Harman Kardon Vs. Bose: Which Is The Better Brand?

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Music passionates have already heard about these two industry-leading brands. The decision is tough this time because both brands have been reputational and promising throughout history. Bose and Harman Kardon have remarkably accomplished noise-canceling technology in headphones, speakers, and other audio equipment.

Since both are close to the tree’s bark, we will find out which company stands out in certain features. I’ve done my homework, and now it’s time for a comparison.

Key Takeaways

  • Both manufacturers produce excellent sound quality. Bose emphasizes more on surround sound and Harman Kardon on directional sound.
  • Harman Kardon has a stylish look and offers a carrying handle for portability.
  • The price ranges are more or less the same.

Harman Kardon Vs. Bose: Overview

A General Review of Bose 

Bose Corporation joined our lives back in 1964 through Amar Bose, which mainly focuses on selling audio equipment. The brand produces almost anything related to sounds, such as headphones, soundbars, speakers, and automobile audio systems, to project their excellence to customers. Without a doubt, Bose belongs to the high-end group when it comes to audio technology. Their sleek and premium design always comes second since the first one is sound quality. Bose produces studio-professional equipment that targets audiophiles and average music enthusiasts.   

Bose’s primary target in the audio industry is

  • To first-class engineer noise-canceling headphones. This technology blocks the undesired noises from the background and provides non-interrupted music. You can even use the ANC without music just to avoid the voices surrounding you.
  • To create Psychoacoustics principles. It scientifically plays with the human ear and tricks them into thinking of sensational sounds.
  • Focusing on a balanced sound profile ensures versatility for a wide range of music genres. Most of the time, they include graphic EQ for customization.
  • To carry on the reputation regarding durability. Bose usually employs high-quality materials like aluminum and metal.   

A General Review of Harman Kardon

We have another specialist in the audio industry. Harman Kardon focuses mainly on home speakers, automobile audio systems, and headphones. If you don’t know, most BMWs and Mercedes cars are powered by Harman Kardon. Plus, it owns famous brands like JBL, AKG, and Infinity. The company was founded in 1953 by Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon and only targets non-professional customers. It belongs to the mid and high-end categories making it reachable to everyone. If you are looking for something compact for a desk, headphones for everyday use, or audio equipment to complete the surround sound system, go for Harman Kardon.   

Harman Kardon’s primary target in the audio industry is:

  • To produce high-end sound quality with balanced sounds between bass and treble. It is easier to throw any music genre you want.
  • To satisfy the audience with the offered price and value.
  • To provide at least five color variations for any interior design or décor.

Sound Quality

Bose and Harman Kardon speakers have the same balanced sound profile. However, Bose concentrates more on the surround sound system, whereas Harman Kardon focuses more on directional sound. This factor is not a big deal for small and portable speakers because the driver size won’t be able to cover large areas. As a result, the directional sound is a better idea. For a home theater system, surround sound is ideal. I guess employing directional sound in the home cinema system is the only downside of Harman Kardon.

When you pick a headphone, speaker, or subwoofer, look for the lowest frequency ranges. Low-end frequencies determine the sound quality and how accurate the bass production is. Usually, mid to high frequencies are audible, especially in these two premium brands.

Financial Factor

Let me cut to the chase and declare Bose and Harman Kardon as a luxurious brand that offers functionality and the latest technology at once. That’s why the financial factor may not address the budget audience. I can go beyond and say it’s worth every penny you pay.

Bose and Harman Kardon usually come between $100-350. The higher the price is, the more cutting-edge technologies are included. Bose speakers’ price can go up to $600, which is all right for offered quality and durability. The exact price range applies to Harman Kardon as well. Just know that how much the audio equipment cost doesn’t define the value it brings or the quality. To avoid being disappointed, do your research and afterward purchase the product.

What Differentiates Bose and Harman Kardon?

  1. Color Options– Bose has only one color, black. The company rarely offers the white color, let alone other shades. Harman Kardon allows you to choose between five colors. My personal preference is always Harman Kardon.
  2. Grilles– Harman Kardon applies a cloth fabric to cover the grilles. It is a very well-thought feature for portable speakers, but there’s no need for home speakers. Bose tends to use light plastic or metal speakers grille.
  3. Portability– Harman Kardon’s products are more compact and stylish. The cylindrical shape tends to handle carriage better than Bose’s either circular or rectangular shape speakers. Plus, portable speakers offer a carrying handle.
  4. Battery life– is pretty much the same in both speakers and headphones. Depending on the frequency of use and activated features, the two manufacturers give 6 to 8 hours of playtime for speakers. For headphones, Bose mostly offers 40 hours of superior battery life, whereas the Harman Kardon delivers only 20 hours half of it. However, bare in mind that these are general specifications but not specific to any product. It all depends on the type of headphones model you possess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bose or Harman Kardon better?

That depends on what you are looking for. Bose is better for the home cinema system because it provides surround sound technology. For portable speakers and slightly better bass production, Harman Kardon performs better.

Is Harman Kardon High-end?

Yes, Harman Kardon is considered a high-end company. They offer exceptional sound quality at above-average and high prices.

Why is Bose so Popular Brand? 

Bose became popular first with their out-of-the-world noise-canceling technology. Of course, there are other characteristics too, but ANC is the first on the list. 

A Brief Summary

As I said in the beginning, the decision is challenging because both manufacturers offer premium quality. I can’t decide which one is the winner, so the decision is up to you. I personally would go for Harman Kardon for the slightly better bass and color variations that they offer.

Although I’d like to point out that for cinema, Bose is unquestionably better. Similarly, Bose hit the top charts with Noise Cancellation technology. So, the choice is all about priorities, but you cannot go wrong with these brands no matter which one you choose. Happy hunting.

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