How to Clean Velour Ear Pads: Step-By-Step Guide

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Headphones are known as super essential devices, and taking care of them is the best thing that you lovers of music can do! However, you may know that headphones come made of different materials, especially ear pads, and not all of them can be cleaned in the same way.

Without moving out of context, in this article, you will find a way how to clean your earpads if they are made of velour, and I will try to keep things simple, as I don’t want to confuse you in any way.

Right now, without further ado, let us go straight to the main topic, and find out how to clean velour earpads in the best way possible!

What is Velour?

Velour is a super expensive material that is used in the making of different things that you may wear during the day, and there is no exception when making headphones, more specifically the headphones’ ear pads. Anyways, velour is a super soft material that is mostly used to provide you with comfort.

Basically, velour is the material that is found in different headphones, those that are known as the most comfortable ones.

Why Should You Clean the Ear Pads?

Whenever you search through the world wide web cleansing of headphones, you guys will notice that cleaning them is quite important, and that’s because cleaning headphones is related to many things.

As we use headphones for long periods of time, the earpads that are directly in contact with our ears basically gather dust and skin oils. This gathering can make the headphones uncomfortable, and most importantly, you can get different ear infections. Another thing that should be mentioned here is that when headphones are too dirty, there is an effect on the sound quality as well, as the sound may come muffled in many ways.

Cleaning headphones is one of the most important things that any headphone owner should do!

How to Clean Velour Ear Pads?

Beyerdynamic Headphones Made of Velour

Here we came to the most important part and the main question that has gathered you guys here. How to clean velour ear pads? Well, it is not the hardest procedure that you can do, but still, I would like to mention how it should be done, step by step. This is the way of cleaning velour ear pads:

Take Out the Ear Pads

The first thing that should be done in order to clean your ear pads is to first remove them from the headphones that you are using. There are ear pads that can be easily removed meanwhile, if they aren’t one of them, try to use force in a normal form, as you can notice that you won’t destroy them.

Always be careful to not break the headphones, or destroy the ear pads.

Use a Lint Roller

A lint roller will definitely help you guys take care of the dirt or the crud that is gathered on the velour ear pads. Once you notice that there is no more dirt on the upper surface, make sure to press the lint roller through the ear pads in order to take everything away.

Put the Ear Pads in Water

The next thing that you may want to do is to take a bowl and fill it full of boiled hot water, but not too much hot as it may destroy the ear pads. Put the velour ear pads on that bows while using any type of detergent that you may want. It is better if you use dish soap, though. Leave the velour pads there for about 10 minutes.

Take The Ear Pads Out of the Water

Take them out of the water, meanwhile you srub them gently with a little bit of force, until you see the dirt falling on the water (disgusting I know, but normal). You also might want to go deeper with your fingers in order to take the dirt that may have entered the inner parts of the velour fibers.

Leave Them to Dry

Once you scrubbed them, use water again to wash them better, and the next thing to do is to let them dry. Do not use any drying device, as it may attach the velour fibers to one another and fully destroy them. Instead, you should leave them air dry.

Reattach Them

If you did all the things that I mentioned above, the time has come to check out if the velour ear pads are fully dried out, and if you notice that they are, reattach them, the same way as you did when you removed them from the headphones.

Final Words, Conclusion

Now here coming at the end of this article, you guys should know and notice that cleaning headphones, in general, is the best way to lengthen the lifespan of the headphones that you are using. Even though it may sound weird to some people, the hygiene that you keep your headphones will be one of the main reasons for usage.

I tried to mention to you guys some of the simplest steps that you can do to clean the velour ear pads. It doesn’t mean that other types of ear pads cannot be cleaned in these ways, but still, on the other ones, you can also use wet wipes, especially on those headphones that include leather ear pads. When it comes to velour and velvet, things change a little bit as the material is more sophisticated and requires a special cleansing.

In case you are on a hunt for something else, or some specific headphones, I would like to mention that I have also written an article regarding how to clean Bose headphones, or you can find out how to clean foam earbuds.

If you are searching for an overall method, then you can check out my article in which I wrote how to clean headphone ear pads!

I really hope that this article will be your biggest helper and the main guide on how to clean velour ear pads. Have fun!

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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