Bose Soundbar 700 vs 900: Which Is Better?

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It is said by many people that soundbars are used mostly for decorative purposes, but that doesn’t mean that the soundbar should not be of high quality, on contrary, they should have high sound quality to offer you a pleasant listening experience, especially if they are an important part of your music theatre.

Bose as a company, without a doubt, offers high-quality products to their customers and that has helped them to climb the ladder of success much faster than the other companies. However, as the times change and the technology evolves, Bose like any other company has come up with better and newer products that kind of overshadow products that have been produced before. For that reason, a comparison between those products is much needed.

So, in this article I’m going to do just that, comparing Bose soundbar 700 which was put on the market in 2018, and the other Bose soundbar 900, which was put on the market just last year. So, let’s get started and highlight the differences between these two products.

Bose Smart Soundbar 700 Vs Bose Smart Soundbar 900

Below I will explain step by step what differentiates those two bose smart speakers from the same lineup.

Where do they differ: Sound Quality

Not every time the newer product has the upper hand, the older ones might be old, but you know how the saying goes, old but gold! However, in this case, that makes an exception, because when it comes to sound quality Bose 900 leaves behind Bose 700. The surround sound of Bose 900 is much better than Bose 700. The sound quality of these two products is mainly and highly connected with the Dolby Atmos feature, and taking into consideration that Bose 900 overrules that feature, as you will see in the comparative table that I’ll present to you ion the end of this article, Bose 900 seems brighter than Bose 700 when it comes to audio quality.

Bose 900 is capable of creating an immersive and impactful area of sound around the listener, and that is possible thanks to the number of channels that for Bose 900 is 5.1.2 whereas for Bose 700 is 2.0. While using Bose 900 the audio comes from a general area rather than being specific and that’s because the instruments and dialogues of Bose 900 are well-represented, but this also applies to Bose 700. They both have a neutral and balanced type of tone in their sound.

When it comes to the audio and sound quality of these two soundbars, what is important for you to know is that tweaking the settings is a must to improve the low-end, which means you will not get the best audio out of the box from these models, so that’s something that you will have to arrange and fix on your own, and that’s why below in this article you will find a paragraph about the remote of these two soundbars.


If you are a person that has been using Bose smart soundbar 700 for a while and at some point, you jumped to Bose smart soundbar 900 thinking that the price of Bose 700 will automatically drop because now there is a much more innovative product than the other one, you were wrong, the price of Bose 700 hasn’t changed even though a newer product was released. However, we can not say that the difference in the price of these two products is very obvious. Bose 900 is obviously more expensive, but if you are thinking of getting Bose 700, just bear in mind that you can get Bose 900 just by adding a small amount of money to the price.


First and foremost, I need to say that both Bose 700 and Bose 900 and great looking soundbars. There is one main difference that you need to know here and nothing more. So, depending on your own taste, you will choose which soundbar has a better design. The only difference is a full glass top or the extra metal grilles on the top for the up-firing speaker. So, with Bose 700 you will get the full glass top, and with Bose 900 you will get the extra metal grilles on the top. They both look amazing, so as I said, it is up to you which one you will choose because it depends on your taste.

Remote Control

As promised above, here comes a whole paragraph about the remote of these two soundbars. What is a bummer here is the fact that if you are used to the remote  of Bose 700, and then you decide to jump to Bose 900, you will not be able to use the same remote . When it comes to remote , I believe that Bose 700 has the upper hand, and that’s because the Bose 700 remote control is much easier to use and much simpler, and it gives you all the control you need over your soundbar.

But, when it comes to the remote of Bose 900, you might be kind of disappointed, and that’s because the remote of Bose 900 is much smaller and it looks way cheaper. And for the record, with the remote of Bose 900, you will not have full control over your soundbar, and that’s why you will need to use the Bose Music App and that’s an extra thing to do. So, I think we can say that the winner of the remote control feature, is Bose 700. Bose Music App is available for both and Android and iOS.

Comparative Table

Features Bose Soundbar 900 Bose Soundbar 700
Connectivity Bluetooth-Version 4.2 Bluetooth-Version 4.2
Control Voice control, App, Remote control  Voice control, App, Remote control
Number of channels 5.1.2 2.0
Surround-Formats Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, Surround Speakers Dolby Digital, DTS

Surround Speakers

Connections HDMI eARC, Optical Connections HDMI ARC, Toslink, USB IN
Music transfer Bluetooth, WLAN, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect Bluetooth, WLAN, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect
Colors and themes Black, White Black, White
Dimensions 5,81 x 104,5 x 10,7 cm 5,84 x 97,79 x 10,92 cm
Product weight 5,75 kg 4,76 kg
Drivers 9 drivers 4 mid-range drivers

Final Words

One thing is for certain, no matter which soundbar you will chose to enrich your home theater, you will not be making a mistake. Both of these soundbars have special features and things that make them different from each other. If I were you, I would go with Bose 900, but just remember that if you go with my suggestion, you will have to deal with the remote control, but then the decision is still up to you.

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