How to Clean Bose Headphones? Step By Step Guide!

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Everybody that knows me knows how much of a fan I am when I have to speak and tell you guys about Bose headphones in general. I think that they are the greatest launch in the world of headphones.

However, the reason that you are here is not to find out how much I love Bose, right? The main reason that you are here and the main reason that I am writing this article is that you own Bose headphones, and after using them for a period, you want to clean them!

In this article, I will try to explain to you the easiest way how to clean Bose headphones and what you should use in order to make them look as if you just bought them!

Without further ado, and without losing your time, let us see how to clean Bose headphones!

Materials That You Need

In order to clean anything, we need some tools or items that would be a big help during the process. There are some items that should be used in case you want to clean your Bose headphones easier and faster because I know that time is super precious, and it would be definitely better if things don’t last long.

Here are the items/tools that should be used to clean Bose headphones:

Microfiber Soft Cloth

Microfiber cloths are the most used items in order to clean everything that you need. The microfiber material is definitely the greatest one, and it is used also as a bath towel and mop. It would definitely be better if you use a microfiber damp cloth to clean your headphones.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an essential type of alcohol that is mostly used during proper cleaning households, and it is one of the main disinfectants that is used worldwide. It would help you disinfect every bacteria that may have been attached to your headphones.

Small Brush

We all know what a brush is, but in this case, we need a small brush because headphones have some super slim parts in which not every item can be used. In fact, it should be called a super small brush because we need it for the smallest parts that headphones own.


Even though Q-tips are items that are used in order to clean ears and ear canals, headphones are somehow related to that fact. You can use Q-tips to clean your headphones easily, and an important thing that should be mentioned here is that you should use 100% cotton Q-tips because they are definitely the best ones.

How to Clean Bose Headphones? – Step by Step Explanation

Keeping your headphones clean, in this case, keeping your Bose headphones clean is the essential way on using headphones for long periods of time. If you have the materials that I mentioned above, you are more than ready to start the cleaning process in the easiest way possible. Now, here at this part, you will find the steps on how to clean your Bose headphones surely and securely! Let’s see!

Start with the Buttons

Bose headphones, in general, have some physical buttons that are placed on the earcups, on both of them. They are the main buttons such as the power button, the volume (- and +), the voice assistant button, and the noise control button. 

All the buttons that I mentioned above have some small parts, and we all know that those small parts know how to gather the dust around, right? Well, in order to clean the buttons of your Bose headphones you can use the Q-tips and the brush as well. Yet again, the brush should be small enough to be able to move through the spaces where the buttons are placed. 

Use some rubbing alcohol but make sure that the item you will be using isn’t wet! (like wet wipes) You should take a small amount of alcohol with the Q-tips, and then you can use the brush to take the dust or whatever out of that space. 

Move on to the Inner Parts

Once you see that the buttons are clear enough and everything is going just as it should, the next thing to do is to clean the inner parts of the headphones. When I say inner, you shouldn’t think about the electrical parts within but with inner parts, I mean the earcups on the inside.

In order to clean the earcups, you can use all the materials that I already mentioned. Start firstly with the parts that go directly to your ears. You can use the Q-tips in order to take out the dirt from there, and also, you can use the brush if you are not convinced that everything is gone. Again the items shouldn’t be used wet. Be super careful so that you don’t damage the drivers of the headphones!

After cleaning the earcups you can go to the inner part of the headband which can be cleaned easily with any type of thing that you have because it is mostly made of plastic, and plastic can be cleaned with everything.

After you used what you wanted, you should use the microfiber cloth in order to dry the parts that you just cleaned.

Go to the Outter Parts

The outer part means everything that covers the headphones in general. Clean everything with rubber alcohol without any worry, but again, as I already mentioned a few times above, the item shouldn’t be wet because it may cause total damage.

You can use two microfiber cloths in this case, the one to clean with the rubber alcohol and the other one to dry it as best as possible.

Once everything that I said is done, you can proudly say that your headphones are not only clean but more than clean!

Cleaning In ear Bose Headphones

On the above, you can find out how to clean Bose headphones that come over the ear or on-ear, and here I would like to mention Bose in ear headphones.

The cleaning process of the earbuds is similar and different at the same time! Why so? Well, earbuds differ a lot from headphones because of the size and the parts but still, the cleaning process goes the same. From the materials that you will use to the way that you use them.

With that being said, it is important to note that earbuds can get even dirtier than normal wireless headphones. Ear cups on over ear headphones, luckily can’t get ear wax blockage while earbuds can easily accumulate clogged ear wax on them. That later will lead to ear infection, loss of sound quality, and so on so make sure you clean them regularly.

When cleaning Bose earbuds you should have in mind some things and in fact, you should do some things. Those things include taking the silicones out of the earbuds and cleaning them all part by part. You can use everything that I mentioned above or you can use just the Q-tips.

If you need a step-by-step explanation, I would divide it like this:

  • remove the ear tips
  • wash the ear tips (with whatever you want)
  • rinse them
  • dry the ear tips with a soft dry cloth (the microfiber cloth)
  • do not put them in place immediately, leave them in open-air

As a whole, the process is very easy and you can do the job quite fine.

Final Words

Here we came at the end of this article in which a tried to tell you the easiest way how to clean your bose headphones! In fact, there is no difficult way, cleaning is cleaning!

As I mentioned above, if you follow the steps that I wrote, your headphones are clean enough to be used however and whenever you want!

There’s nothing left to say besides I hope you have fun while cleaning Bose headphones because indeed I do!

Further Reading

Cleaning is super fun for some people, just like me, and headphones definitely require a good cleaning! That’s why I would like to mention something else that is completely related to cleaning headphones. In case you are concerned about ear pads mostly, you can check out how to clean earpads in general, or if you have a specification on the materials that they are made of, I would like to mention that there is a specific way of cleaning velour earpads, and foam earbuds.

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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