How to Connect Bose Headphones to iPhone?

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Bose is one of the most famous names and one of the most famous brands in the “world of sound”. That’s why whenever a person sees Bose somewhere, they know that everything, starting from the design, sound quality, and connectivity is better than everything else.

Anyways, there are people that are kind of suffering in a way when connecting different Bose headphones to the devices that they own. In this case, hence the question asked in the title, iPhone users seem to have some problems or issues regarding the connectivity part of Bose headphones, and basically, that’s why you found yourself in this article.

Here, you will be able to answer the question “How to connect Bose Bluetooth headphones to iPhone?” and also you can find more information regarding what can cause problems with the connectivity part of Bose Bluetooth headset. You will notice that I will be dividing this article into some main questions so that it can be easier for you.

Without losing your time any further, let us see what can one do to connect Bose headphones to their iPhone!

What Can Be The Reason That Bose Headphones Cannot Connect With Your iPhone?

As some of you may already know, Bose headphones mostly use Bluetooth in order to get connected with different devices, not only iPhones. The connectivity in general is quite sturdy and secure but the reason why they sometimes cannot get connected also depends on the device that you are using.

You should securely check the Bluetooth version and the Bluetooth codecs that your phones (as a general form) use and that way you can find the reason why your headphones cannot get connected.

Another reason that may cause “problems” in the connection part is the Bose Connect App that these types of headphones require. The Bose Connect App comes from Bose itself and it is the easiest way to connect your headphones with our devices.

An Important Thing To Know

What can be considered an important thing to know regarding the connectivity of headphones, besides some tips. Well, here you will find an important thing that is totally related to Bose headphones and their connectivity.

Your Bose Headphones Are Charging

Why charging? What does that mean? Well, what should be known in this part is that while charging, your Bose headphones cannot get connected when they are charging! Another thing that deserves to be mentioned about the charging part whenever there is difficulty in connecting them to your iPhone is that the Bose headphones should be fully charged in order to get connected properly.

Now that we know the most important thing, let us go straight to the question that was asked at the beginning.

How to Connect Bose Headphones to iPhone?

Can I use them wired?

Most Bose headphones can be connected wirelessly, but still, there are some of them that come with wires, especially the 3.5mm headphones jack because Bose never fails in producing headphones of any kind.

In case your iPhone owns a headphone jack on it, you can easily connect your Bose headphones of course as long as you want to use them fully wired.

What about wireless?

The main thing and one of the most important ones that we buy Bose headphones is the wireless connection that they provide us with because as we all already know Bose headphones are quite powerful when it comes to the wireless connection. But, how to connect them with iPhones fully wirelessly? Let’s find out more while mentioning some really easy steps that should be followed!

With the help of the Bose App for Apple iPhones and other iOS mobile devices, Bose headphones connect to iPhones via Bluetooth.

First thing first, make sure you disconnect bose headphones from everything that they are paired in.

  1. The first thing to do in order to connect your Bose headphones to your iPhone is to turn on the Bluetooth on your device’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. On the headphones, make sure to switch the light from red to green on the right earcup.
  3. Go to the Bose Connect App on your iPhone and you will notice that the headphones’ name will appear immediately.
  4. On your iPhone screen will appear “drag to connect” and you should swipe down to the Bluetooth device list, connecting bose headphones to your iPhone should pretty much be done, once you select.

How to connect Bose headphones using only iPhone settings?

  1. Go to the settings on your phone and turn the Bluetooth on, on the Bluetooth icon.
  2.  Turn on your Bose headphones (again the light will be turned green).
  3. On the Bluetooth setting, will appear the name of the Bose headphones that you are using. Tap on that name.
  4. Once you see the phrase connected, your headphones are more than ready to be used.

Can I Connect Bose Headphones To My iPhone via NFC Pairing?

Upgrades and updates never lack in the newest smartphones and iPhones are no exception! NFC was an unknown way of connection in iPhones until the iPhone 6 was released, and since then, most new iPhones include NFC pairing. Well, that’s a big plus and one of the greatest things that an iPhone can use, right?

Considering the fact that most Bose headphones use NFC in order to get paired, here’s the easiest way how to pair your Bose headphones with your iPhone using NFC pairing:

  1. Make sure to turn on Bluetooth and NFC pairing at the same time on your device (iPhone).
  2. Place the NFC touchpoint of your iPhone in the center of the right earcup of your Bose headphones and the connection part is more than ready.

Final Words, Conclusion

Here we came at the end of this article/blog. What should definitely be known is that Bose headphones in general can get easily connected with your devices and that’s a general form of speaking.

You can notice how easy is to connect your headphones to your iPhones as well, right? Well, it goes almost the same with any type of device that you may own and that is not a big issue!

Just to let you know, it is pretty much the same process even on an android device.

I hope that this article will be your biggest support and your biggest helper whenever you have problems pairing Bose headphones to your iPhone.

There is nothing else that I would mention anymore besides I hope you guys have fun while using Bose headset and iPhone connected with one another!


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