Bose 500 vs 700 Soundbar: Which Is Better?

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Bose is known to be an audio-oriented brand that manufactures the premium feel of its products.

The strongly and solidly built quality in both Bose Soundbar 500 and Bose Soundbar 700 Soundbars look and sound cutting-edge.

They both create excellent sound quality, but one of them offers a way better sound experience, let’s find out which will stand out and win the comparison game.

Bose 500 vs Bose 700: Which One is Better?

The winner of the comparison is Bose 700 Soundbar.

To find out which suits you the best, give it a quick look 

  • If you want the same features at a more affordable price point, then it’s better to choose Bose soundbar 500.
  • Both of the soundbars aren’t built-in with Chromecast compatibility.
  • Bose soundbar 500 is more for the music listening side, and Bose soundbar 700 on contrary is more for the movie theater times.
  • Bass is richer and the sounds are sharply clear in Bose 700 than in Bose 500.
  • Both have similar features, but in Bose 700 they are more advanced.
  • The design part is a fire in the Bose 700 with a premium glass-top finish. Plus, you get to choose between black and white color. 
  • If you have narrow space, go for Bose 500, it’s way more compact.

Bose Soundbar 500

The first available date for Bose Soundbar 500 was back on August 31, 2018. Inside the box, you can find the main Soundbar, basic universal remote control, 2 AAA batteries, ADAPTiQ headset, HDMI cable, and external power supply.

Bose 500 comes at a more affordable price point in comparison with Bose 700. As the brand presents itself as ” it’s meant to be heard, not seen” they are correct because Bose 500 is so slim and light, that it will fit perfectly everywhere, even in the narrow places.

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Bose 700 Soundbar

The first available date for Bose soundbar 700 is on September 20, 2018. As you can see, both are released in a month’s difference.

The box includes the main Soundbar, universal remote control, 4 AA batteries, a cleaning cloth, ADAPTiQ headset, optical and HDMI cable, a line cord, a global safety sheet, and QSC.

Bose soundbar 700 is priced almost double from Bose Soundbar 500. Certainly, there are extra features and differences. It offers a higher quality sound and a far richer sound.

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Bose Soundbar 500

Bar mounting type 500 Soundbar from Bose, offers only a black color pick. The body construction is designed to be slim and it surely gives that premium vibe with a matte finish top. 

Bose 500 is ultra-compact, is shorter in length, and weighs less, so basically, it won this part of the comparison game.    

Bose Soundbar 700

The premium feeling with Bose 700 is glorious. The glass top premium finish leaves far behind Bose 500 in this section. However, you need to be extra careful because the glass is prone to scratches and to any kind of pressure that can shatter the glass.

Bose 700 is less compact and is longer than Bose 500, measure beforehand if you decide to get the 700 version. 


Bose 500 Soundbar

Bose 700 Soundbar


Matte Finish top

Premium Glass Top

Product Dimensions

31.5” x 1.75” x 4”

38.5” x 2.25” x 4.25”

Item Weight

7 pounds

‎10.5 pounds


Black Only

Black & White


Bose Soundbar 500

Make each night a movie night. Don’t miss any episode or any trendy current movies/TV shows. Supported by Dolby Digital Sound and DTS, the soundbar adds extra details to the sounds, so you can hear dialogues better at the peak of an action scene.

Bose 500 packs SimpleSync technology to pair soundbar 500 or soundbar 700 with Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. It’s there if you want some privacy during music listening times.

Bose 500 comes in a very easily managed control system with its basic universal remote control, Bose music app, or Voice assistants where Alexa speaks English and Spanish. 

Bluetooth connectivity or Wi-Fi connection is here too, in case you want to stream music from Spotify or other audio streaming media services.

For better voice pick-up, Bose 500 has a microphone in the front and back for low-profile sounds and reduces the turbulent noises for distortion-free bass audio.

Bose Soundbar 700

You can create e movie theater with Bose 700 Soundbar as well. It features Adaptive Audio Room Calibration to boost the acoustic performance of the overall sound system. If you want privacy, Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are ready for rescue.

The spacious sound makes the sound pop up in 360 degrees and gives the feeling that the sounds come from different places in the room. The DTS and Dolby Digital are found in Bose 700 too.

It is obvious that Bose 700 produces richer and punchier bass sounds than Bose 500, and makes action scenes much more realistic. It’s like living a moment together with a cast. 

The voice pick-up is superior, the assistants will catch every tone of your voice clearly. It equips more midrange drivers and for large surfaced rooms, the PhaseGuide technology creates high-frequency compression.  

The remote control on the side is universal and not as basic as it is in Bose 500 Soundbar.


Bose Soundbar 500

Bose soundbar 500 is used more for music streaming purposes (Spotify streaming). If you want some more extra quality, you can purchase the subwoofer and surround sound speakers separately. The movie times are great though, but not as good as in Bose 700. 

When you check the price point, it’s understandable. 

Bose Soundbar 700

Bose soundba 700 is far better than Bose soundbar 500 in performance. Besides the music being rocking, it includes more drivers in the mid-range sounds. It shows a more natural and realistic sound quality even in quieter tones. 

Home theater is kept above all thanks to the surround sound. Actually, every movie genre is cooperating in high quality which is the Bose 700’s intention in the first place.

Bose 500 Soundbar vs Bose 700 Soundbar: Comparison Table

Model Bose 500 SoundbarBose 700 Soundbar

Classic Bose Sound

Loud, Low, more Spacious


Custom 8-mic array

Custom 8-mic array

Dolby Digital/ DTS


Other Bose smart speakers

Other Bose smart speakers

HDMI-ARC/ Bluetooth




Optical Audio input



Dedicated App

Bose Music app

Bose Music app

Voice Assistant

Front Facing Drivers

 Three Front-Facing

Four Front-facing



Price Tag



Final Thoughts

Both Bose soundbar 500 and Bose soundbar 700 are doing an amazing job at being Bose surround speakers, whether it’s for movies or music listening in every genre.

The better sound quality and richer sound bass are found in the Bose 700, and the more economical form is in Bose 500. I say that because almost all the features included in Bose 700 are seen in the Bose 500.

The only change is sound production which is the top reason why we purchase a Soundbar.

If you’re a beginner and never tried Bose before, 500 Soundbar is a good way to start, it will never fail to meet your expectations.

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