Can You Wear AirPods in a Tanning Bed?

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We are very well aware that tanning isn’t the smartest thing to do, but we do it anyway. Technology on the other hand is something we use every day, especially AirPods. 

AirPods are built from durable materials and won’t cause any issue in most situations including tanning in a bed.

There is nothing wrong with plugging your AirPods in while tanning. The quality technology accessories from Apple tend to withstand artificial lighting. It doesn’t look promising for your AirPods to be exposed so much to the UV light and heat though. It will probably result in damage to your device. 

Using your AirPods in a tanning bed is an optimum point for listening to music. However, try not to lose the track of time, because wearing the AirPods in a tanning bed can become the least of your concerns. 

Can You Wear Headphones or Earbuds in a Tanning Bed?

Yes, you can, actually, you can do whatever you want but the real question is “Is it recommended?” No, it isn’t. Why would someone risk their hundreds of dollars AirPods for 15-minute tanning?

I know you want to be ready for the summer with good tanning and listening to music is pretty enjoyable during the process. Please don’t take your AirPods with you, even though the chances of something happening to you is very low. Besides losing the track of time while tanning, you have the chance to lose one of the AirPods.

Don’t take the charging case with you either (if you have wireless earbuds). There’s no point in taking them to charge. Leave the charging case behind for your device’s safety.

Can You Wear Wired AirPods in a Tanning Bed?

Wired or wireless, feel free to wear them because no harm will encounter no harm. Only be careful about where the wires are placed around your body. I’m sure you don’t want any lines on your body to reflect the perfect skin tone after tanning.

Yes, it’s possible that AirPods can heat up because of the high temperature. A typical tanning bed is approximately 102°F (39°C). The ideal temperature that Apple recommends for heat exposure stands between 32º to 95ºF (0º to 35º C).  

If it’s the first time of your tanning adventure, then just in 5 minutes there is no way that AirPods can overheat. As the process takes longer in further steps and you are used to tanning for 15-30 minutes, then your AirPods will not withstand such a high temperature and will eventually overheat.

Overheating can make Airpods stop working if you exceed the recommended temperature level.

Reason Why You Shouldn’t Use AirPods in a Tanning Bed?

Before plugging your ears, know that there will be side effects insisting to wear them on a tanning bed. Let’s see these reasons altogether, shall we?

AirPods Can Damage Your Ears

AirPods can harm your ears. I’m sure you have received the excessive volume notification and you ignored it while tanning. Don’t do that because the National Institutes of Health says that above 60% volume can result in hearing problems. 

Wearing AirPods while Tanning aren’t Necessary 

AirPods aren’t necessary tools to place in your ear. You can still enjoy music from your phone while tanning. Leave the phone outside and try to enjoy the music from the distance. In the end, you didn’t come to the solarium to party, but to tan.  

You Can Miss an Urgent Situation

While enjoying the music and tanning, a disaster can happen. You won’t be able to hear anything because the volume of the music is too high and the background noises are canceled. 

It’s always better with AirPods off your ear in order to be aware of what’s going on around you because who knows what will happen next.

AirPods Will Overheat in a Tanning Bed

Sure thing that AirPods are not made to withstand abnormal temperature levels that a tanning bed serves. For this reason, the silicone ear tips and the plastic built material will become itchy and cause sensitivity to the skin.

Is the UV Light Released from a Tanning Bed Safe For AirPods?

 Customers that get out of tanning bed sometimes have complaints about the headache that the AirPods cause. The case can be very specific but it makes sense. Tanning beds emit UV lights and hundreds of medical proof are shown as proof.

Tanning bed emit ERF which stands for electromagnetic frequency radiation. The heat and the UV lights altogether can cause vertigo or head-spinning especially when you are done and try to get up quickly. 

By letting your Aipods to be exposed too much in the UV radiation that is caused by a tanning booth, can shorten the lifespan of the earbuds.

Damage From UV Light

The number of damage that UV radiation case is dangerous. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the report stated some harms of tanning caused by UV lights. 

  1. The sound quality can drop drastically after exposing your AirPods to UV light. The plastic can melt and the silicone will become less comfortable.
  2. Warranty is a major policy of Apple. They don’t mention anything about UV lighting in a written guarantee.
  3. UV lights are dangerous because lighting can lead to eye and skin damage, more specifically skin cancer. 

Final Thoughts

Today’s topic is a little bit delicate whether to use or not to use the AirPods while tanning. Well, it can be tricky. The outcome of using them can damage your ears and can overheat during that time, plus it’s not necessary to use them during that time.

There is a limited working temperature that AirPods function, and this doesn’t match with the temperature of the tanning booth. For that reason, try to avoid AirPods for that time. Also, it’s possible that the heat can melt the plastic of the AirPods and shorten their lifespan.

UV lights are another damage to consider. It can impact the sound quality of the AirPods and are dangerous. Apple doesn’t say anything about the warranty against UV lights. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has an article written about it, if you want more information about the damage of UV lights, click on the article above.

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