Dropped AirPods in Water? Here’s How To Save Them

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I am pretty sorry to have you guys searching for an article that includes damages in it, but still, without reading and searching the world wide web, you can never know what to do in these situations.

So you just dropped your Airpod in water? I am very sorry to hear that, but what if I say that there are some ways or methods that you can follow in order to try and save them.

That is what you will be reading in this article! While doing some research on the internet, and having in mind some things that I already know about headphones in general, I’ve concluded that there are three or four main things that may help you save your AirPods if you have dropped them in the water!

Now, I know that you guys are curious, so let us get straight to the main topic and find out how to save AirPods or if they are water resistant.

Ways on Saving AirPods if they are Dropped in Water

AirPods are amazing headphones that are brought to us with many perfect features, but there is a lack! AirPods are not waterproof nor water-resistant, and this is definitely a disadvantage for them. However, if accidentally you dropped your AirPod in water, the first thing to do is to not leave them there. Take them out immediately and do not put them on the case!

Now that you have taken them out, let me tell you what are the things that should be done in order to not lose them completely!

Are AirPods Water Resistant?

Before I start, let me touchdown on this important right away. Airpods and waterproofness isn’t something that go together.

There are no waterproof AirPods; the only models that are water-resistant are the Apple AirPods 3rd generation or AirPods Pro.

Water-resistant AirPods or Apple AirPods Pro should still be avoided intentionally getting wet, although they should withstand the occasional splash and light rain.

Airpods Max, Apple AirPods from the first generation or the second generation AirPods doesn’t have water resistance.

If you can bypass the painful price, make sure you go for Airpods Pro

Water Eject

You have probably heard about different applications that you can find in phone stores, both Android and Apple Store, and they definitely are a big help in this case. If your wet AirPods are already paired with your phone, you should turn on the volume first. Then, if you haven’t got the Siri shortcuts downloaded on your phone, download it, and immediately activate the Water Eject shortcut, which once in use will vibrate the AirPods, and the water will be coming out of them.

Something interesting is that you can also use your Apple watch to eject water, just make sure the AirPods are connected with your iPhone and you will be able to find the water eject shortcut on your apple watch.

Microfiber Cloth

“Cleaning maniacs” like me probably have an idea about microfiber cloths, as they are the best cleaning cloths that can be used in order to clean water. Once you see that the water eject shortcut doesn’t work, take a microfiber lint free cloth and dry the AirPods in the best way possible. After doing so, leave your AirPods outside down, again on the microfiber cloth that you were using or in another one so that the drops of water that are already inside can move and get out.

Blow Dryer

If you notice that the microfiber cloth isn’t doing its best job, take your blow dryer! Even though it may sound weird, a blow dryer would be the best tool to use in case the water isn’t out yes as it will be the strongest pressure that can be done to the water. Still, if you have a blow dryer that can change the temperature it would be better because if you use a blow dryer that works only with hot drying then you can damage your headphones deeper destroying everything that they own.

So yeah take caution of hot and cold temperatures.

Desiccant Packets

Desiccant packets are a kind of gel that is used whenever you need absorption of gas and moisture, and they would be the best thing to use after you have done all the steps that I mentioned above. Find desiccant and place your AirPods in between them, while leaving them there for about 4 hours.

After few hours of this process, you will notice that the headphones will be ready to be used again without any kind of problem, and as better as they were working before you dropped them in the water.

What About Apple Warranty?

We all know how great Apple as a brand is, and you probably are thinking about the warranties that the brand gives to their customers for their devices. Unfortunately, in this case, when it comes to water damage to Apple devices the answer is there is no warranty of any kind!

AirPods mostly come with a one-year warranty, but still, they don’t have a specification when it comes to accidents or modifications of any kind. That means that if you drop them in water, Apple doesn’t cover anything and everything is based on you.

Preventions – Is there a way to protect AirPods from Water?

As I previously mentioned, you guys know that AirPods are not waterproof or water resistant devices, and there is no way that they can be. However, we all know that there are cases for devices that are a lot in number and there are different ones that you can choose from. Well, if your concern is in this part, then prevention of keeping headphones away from water is using a case. Cases will always be a priority for many different devices, as they will also help you keep and use your AirPods for a pretty long time. Still, if we ask the question is it the best way to protect our AirPods, it really isn’t! The best way to protect your AirPods before being damaged and before being dropped in water, you should always have in mind that they are electronic devices that should not be used in environments that have water!

Final Words, Conclusion

Moving on and coming to the end of this article, you guys should have in mind that the things or the steps that I mentioned above can be applied to other types of in-ear headphones as well. It doesn’t mean that they will work 100% sure, but still, there is a chance to make them work properly again. However, repeating myself, you should feel more than free to use do the same steps in order to save your other headphones, as they are important devices for some people and nobody would want to break them or damage them just because of water.

I really hope that the things that I wrote will help you save your AirPods from water, but please, you should always avoid the dropping process! Have fun!

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