How Long do Studio Monitors Last?

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Those people that spend their time in recording studios mostly, staring at the professionals in the sound world, know how important are studio monitors in general, as they are the devices that will completely help you bring the best out of your music. There are different types of studio monitors, yet all of them do an amazing job.

Studio monitors are electronic devices, and electronic devices have an ending as well, which means that they don’t live with us forever, because there are lots of things happening around them and they can be broken and replaced as well.

The main reason that I am writing this article for you guys is to tell you more about the longevity of a studio monitor while answering the main question that you ask: How long do studio monitors last? Well, in order to find out and answer that question, you can stick until the end of this article, in which I will also mention some other things, that you should definitely know!

Without saying anything else, let us get straight to the main topic!

How Long do Studio Monitors Last?

As I mentioned above, studio monitors always come to their ends just as everything does. Now without turning this article into a “dark” one, let me guys inform you that a lifespan of a studio monitor stands between 5 to 10 years in a general way speaking.

While searching through the world wide web you can also find some other articles that say that a studio monitor can last about 15 years, but still, the average life length of a studio monitor stands at 10 years maximum.

Still, it is known that whenever you take good care of things they last, and that is the case with studio monitors and other devices as well.

Things to Know – Factors of the Lifespan of a Studio Monitor

I mentioned above that if you take care of your things, you can use them longer, and it goes all around to everything that you may be using, from phones to bigger devices. However, it is important to mention that there are some kinds of factors that have to do a lot in the lifespan of a studio monitor, and those factors can lengthen or otherwise shorten their lives. I would like to start this section by mentioning the factors that shorten the life of a studio monitor and the ways how to kind of fix that and lengthen the life of a studio monitor. Let us find out more!


One of the most important reasons and factors that a studio monitor gets older faster and may get broken depends on how much you use them, basically, the usage of a studio monitor is the main reason.

There are sound professionals that work all day long meanwhile there are some that work only an hour, sot having in mind that studio monitors are electronic devices that include cables and different connectors and internal parts that are always in movement, you should always consider that a more used studio monitor will be torn down faster than one that is used only one hour per day.

In order to take care of this issue, what you guys should do is let your studio monitor rest! I know that there are some days that you are full of energy and want to share it at work, but still, let a studio monitor rest, it would be the best thing to do. You should turn them off immediately after you finish your work.

Environment’s Temperature

The temperature, interestingly enough, plays one of the main roles in the lifespan of a studio monitor. Again mentioning, being electronic devices, studio monitors have the heat on themselves, and they definitely wouldn’t want to stay in a super hot room!

When the heat from the studio monitors is combined with the high temperature of the environment that you may put them, the life of a studio monitor surely goes down and because of it, they can’t even last for five years.

I mentioned that hot temperatures may destroy them, and I bet that you can easily understand how you can avoid this from happening. Keep your studio monitors in an environment that is not hot. Also, avoid placing your studio monitors in front of the windows as there is more sunlight.

Handle and Movement

Studio monitors in general are very well-built devices and there is no place for doubt in this part. However, moving them around frequently may cause some damage to their inner parts, such as for example if you knock them against a wall or a simple door. When it comes to these things you should know that it mostly happens if you guys travel a lot and need to take your studio monitors with you. Another thing that I would like to mention here is that dirtiness can shorten their lifespan as well so with the handle I would like to include that too.

Well, once you set up your studio monitors make sure that you won’t move them around every hour and every day! Before placing them you should always check and have an idea of how they will bring the sound to you because that is the main reason why one may move them around. When it comes to traveling, there is no specific thing that I would advise you to do but you can cover them with something soft before taking them with you.

Final Words, Conclusion

Before completely finishing this blog I would again like to mention that the usage is one of the main reasons that can shorten the lifespan of a studio monitor, but still, there is no way how to handle that because I am pretty sure that you want to work!

Anyways, coming to the end, I don’t think that there is any other thing that I should mention to you guys besides I hope this article will help you find out how long do studio monitors last, and why not the ways on how to lengthen their life if needed!

Have fun!

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