HiFiMAN Sundara vs. Sennheiser HD800S (Compared)

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It has been a long since I last wrote an article to compare a few goods, so that may be why I am a little more enthused than usual about this one. This type of post is one that I truly enjoy writing since I find it to be much more intriguing. It’s kind of my job, you guys, to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each product and determine which is superior. It could be a little more challenging than other pieces, but I enjoy it the most, therefore I don’t mind.

Since I listen to a lot of music every day and headphones have always played a significant role in my life, I frequently say that a decent set of headphones will improve and even brighten your day. I constantly weigh a lot of factors when buying headphones to ensure that I choose wisely and won’t later regret it. To make it easier for you to choose, I’ve chosen to compare a few headphones in this post.

To help you decide which of these headphones will best suit your needs, I’ll compare two popular models, the Sennheiser HD8005 and the HiFiMan Sundara, in this post.

So, it is time to dive deeper into this article and start comparing these two outstanding headphones so we can see which one has more to offer.

Meet The Headphones

First, I simply want to give you a little overview of these headphones in case you don’t already know who they are. This is so that you will have a foundational understanding of them before continuing with this article.

HiFiMAN Sundara

I do not doubt that many of you are familiar with this brand and are aware of its many benefits. Chinese company HiFiMAN Electronics is primarily recognized for its high-quality headphones. The HiFiMAN Sundara, about which I’ve decided to write in this article, is the same. These headphones are at the top of the list when discussing headphones since they contain numerous features. However, nothing is accidental because they fulfill every need we have for a pair of headphones. We can see below how these headphones will benefit us in greater detail.

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Sennheiser HD800S

So let’s go on to Sennheiser, another well-known brand. Sincerely, purchasing a product—especially a pair of headphones from this brand—is never a mistake. They consistently bring the most creative concepts and maintain their goods up to date. One of these items is the Sennheiser HD8005. The highest model of Sennheiser’s open headphones is the HD800S. As the renowned flagship model from Sennheiser, these headphones were released in 2016. Only after seeing these headphones in action can you truly appreciate everything that they have to offer.

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HiFiMan Sundara vs Sennheiser HD800S – Which One Is Better / Comparison


The appearance of any product is what draws our attention first. The design and manufacturing of a product are two of its most important components. Both of these headphones are well-made and attractive, but let’s talk about them in more depth.

Let’s have a look at HiFiMAN Sundara. I can say that these headphones have a trendy appearance while still being simple. The ear cups of these headphones, which are still made of protein leather with a thin coating of velour on top and are still circular, are the most intriguing feature in my opinion. The cord is also much more robust and durable overall. The redesigned grills provide the headphones with improved protection. Although they are not heavy, I should also mention that they are incredibly comfy.

Sennheiser HD800S and HD800 have the same design. Wearing these headphones will make you feel distinguished due to their distinctive style. Unlike its rivals, which are generally made of leather, steel, or aluminum, the Sennheiser HD800S is mostly constructed out of plastic. There are relatively few steel components. The headband is constructed from aerospace materials for great strength and low weight, as well as layered metal and plastic to reduce vibration. I can thus say that these headphones are nicely made in general.

Who Is The Winner?
Since all of them are beautifully constructed and quite comfortable, I can’t claim that there is a clear victor in this category. However, if we compare the Sennheiser HD800S’ plastic construction, I can say that the HiFiMAN Sundara is an improvement


Since none of these headphones is a Bluetooth model, a wired connection is used. However, there are still many other factors concerning connection that I should address.

The HiFiMAn Sundara headphones are wired. The 3.5mm TRS cable that these headphones utilize to connect to your devices also includes a 1/4-inch adaptor for sources with bigger jacks. It’s important to note that the TRS jack wire is devoid of a microphone. The Y-shaped wire may be connected to each ear cup’s 3.5mm port. If we take into account that the 3.5 mm lug is the most widely used one, I can claim that you can connect to any device effortlessly.

Moving on, let’s examine the Sennheiser HD800S and how they interact with other gadgets. A top-notch 3-meter connecting wire that is fed to the ear cups on either side and secured with interlocking plugs powers these headphones. The first cable is unbalanced and has a 6.3 mm gold-plated jack plug, while the second cable is balanced and has a five-pin 4.4 mm jack plug. The balanced cable with an XLR 4 socket is the alternative connecting method available with these headphones.

Who Is The Winner?
The Sennheiser HD800S is unquestionably the best in this category thanks to its two connection choices, which make it more practical and incredibly simple to connect to additional devices.

Sound Quality

As long as we’re talking about headphones, we can all agree that sound quality is the most important factor to take into account when buying a pair. In general, both of these headphones sound fantastic, but I’ll provide a more thorough comparison so you can hear the variations in sound quality between them.

First, let’s speak about the HiFiMAN Sundara. These headphones offer fantastic sound quality overall, but let’s look more closely at how they handle the mids, highs, and lows to get a better idea of how well they perform. Most of the time, the mid-range is balanced and they sound good, but occasionally they might sound a little flat. These headphones offer a nice bass impact since the highs are just excellent without any distortion and the lows are quite good and punchy. It is quite evident that the sound quality of these headphones is excellent.

The sound quality of the Sennheiser HD800S is outstanding. It produces a soothing, melodious tone. The mids of the Sennheiser HD800S are precise, the sound they produce is excellent, and it sounds very natural. Additionally, the highs perform an outstanding job of producing the best sound possible, although I should note that these headphones’ low-end has a few minor flaws, making it difficult to obtain the deep bass you need. But overall, they do so with excellent sound quality.

Who Is The Winner?
The current phase has no winner. There are certain faults with both sets of headphones; the Sennheiser HD800S has a low-end issue, while the HiFiMAN Sundara has a mid-range issue. You may thus determine the winner on your own based on what you enjoy listening to the most.

Final Words

I did my best to provide you with a thorough comparison of these two excellent headphones. Since they are both of such good quality, I’m afraid I can’t declare that this one is truly the winner. However, in my opinion, the HiFiMAN Sundara is superior if we also take into account its reasonable pricing and the high level of quality it offers. But once more, the final decision is yours.

I’m hoping that this article will be very helpful to you in choosing the best headphones.

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