Can You Wear Airpods In The Shower? Answered!

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Music, as I call it, is the cure for the soul, and it either fixes or ruins the mood. Thanks to the tons of audio equipment making portability possible, we can enjoy music anytime, anywhere now.

AirPods are the first choice we go for, and there’s a reason behind the curtains. One of them is the price range, so we doubt using it in a sticky situation. 

I’m here to answer the question, so you won’t follow my steps and make the same mistake.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple informed us pure and clear that we cannot use AirPods in the shower or flooded water.
  • Use only dry cloth to clean the AirPods, in case you have exposed them to the water.
  • Apple does NOT cover the water damage in one year warranty.

Can I Wear Airpods In The Shower?

Sorry to break it. You cannot use AirPods in the shower. In the terms and conditions part on their official website, Apple states that the AirPods are water-resistant but don’t have water resistance for heavy water, such as showering. Moreover, heavy-water drops on your AirPods aren’t something that the manufacturer guarantees.

Did we all comprehend that we can not wear AirPods under the shower? And, if you insist on wearing them, that will be at your own expense since there’s no real water resistance.

I can’t pass without mentioning what Apple officially has to say about AirPods Pro and 3rd generation safety.

  • Avoid putting the AirPods in the running water, specifically the shower or faucet.
  • Avoid taking it to a swimming pool or anywhere with flooding water.
  • Try not to forget the AirPods in the washing machine or dryer.
  • Avoid taking the AirPods in the tanning bed, sauna, or steam jet cleaning room.
  • Try not to expose AirPods to water that has great force and speed.
  • Don’t let the AirPods be in contact with liquid stuff like shampoos, conditioners, body or hand lotions, and oils, as they highly affect the seals and acoustic membrane.
  • You’re most likely to lose the sound quality along the way.

Are AirPods Water-Resistant?

Beforehand, I would like to clarify that water-resistant, weatherproof, and waterproof aren’t the same. 

Apple AirPods may be water-resistant, which means can handle water splashes or vertical water drops, but they definitely are NOT water-resistant. Therefore, you have to be extra careful near water.

What we can elicit from that is Apple AirPods sure thing cannot survive the 10 minutes of the shower or even longer; who knows how long it lasts?  

Wait a Minute, What about Light Water Contact?

By light water, I mean splashes of water, for example, rain, touching AirPods with wet hands, workout, or sweaty hands, you will just end up with wet AirPods although they might be somehow sweat resistant.

Yes, the AirPods are resistant to light water circumstances, and nothing is going to happen in case of light water exposure. We’re glad Apple has shown a bit of mercy in this department. 

Not being entirely water resistant is a massive lack of thought, to be honest. I think worldly known companies like Apple should offer a lot more, not only raise the price range and make small changes. I’ve used low-cost earbuds that flooded in the water and still were able to work perfectly fine. 

How to Fix the AirPods Exposed to Water and Not Working?

Here’s a quick, professional tip just in case you have made a great blunder. Apple said that 

  • You can wipe the AirPods with a soft dry cloth, preferably lint-free.
  • Let the AirPods dry entirely before you use them again. 

Absolutely, do not try soap or any kind of detergent, body/hand lotion, or shampoo to clean the AirPods. A dry cloth will be enough

What If AirPods are Completely Submerged in the Water?

Game over! Yes, if water has infiltrated inside the AirPods and the charging case, say goodbye to them. Apple doesn’t give a new pair and offers service for those pieces of technology that has anything to do with water. They made it perfectly clear in the terms and conditions. 

If you wear AirPods in the shower, the chances for them to fall are most likely to occur. Immediately, try to get them out because 10-15 seconds is the maximum time that the earbuds can handle before dying. 
Let me clarify once more. Never in a million years take the AirPods in the shower. Besides, they could explode in your ear; who guarantees?


  •  Once, my AirPods fell into the glass of hot water and stayed there for like 6-8 seconds until I managed to pour the water. The good news is that after 2 days of waiting (to dry completely), they continued working. However, that was my lucky day I guess.   

The Process to Dry the AirPods Used in the Shower

I don’t think rice is helpful in this scenario. Let’s try other approaches

  1. Use a dry microfiber cloth.
  2. Start wiping the AirPods or charging case very gently.
  3. Put both the charging case and AirPods upside down on the cloth. To be more precise place them face down.
  4. Now, waiting time. I strongly suggest not touching them for at least 4-6 hours.
  5. In the App Store, download “Water eject shortcut” and play the vibration as many times as needed. Here I have a video representation of how to do it.

 Does the 1-Year Warranty Cover Water Damage?

Apple usually gives one year warranty for the iPhone or AirPod users. So, in a one-year limited warranty, Apple does not cover any water or misuse-related damage.

 I know it’s nonsense, but true because the technicians cannot determine precisely the reason whether the AirPods are damaged by water or something else. Good luck convincing them to give you a new pair of AirPods.

Final Words

Whatever you do, don’t wear those AirPods in the shower. If you decide to, you will only ruin your AirPods and put your life at risk, and I bet you don’t want to do that. So, think twice before committing any stupidity. 

Please note that water damage and other possible incidents are not covered by the Apple Warranty.

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