Focal Clear Vs. Sennheiser 800S: Which Is Better?

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This article will be intense. Read the title again! What does the title say to you! Nothing?! Really?! Well, it says a lot to me! I haven’t been living between the years 1870 and 1871, but I was a good student in high school. I was good at history and I remember perfectly that during the years that I mentioned, the Franco-Prussian War or Franco-German War occurred.

Now, read that title again! Is like history is repeating itself all over again! Okay okay, I’ll stop hyperbolizing, but isn’t it exciting. Focal Clear is a French manufacturer and Sennheiser is a German manufacturer. See, just as I said, this will be intense.

That war was a war that shaped the modern state. And with the war that is happening in this article, I hope I will be able to shape your decision or help you to shape your decision. 

Both brands promise a lot, and they both are amazing brands. They both have been around for a couple of years now, and quality is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name of both brands. Let’s start comparing! 

Focal Clear
Focal Clear
Sennheiser HD 800 S
Sennheiser HD 800 S

Focal Clear – Overview


The mids are the stars of the show in the generally dark tone of Focal Clear. Similar to many other headphones, these smooth out the listening experience by scooping the area around 3kHz.

The upper mid scoop is detrimental for critical work since it deprives guitars and electronic instruments of their bite. When utilizing the Clear, many engineers might introduce too much distortion.

Highs are peaky, however these peaks aren’t too bad in terms of amplitude. Sounds with overtones will shift. The Clear appears to be a wonderful headset for leisure listening, but it is too colorful for precise sound work.

Built Quality & Comfort

Focal Clear has cushioned surfaces covered in perforated microfiber and is primarily made of metal. Three cables coated in cotton are included with the standard Clear, which feel nicer than the Elear’s large, hose-like wire.

All wires on the headphone side are terminated with 3.5 mm TS jacks, thus cable replacement should not be too difficult. Additionally, ear pads are simply changeable.

The Clear’s beautiful appearance is matched by its comfort. Since the headphone depends on the headband to rest on the wearer’s head, the clamp isn’t too difficult. No hot spots were audible even after listening to them for 5 hours nonstop.

Because microfiber is more breathable and doesn’t sweat after a while, it makes Clear’s ear pads even more comfortable than those found on the Focal Utopia.


  • Type – Open back, Over-ear
  • Impedance – 50 Ohm
  • Connector – 6.3 mm stereo speakers jack
  • Adapter – None
  • Weight – 450 g (without cable)
  • Require headphone amp – Yes

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Sennheiser 800S – Overview

Sound Quality

It doesn’t take long to recognize that these headphones are unique and have unique sound quality as well. Stevie Wonder’s emotionally charged song All Is Fair In Love can serve as your first listening experience, and you will be immediately taken aback by how these headphones capture Stevie’s particular voice: it is richly textured, filled with dynamic nuance, and reproduced with body and solidity, the neutral sound stage on those headphones is just so good. You will be hard pressed to find better headphones for natural listening experience.

Its ear cups are specially made to send sound waves to the ear at an angle, resulting in a more comfortable listening experience.

As for the speaker driver, it has a speaker driver of Aluminum and magnesium dome. It hugely helps in providing a better bass than most headphones on this spectrum.

The relatively straightforward musical setting is thoughtfully put together. Individual instrumental strands are simple to follow because of the Sennheiser HD800S’ inherent resolution, which keeps things beautifully separate without ever losing coherence.

Built Quality & Comfort

Let me say it right away, this is a very comfortable headphone.

Over the original HD800, there have been several changes. The change from silver to black on the earpieces is the most noticeable modification.

Sennheiser’s engineers have used the lessons they’ve learned from creating the IE 800 (high end headphones) to the construction surrounding the speaker in order to lessen resonances and even out the frequency response, but they are somewhat vague on the specifics.

Their mix of aluminum, microfiber material for the ear pads, and premium plastics combined to create a sophisticated, contemporary style that feels like it would last years of heavy use.

However, there is a lot of sound leaking in all directions due to the open-back design.


  • Type – Open back
  • Frequency response (speaker) – 4 Hz – 51,000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level (SPL) – 102 dB (1 V)
  • Impedance – 300 Ω
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) – < 0.02 % (1 kHz 1 Vrms)

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Focal Clear Vs. Sennheiser HD 800S – Which One Has Upper Hand?

Audio Performance

The audio performance of the Sennheiser HD 800S Reference Headphone System is breathtaking. They have outstanding frequency response constancy. The maximum amount of bass variation is 3dB.

Above 40Hz, the bass output is pleasing. Mid-range, in our tester’s opinion, was fantastic. The model’s response is remarkably flat over its whole range. Not to mention that the treble discovered was incredible.

On the other hand, The Focal Clear Open Circumaural High-Fidelity Headphones enable barrier-free listening to your favorite music. Any device or adaptor that you want to listen to music on can be paired with the headphones.

Moreover, To create a high magnetic field in the coil, a 25.5mm x 5.5mm copper high unsupported coil is used.

Thanks to it, you can hear even the minutest sound detail as a result. A sturdy aluminum yoke and a sturdy leather band are features of the Focal headphones’ design.

Do we have a winner?
The Sennheiser model is just slightly better at this unit during the crucial moments of the whole listening experience. However, when it comes to genres like classical music, Focal Clear totally dominates it.

Built Quality

The Sennheiser HD 800S has a sturdy construction. Considering that it is a Sennheiser model, this is something that should be pretty evident.

It seems strong due to the plastic and metal body. The headband is stunning and has a commanding presence. Because of the earcups’ size and density, the padding is excellent. The Sennheiser model is fairly lightweight and hassle-free to wear for extended hours.

Outstanding build quality is also present in the Focal Clear. The padding is nice, and the microfibre below offers sufficient comfort. The audio cables have a sturdy design and may be disconnected. They do not have an IP rating and are sweat-resistant because they are open-back headphones.

They may not be useful for sports activities, because they easily can fall off your head, but the steadiness is still good. The Sennheiser model is fairly lightweight and hassle-free to wear for extended hours.

Do we have a winner?
Seems like this one is a tie, but if you are planning to use the headphones while you are sweating out at the gym, then you probably should go with Sennheiser.


Sennheiser HD 800S are wired headphones. There is no Bluetooth connection included.

It has reduced latency, making it perfect for home theater and gaming. The unit only functions when it is connected to the console and includes a 1/4’TRS audio wire. The Xbox One, PC, PS4, and numerous other devices are among them.

Furthermore, it lacks a dock. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a good option if you need a model with a dock for watching movies and playing games. The Focal Clear Open Circumaural High-Fidelity Headphones have an exceptional impedance and perform best with a head amplifier.

The Sennheiser HD 800S headphones have a 300 ohm impedance. Sadly, they might not cooperate with reasonably priced gadgets. Focal’s Clear, on the other hand, is not a premium item from the manufacturer and is flawlessly compatible with the majority of gadgets.

Do we have a winner?
This time Focal Clear holds the upper hand. It has a higher compatibility then with Sennheiser 800S, but Sennheiser doesn’t fall far back, as well.


Both of these headphones come with a similar price on the market, which means you can’t rely much on the price when deciding, which of these headphones to purchase.

Do we have a winner?
Nope. It’s a tie. Let me just say that Sennheiser might be slightly more expensive than Focal Clear, but very very slightly.

Focal Clear
Focal Clear
Sennheiser HD 800 S
Sennheiser HD 800 S

Final Words

There you have a detailed comparison of two amazing headphones. If I have to write a verdict, I would say that Sennheiser seems to be the winner, but again, as I always say, the decision is up to you, because it is subjective.

As I mentioned above, I can say that Focal Clear is the champs here, but that won’t be the case for the ones that use the headphones while doing sport. Thus, it’s up to you to decide.

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