Wearing Headphones After Wisdom Teeth Removal: Is It A Good Idea?

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Wisdom teeth are also known as the most unnecessary thing that happens to every human being. Watching the others after removing their teeth is a five-star movie, but when it comes to our experience, well it’s not so much fun.

Leaving the pain aside, due to the anesthesia, you are incapable of doing or saying anything that requires brain cells. So how do we fix it? By wearing headphones.

Wearing headphones after wisdom teeth removal is the best decision ever. Imagining the scenario where talking trash after the anesthesia isn’t a better option, don’t you agree? Get a pair of headphones and focus on your movie or music instead of talking trash and revealing everything in front of your parents.

Things to do with Headphones After Wisdom Teeth Removal


You can put your headphones on and grab your favorite book and start reading. It would be a great distraction from the world while healing. Reading has many effective sides, it can strengthen your language skills and have a better command of language while speaking. So, for those who are into reading, they already enjoy their time, and if you are not, maybe this is your sign to start.

Listening to Music

Listening to music is the most relaxing thing you can do after the teeth removal surgery, in case you can’t focus too much, the rhythm, harmony, and melody of your favorite song will sound more pleasing. 

Watching A Movie

The wisdom teeth removal is painful. While waiting for the swelling to disappear, opening Netflix and picking a genre that is gripping can be a great choice. Or, you can put your headphones on and watch a TV show or a movie you’ve already seen laying in your bed.

Take a Walk

After 24 hours of surgery, you can take a walk with headphones on. Not only you can prevent many diseases while walking, but it also makes you feel fresh and loses the concentration of the brain. This way, you can feel less pain.


Meditation will help you get a new point of view on this stressful situation. Putting headphones on and playing relaxing music will increase, focus, patience, tolerance, and creativity and reduce stress and negative emotions.

Play Games

Playing video games creates distraction, while you focus to complete the mission, you will feel less pain. If you’re the type of person who isn’t into computer gaming, alternatively go on your smartphone and download some mobile games.

There are board games, such as Monopoly, Candy Land, Scrabble, Battleship or Chess.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can You Do Sports After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Please avoid any type of physical activity for at least two days. No gym, no heavy lifting, no hiking. Walking can be the only thing you can do during the healing process.

Why You Trash Talk After the Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery?

It feels a little bit ridiculous watching your own talking after the surgery. The thing to blame is Nitrous Oxide and oral conscious sedation. 

Nitrous Oxide is the ingredient that makes you feel like floating. It makes me laugh for nothing. The laughing effect lasts no more than 5 minutes after the wisdom teeth removal surgery. It makes you feel nauseous as well.

Oral conscious sedation has a more long-lasting effect. It typically lasts 4-6 hours after the surgery and the benzodiazepine inside intervenes in your short-term memory resulting in not making wise decisions and emotional state.

Is Talking an Issue After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Talking has no side effects, just try not to have too much conversation and take a rest. If any bleeding happens while talking, very gently bite the gauze and do not swallow the blood.

How Long Should You Rest After the After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

It lasts 3 days in total to a week. So that depends on the dentist as well as how much you take care of yourself. Just do as your dentist say and you will be fine in a couple of days ahead. 

Additional Information

Dos and Don’ts After After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Do These:

  • Rest and Relax– ease up a little bit, just resting for a couple of days is all you need for successful healing.
  • Raise or Lift Your Head to a Higher Position– Move your head as much as you can, this will make the swelling go down faster after the surgery.
  • Bite Cotton Gauze- Biting creates pressure in the mouth and it will stop bleeding.
  • Wash Your Mouth– Clean your mouth by adding salt to the water and gargle many times for the whole day (for one day only).
  • Consume More Liquid & Less Food- Drink water, soup, yogurts, and milkshakes (cold lessens the pain more). Choose soft food like mashed potato or use a blender to grind the food you want to eat.
  • Put Some Ice– for about 15-20 minutes for three days straight. ice is capable to stop swelling. 
  • Take The Given Medicine on Time– make an alarm to not forget to take the pills on time.

Don’t Do These:

  • Do NOT Use Straws, Suck or Spit– The blood clot will remain in the same place and won’t spread all over the mouth. The number one side effect is Dry Sockets.
  • Don’t Smoke or Consume Alcohol– Your bad habits can wait a little bit
  • Don’t Eat or Drink – after the surgery is done, don’t put anything in your mouth for 4-6 hours. I suggest you eat before going to the surgery.
  • Don’t Take Aspirin– Aspirin is known as a blood thinner and it will slow down clot formation. 
  • Don’t Jab or Prod- don’t create pressure in the area with your tongue, finger, or ear cleaner cotton stick. 

A Brief Summary

Wearing headphones after teeth removal surgery is a brilliant idea. Since you aren’t capable of doing anything properly, resting and relaxing with headphones is the best choice you can make during these painful days.

Put your headphones on and start doing your favorite activity such as reading, watching a movie, listening to music, and playing some games.

Read the instructions above on what to do and avoid after wisdom teeth extraction.

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