Do Binaural Beats Work Without Headphones?

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Here we are again at a blog in which I will tell you guys some information in addition to binaural beats. Considering that you are here, you may already know what binaural beats are, but still, for those that don’t, I am here to tell you!

Binaural beats are called two tones of different frequencies that when combined together create another sound which is called a binaural beat. Basically, binaural beats are those sounds that people listen to whenever they want to feel relaxed. By the way, binaural beats are amazing for those people that suffer from insomnia (a sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling asleep).

My job today is to tell you guys whether you can listen to binaural beats without headphones, or answer the main question “Do binaural beats work without headphones?”

In order to answer that question, and find out, even more, stick until the end of the article which I am starting right now!

Benefits of Binaural Beats

Before starting and telling everything else, I would like to tell you guys that there are some benefits or some good things that binaural beats offer to us, and help us get through different times of the day. They are as follows:

  • meditation
  • relaxation
  • lower stress and anxiety
  • increase creativity
  • studying

Anyways, the main benefit that binaural beats are best known for is the relaxation part. Binaural beats are the best things to listen to when you don’t feel relaxed enough or if you feel tired enough that cannot get yourself relaxed in any way. Many different psychologists and psychiatrists say that binaural beats are the biggest helper during tough times. 

Do Binaural Beats Work Without Headphones?

Coming at the main point and the most important section of this article, here I will explain and answer the question that you have been asking yourself before finding yourself in this article “do binaural beats work without headphones?” Let us see the answer!

As I stated at the beginning of this article, in binaural beats there is a combination of frequencies, and that can mean one thing: Binaural beats don’t work in any way without headphones!

Considering that combination of frequencies the sound comes as an “illusion” and speakers of any kind are not able to provide you with any binaural beat. That’s because speakers work in a flat response.

What You Should Know About Binaural Beats?

There are different facts and things people say about binaural beats in general, but still, if you consider the facts mostly, there is an important thing that you should know!

Binaural beats are divided into five main types of brain, and that is completely related to how binaural beats affect a person. Those five types are divided in frequencies and they are:

  • Delta: 1Hz – 4Hz
  • Theta: 4Hz – 8Hz
  • Alpha: 8Hz – 14Hz
  • Beta: 14Hz – 30Hz
  • Gamma: 30Hz – 100Hz

In order to find more information regarding the types that I mentioned above, I would like to advise you to check out my article regarding the best headphones for binaural beats, in which, besides the information purposes, you can find the headphones! 

By the way, while we are here, let me give you guys an example of binaural beats, related to Theta and Delta. Check out the video below:

Can You Listen to Binaural Beats While Sleeping?

I already mentioned that binaural beats can be easily used for different purposes and one of them was to use them in case you are suffering from insomnia (stated above what it is) which is related to sleeping.

In order to answer the question of whether you can listen to binaural beats while sleeping, the shortest and the most basic answer would be Yes, you can. Still, here I would like to mention that the main role in this part is the comfort that the headphones you are using provide. If you own super comfortable headphones, you are more than free to listen to binaural beats when you are sleeping!


We already got that you cannot listen to binaural beats without headphones. Thinking about some people who don’t wear headphones because of health conditions or just because they don’t like them, I would like to mention that there are some alternatives that the world of sound offers to us!

There are two types of other beats, sounds, or tones that have kind of a similar purpose to binaural beats, but you can easily listen to them without headphones. Those types of tones are:

Isochronic Tone

Isochronic tones are basic and single tones that come on and off at spaced intervals, and these tones come at you in a rhythmic pulse. They are as well used for brainwave entrainment, and these tones or beats offer you almost the same benefits that binaural beats have to offer.

Without any problem, these Isochronic tones work and can be listened easily with any type of speaker, starting from phone speakers.

Monaural Beats

Monaural beats can also be considered as an alternative to binaural beats but still, they can be achieved with the application of the same amplitude-modulated signals. The main benefit of these beats is the stimulation of anxiety.

These beats are better when listened to with headphones, but still, there is not a definite fact that you cannot listen to them with speakers of any kind.

Final Words, Conclusion

Coming at the end of this blog, you guys may have noticed that I only mentioned the benefits and not the drawbacks of listening to binaural beats.

That is basically because of one thing: Binaural beats have no disadvantage and that is a definite fact that is studied and said by many different people worldwide! I am more than proud to say these beats are the beast of the sound waves!

What I hope here at the end is that you guys now have a better idea whether to listen to binaural beats with headphones or not. Anyways, I would again like to mention that you cannot do that!

Nevertheless, while some people find that using high-end headphones improves your enjoyment, stereo headphones of any price range will do just fine.

By stereo headphones, I mean that you certainly have stereo headphones, unless you purchased them more than 20 years ago.

Stereo implies that depending on how the audio was created, what is played through the left ear and what is heard through the right ear may change, distinct sounds.

Have fun and enjoy your favorite binaural beats!

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