Harman Kardon Vs. Bose: Which Is The Better Brand?

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I think I have given myself a very difficult task, just to ease your decision process. I mean, isn’t it difficult to write about two giant companies in the field of the audio industry?! Two companies that have their signatures and are known for bringing to the customers the best of everything, headphones, soundbars, speakers, you name it.

They are most popular for their noise-canceling headphones and their auto audio systems, but also so many more audio equipment and that’s why you will never go wrong with these two brands, that’s guaranteed. But, are they the same? If not, where do they differ? Is there e better one than the other? I will answer all those answers in this article, one by one, no worries.

First I’ll do a short overview of both companies, so you can at least have a simple idea of what they offer and what they represent, and then I’ll go through a short and clear comparison between the most important features of the audio equipment that these two companies produce. So, let’s get to work because I have so many things on my mind and I don’t want to mess them up and complicate stuff. Go!

Harman Kardon Vs. Bose: Overview

Bose Overview

The name of Bose as a giant audio company has been around for quite a while now. And the reason that this company has lasted for decades and is still going strong is that they offer high-quality speakers with well-balanced sound, bass, and treble, and not only. They are quite competitive and as such, they provide quality electronics at competitive prices for their customers all around the world. Bose has a high reputation in terms of product durability and not only that. Their products are long-lasting and quite practical.

People who are really passionate about building their entertainment system or their own home theater, rely on the consistency of Bose, in good sound quality and durability. Bose produces or manufactures a wide range of audio equipment, so with Bose you have an endless choice opportunity. Headphones, soundbars, speakers, and professional audio equipment are just a few audio items that Bose offers. Automobile audio systems are designed to provide the best possible listening experience. What’s interesting to know about Bose is they have managed to manufacture products by psychoacoustic principles so that the audio projection sounds better to people.

Noise-cancelation is their thing. Bose headphones come with world-class noise cancellation and a premium sound quality that guarantees you the greatest listening experience that you will ever have.

Not only that but, Bose speakers are also something on their own. Bose Bluetooth speakers are among the best on the market and they clearly have a spot among the big dogs. So yeah be it a bose headphones or a bose speaker it won’t let you down.

Harman Kardon Overview

Harman Kardon is also a company that specialized in audio equipment just like Bose. They have been on the market for a long time, and that’s since 1950 when they come up with their first speaker selection. The thing that is most important for Harman Kardon is that they are really focused on not adding unnecessary features to any of their products, and in this way leaving more space for the things that actually matter, such as sound quality and reasonable price, so they can reach the audience with different budgets.

It is important to mention that the products manufactured by Harman Kardon look esthetically pleasing and they complement any interior design style or décor.

Owned by Harman Kardon are also a few of the most popular audio brands such as JBL, AKG, and Infinity

So, whatever you want for yourself, a small adorable about your working desk or something for your home theater, Harman Kardon has taken care of it, producing the most high-quality products for everyone, at any price, so they are reachable for everyone with no exceptions.

Now that we know what these companies stand for, we can continue to compare them through the key features of the audio items they both manufacture.

Harman Kardon Speakers Vs. Bose Speakers

Sound Quality and Performance

Harman Kardon offers a directional audio experience, and Most Harman Kardon speakers do not have a 360-degree sound facility, whereas, this is not the case with Bose. Bose Bluetooth speakers offer a 360-degree sound, which means the quality of music doesn’t differ from where you are standing, so everyone in the living room will hear the movies perfectly without having to move around.

When it comes to the bass performance of these two giants, I must say that maybe a Harman Kardon speaker has the upper hand. This company’s speakers have more bass in the mid to high-range frequencies. They defer from their competitors with their rich sound and deep bass, and they are perfect for those who love electronic music.

So Harman Kardon’s bass not only outperforms a bose Bluetooth speaker but most speakers out there.

Battery Performance

When it comes to battery performance, we can not talk about the whole brand, cause it depends on the individual item and the listening desire of the individual that is behind that item. In general, the Harman Kardon audio systems will last about eight hours before you will need to charge them again. The same case is with Bose speakers, as well. They will last from six to eight hours before needing to recharge.

So yeah but bose and Harman Kardon are decent on this field, nothing groundbreaking. To be honest, I think that most wireless speakers suffer from battery life, even high-tier manufacturers work day by day to make their products have longer stamina.

Wallet factor

Let me just cut the chase and say that both Harman Kardon and bose are luxurious brands.

Almost every one of us checks the price before buying anything, which means that the monetary value of every item in our lives matters. When it comes to determining the price, many things interfere, including here functionality, compatibility, drivers used, and technology. Keep in mind that the price of the product doesn’t define its quality.

A plus is that in this category, Harman Kardon offers more options at a reasonably cheap price, whereas, the prices at Bose tend to be somewhat more expensive. So, if you are willing to save some money, then you should go with Harman Kardon, and on the other hand, if money is not a problem for you then go ahead with Bose, you won’t be disappointed.

So yeah most bose speakers will cost you a fortune, while you will find Harman Kardon speakers even in mid range spectrum.

Design and Build Quality

After I say a few things about the design of the products of each company, you with justify the expensive price that Bose products have, and you will be clear about why is that.

Harman Kardon mainly uses plastic with its products but they also have a fabric shield to protect them from debris, but that still doesn’t make them suitable for outdoor use. On the other hand, Bose is well-known for producing durable and long-lasting speakers, Bose uses metal grilles and fabric, and other high-quality materials, and that’s why Bose products are more waterproof than the Harman Kardon products.

Another thing that they are known for is portable Bluetooth speakers, Bose for example includes a lot of portable speakers that you can pretty much take with you wherever you go. Second, to JBL, I think that Bose portable speakers might be among the best offering currently on the market.

Connectivity and Pairing

Both of these companies manufacture products that have easily accessible buttons on the top of the item. In addition, they have a power button, volume controls, and pairing options for connecting to other devices. Both companies produce products that are an excellent option for hooking up to Bluetooth, and they also have good connectivity options.

Not only that but, both Harman Kardon and bose speakers come feature packed with things like Bose Music App, which let you stream music as you do on Spotify. Moreover, there are stereo mode or Dolby digital receivers which help with surround sound and so on.

Harman Kardon Vs Bose: Final Words

We have come to the moment of truth, but if I tell you that the winner between these major companies depends on what you want.

Before purchasing, you have to be well aware of your taste. If you want bass, a Harman Kardon speaker is the winner, and if you want clarity, Bose is the winner. If you don’t want to spend much money, Harman Kardon is the winner, but if you want to have a pool party and you need a speaker, then Bose is the winner. It all depends on what you want or don’t want.

Not only with speakers but pretty much the same goes with headphones, when it comes to ANC bose is a total “killer” so not only Harman Kardon but most manufacturers will have a hard time competing with Bose in the headphone industry.

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