one of the most professional monitors that you can ever find, and I am more than glad to mention it as the best overall!

The JBL 305P MkII is the coolest monitor based on its looks. Even though it comes only in black color, there is the front part which is a shiny one, and it definitely can be considered a very modern design. This monitor is 14 x 12.2 x 13.93 inches big, and it is 10.12 pounds heavy.

On that shiny front part, JBL owns its woofer which is 5 inches, and the tweeter, which is 1 inch and made of neodymium woven composite.
When it comes to the connectivity, there is not found a specialty besides the connectors that we are used to having in studio monitors and the ones that I already mentioned. There is the balanced XLR and a 1/4 inches TRS.

Now when it comes to sound quality, it is all special! Owning the JBL sound, which by the way, is one of the most famous ones, this monitor is capable of producing amazing EDM. There are deep low frequencies and amazingly clear high frequencies. It is definitely the best of the best when it comes to music production.

Frequency Response: 49 Hz – 20 kHz

Why Should You Buy It?
Listed as the best overall in this article, the JBL 305P MKII is definitely one of the best studio monitors that one can find, not only for electronic music but for different things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need studio monitors?

Studio monitors are the best purchases that can be done by professionals! They are definite beasts when it comes to recording, mastering, or mixing. The sound that comes out of them is quite accurate, and they bring clarity to everything. If you’re an electronic music producer, you definitely need a good pair of monitors.

Are studio monitors better than normal speakers?

Considering the fact that studio monitors are aimed at professionals mostly, they are definitely better. However, that doesn’t mean that normal speakers that you may use are not good enough, but when it comes to some features, the studio monitors are a step further. If you’re into electronic music production, you will need monitors.

Can I use studio monitors as normal/regular speakers?

Of course, you can! You can use studio monitors however you want, and without any kind of problem. Yet again, you will be listening to a “different” sound that is flat, and there is not any specialty. For listening to electronic music instead of producing, speakers might be better.

Do I need two studio monitors?

It is not a fact that one needs two studio monitors. Based on the ones that I mentioned above, you can notice that some come as a pair meanwhile others come only one in number. Do you need two? No! Is it better if you have two? Yes!

Final Words

Summarizing everything that I mentioned above, I would like to say that the studio monitors that I mentioned are all the greatest ones that you can find, and all coming from different professional brands, they will do a better job than you can expect!

I really hope that this article will help you find a great monitor for EDM!

Further Reading

Since in this article I told you guys about studio monitors, I would like to add more information about them and add some other articles in which I’ve written about some other studio monitors.

You can notice that I listed the Yamaha as the best 8-inch studio monitor, in case you are interested in more with that measurement of the woofer, there are some other great 8-inch studio monitors. If you want 5-inch monitors, then things change. Yet again, you can check out my article regarding the best 5-inch studio monitors.

Now, if a specific measurement isn’t required from you, but you still want a small studio monitor, there are some of the most prominent small studio monitors that you can find!

I mentioned in the buying guide that you should have a budget in mind whenever choosing anything, and if the price that you have in mind is $1000, then I would gladly say that there are some leading studio monitors under $1000.

Have fun!

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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