Homepod Mini Vs. Sonos One: Which Is Better?

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Nowadays, it is not enough to be a smart person, you also need to have smart devices around you in order to be in line with the latest trends, and that’s not an easy thing to do, considering the fact that there are so many kinds of those devices, and their prices are going up each and every day, which makes real life even more difficult than it is. But regardless of those facts, it is necessary for us to have those devices in order to function and to be as modern as we can be because technology evolves in such a fast way that sometimes it is really hard to keep up with it. 

This article will cover a comparison between two of those smart devices that I mentioned, a comparison between HomePod Mini and Sonos One. I’ll go through the key differences between these two speakers in order to ease your struggle to decide which one of them you should purchase.

No matter which speaker, a speaker alone would be a great upgrade to your house, because of its voice control built-in them and the fact that they allow you to play music from your phone.

Apple HomePod Mini and Sonos One are similar speakers. The Apple HomePod Mini has better directivity, making it possible for you to have a wide and more natural-sounding soundstage. Even though Apple HomePod Mini doesn’t get as loud as the Sonos One, it has less compression present at max volume, giving you audio that sounds cleaner at louder volumes. Whereas Sonos One with its room correction feature enabled, can produce a more extended low-bass, and its companion app also features bass and treble adjustments you can use to put the volume right where it would be more suitable for you.

These were only a few tiny differences between these two smart speakers, but no worries, in this article I’ll make sure to make the most reliable comparison, going through each detail for both of the speakers, separately. So, no further ado, let’s do this!

Apple HomePod Mini Vs. Sonos One

Which One Is More Worth It?

If you want to jump from wired to wireless and upgrade your sound system game, then you need to read carefully the details that follow.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality is undeniably the determining feature when it comes to choosing any sound device, and not only a speaker. Sonos One offers a sound quality that is slightly better than the sound quality of the Apple HomePad Mini and that is why we can say that Sonos One is somewhat superior to Apple HomePod Mini. The subwoofer of Sonos One is extremely different from anything that Apple can offer. Sonos One is fully customizable with individual tone control. Even though Sonos One won’t be playing the lossless music that HomePod Mini will, with Sonos One you’ll get CD-quality music, which is still a great sound.  

On the other hand, Apple HomePod Mini doesn’t have a subwoofer to help alter the sound significantly, and it also limits you when it comes to the types of music you can listen to with it. A plus for the Apple HomePod Mini has the ability to be used as a virtual assistant, as well, but that doesn’t make it better than Sonos One when it comes to sound quality. 


When it comes to connectivity, the more connection options you have, the better it is, so the rule the more the better applies.

There are four ways through which you can pair Sonos One, such as digital devices, ethernet, WiFi, and AirPlay. The six built-in microphones of Sonos One will allow you to control your speakers with voice commands and not only by you, which means this speaker can pick up not only your preferences but also the preferences of anyone you live with, which means it can easily pick up individual voices.

Whereas you can not connect Apple HomePod Mini through ethernet, and despite the fact that this speaker has four microphones, they won’t differentiate voices the same way the Sonos speakers do, so whenever your relatives or friends will have a preference, they will have to tell you, so you can say it for them.

Both, Sonos One and Apple HomePod Mini run on 802.11N Wifi.


When it comes to choosing any sound device based on its price, it is really important to know how much you are able or how much you are willing to spend. Bearing that in mind, I need to say that these two speakers are quite different when it comes to their price, so it’s worth keeping the sizeable price difference in the back of your mind when choosing your speaker.

You can purchase Sonos One for a cheaper price, whereas you can get Apple HomePod Mini for adding a 100 to the Sonos One price.


Most of the time the design of any sound device, including speakers, usually comes down to personal preferences. Apple HomePod Mini takes less space than Sonos One and it is 12 ounces lighter than the Sonos. The dimensions of Sonos One are 6.5 inches tall by 4.6 inches wide, whereas the dimensions of Apple HomePod Mini are 3.3 inches tall, 3.9 inches wide, and 3.9 inches thick. Both speakers have a control panel built into the device itself, so here these two speakers resemble.

Final Words

Believe me that even for me it was hard to come up with the differences between these two speakers because they do offer quality and a great listening experience. I hope that after reading this article, you will know better which one to choose even though I am aware that this decision won’t be an easy decision, because we are talking about these two adorable speakers that are nothing but smart. One thing is for sure, whichever of these smart speakers you will decide to purchase, you will be definitely upgrading your home’s sound system and not only. So, go on and make up your mind cause you won’t make a mistake, for sure. 

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