Can Headphones Dent Your Head?

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Headphones encompassed our lives and we cannot take them off. At first, it was purposed for listening to music, but afterward, it became a part of the work journey.

There is a side effect of keeping them for long hours. The ear damage over time is a fact, but if you ask can headphones dent my head, the answer is no, nothing such headphone dents.

Not in a million years that wearing headphones can dent your head, not even sleeping with them. Sometimes, you can notice some denting, it has nothing to do with your head or skull. It’s all about hair and it is temporary. It will go away after some time of taking them off your head.

If you have a dent in your head, you didn’t get it from the headphones, it’s probably from something else and not a headphone dent.

The majority of people think that headphones can dent your hand. Let’s break this myth by giving medical explanations.

Is it Normal to Feel Like Having a Dent on Your Head After Taking the Headphones off?


The medical answer is NO, you shouldn’t have a dent in your head. If you notice some denting, please go visit your doctor, it can be from a traumatic event, cancer, or bone disease.

The feeling is paranoiac. Yes, we’ve all been through it, but there’s no medical proof that tells such a tiny thing can cause such big issues. 

It’s impossible for wearing headphones to cause denting on your head and change their shape. Headphones put some pressure after a long time of use but it causes a dent in your hair, not in your skull.

Headphones press the hair and cause temporary indentation, but no harm to your head whatsoever. Headphone hair occurs when the headband puts pressure and flattens the hair.

What to Do When You Feel Denting on Your Head?

After some time of keeping the headphones, it’s normal to feel a little dent on your hair (not your head). This usually takes some minutes to go back to how it was before. All you have to do is wait for like 10 minutes.

If the dent is not gone and you’re still convinced you have a dent, do some checks ups, you might need a medical cure.

What Headphones Can Possibly Do to Your Head?

Just because headphones don’t cause a dent in your head doesn’t mean they don’t do any harm. Here are some side effects of using headphones for a long time.

  1. Headphones can dent your skin a little bit by creating a line on top of your head. Wearing tight headphones to fit perfectly causes some imperfection over time. This may be the root of denting feeling you get, so avoid wearing tight headphones.
  2.  Headphones dent your hair. No doubt about that because this can be the main reason why you feel a dent in your skull. Wearing them for long hours can change the entire shape of your hair making them hard to manage or style.

Can Wearing Headphones Change the Shape of Your Ear?

I’ve seen so many people concerned about whether headphones are going to change the shape of their ears, even the majority of them try to do weird stuff to flatten their spoon ears. There’s no medical proof about that, it’s about conspiracy theories. 

Headphones unfortunately cannot change the shape of the ear. Wearing them regularly will tighten of course due to the pressure, but changing the shape entirely is not possible.

The headphones put pressure just a little bit, not in a way that can change the structure. The muscles aren’t that soft. You need to go under surgery for that.    

Can You Go Bald Because of Headphones?

Well going bald just because of using headphones can’t happen. You may lose some hair due to the pressure the headphones that give, but surely you can’t lose all your hair. If headphones pull the hair from the root, get a new pair that are more comfortable.

How to Avoid a Dent from Happening?


  •  Spray some water to specific areas where the headphones usually stick. This will prevent the hair loss and hair denting from happening
  • Wearing a cap or hat is the best choice for avoiding any possible damage that headphones can cause.
  •  Switch up to earbuds or IEMs, they won’t tighten your head and offer the same quality.
  • Place the band at the back of your head. Doing this will reduce the chances of getting ruining your hand and permanent damage to the skin.
  • Purchase super soft cushioned  handphones and wear them loose.
  • Avoid putting on bulky headphones, instead choose compact and lightweight featured models.

How to Hide a Headphone Dent?

If you notice some denting on your hair, always wet the hair a little bit before putting on the headphones. Also, using hair styling products to hide a dent is an ideal choice.

Keep the hair longer. Long hair is a blessing in disguise for hiding a dent on your hair and skin.  

Full Comfort While Wearing Headphones

  • If you have to use headphones for work or pleasure, try to pick them carefully, so they won’t tighten your head after you take them off. Picking the perfect fit will make that discomfort disappear. Pick quality handphones where the earpads are super soft.
  • Another thing you can do to get full comfort is to loosen the headphones, they may not fit perfectly, but you will definitely feel more relieved.
  • Wear the headphones at the back of your head. By doing this, not only you will be more comfortable, but you won’t feel a dent in your head. 
  • Wear a beanie/cap under. Headphones can’t pressure fully when something is being worn under. 

Final Thoughts

So now that I explained in detail, don’t ask someone else this question because it is a bit absurd, headset dent is not a thing.

In simple words, if you think that wearing headphones can cause you denting issues, you are wrong. Such a small thing cannot change the shape of your skull. Noticing a dent in your skin and hair is possible though. With some tips and tricks, you can prevent denting from happening; as long as there is no underlying medical condition causing the skull dent, it will naturally disappear in a few hours.

If after 10 minutes, the denting feel doesn’t go away, please go visit your doctor because you might need medical help, the phantom bone disease might be the casue. Skull denting is a deadly disease, take care of yourself.

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