How To Convert FLAC to ALAC?

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I don’t know about you, but I often find myself converting files on my computer, and not only audio files. I often convert PDFs to, Microsoft Word or PDFs to JPG formats, and that has become a normal part of my life. I mean, not every program or application form supports certain formats, some support JPG, and some support PDF, it varies, that’s why at this point I’m already used to it.

The display and dissemination of information are both enhanced by data conversion. Anyone for whom the information is intended can readily access it when it is converted into a certain structure that anyone can easily incorporate into the web or any other program you are using, so that’s why converting your files into the proper formats it’s important.

Now, before getting into the real deal, which is, how to convert a Flac to Alac, I just want to emphasize that there are many programs that can be used to convert these two file formats. In this article, in order to explain how to convert Flac to Alac, I have taken as an example Media Human Audio Converter, and that’s for a reason!

Media Human Audio Converter uses all of the cores and processing capability that your PC possesses, and that’s why I have chosen it as the most suitable program to convert the Flac to Alac.

Without getting into the real deal, as you know, I always define things and then proceed to write the rest of the article. So, first, let’s define FLAC and ALAC, and then we can continue further! 

What is a FLAC file?

Free Lossless Audio Codec is an open source audio compression format, and a file with the FLAC file extension is one of those. It can be used to reduce the size of an audio file to around half that of its initial size.

The Free Lossless Audio Codec is a lossless audio compression format, which means that no sound quality is lost during the compression process. This is extremely dissimilar to other widely used audio compression formats, such MP3 or WMA, that you’ve probably heard of.

A plain text file with the typical filename of ffp.txt is known as a FLAC Fingerprint file and is used to retain the filename and checksum details related to a particular FLAC file. These can occasionally be produced along with a FLAC file.

What is an ALAC file?

Apple Lossless Audio Codec, sometimes known as ALAC or just Apple Lossless, is a codec available in iTunes that does not significantly reduce the sound quality of your music.

Although the audio is still compressed similarly to AAC, the primary distinction is that the source’s audio quality is maintained. This lossless audio format is comparable to other lossless audio formats you may be familiar with, such the Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC).

The ALAC format uses the same .m4a file extension as the standard AAC format. If you notice a list of songs on your computer’s hard drive that all have the same .m4a file extensions, this can be confusing. Therefore, unless you enable the Kind column option in iTunes, you won’t be able to visually see which ones have been encoded using ALAC or AAC.

How To Convert FLAC Files to ALAC Files?

Two lossless audio formats that are popular among thousands of music lovers are FLAC and ALAC.

ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) was created in 2004 and made available as open-source software in 2011. Although FLAC and ALAC have some fundamental differences, the only major distinction for the end user is that ALAC can be played on iOS devices with ease while FLAC cannot.

So for iPhone and iPad owners, converting FLAC to ALAC is a routine operation. Here’s how to complete this conversion with the least amount of work, the most effectiveness, and without sacrificing quality.

Open a source FLAC file

Drag and drop the selected FLAC file into the Media Human Audio Converter window after starting it up. As an alternative, you can use the Open dialog to select the file to convert and click the Add button on the toolbar. You can add multiple files to convert all of them in one go.

Split CUE

The image and the cue sheet are typically the two files that make up a FLAC music. Such files are automatically identified by the application, which then advises breaking them up into separate tracks. Answering yes or no will indicate whether you want to receive specific songs or the complete album in the ALAC format.

Select ALAC as the output format

It’s time to convert the FLAC to ALAC after you’ve finished adding them. To open the format selection dialog, click the format selection dropdown on the toolbar. There, choose ALAC.

Adjust quality

You can select the output file quality in the format selection dialog. If FLAC and ALAC are both lossless formats, you should choose the original quality option. As an alternative, you can choose Custom and create your own custom configuration of quality parameters.


Click the Convert button on the toolbar to close the format selection popup. Hold off until the conversion is complete. However, this won’t take very long because Media Human Audio Converter uses all of the cores and processing capability that your PC possesses.

You are done!

You’ve successfully converted your FLAC files to ALAC files without using any intermediary formats, therefore the process is complete. Then, just download them to your device and have fun!

Final Words

There are numerous advantages to file conversion that will help you understand how important it is, like the ability to edit files quickly in the converter, the ability to apply different file formats, the ability to preserve records without paper, and many more.

This article covers only one way of file converting and that is, from Flac to Alac, but there are many other file conversions that you probably know about, already.

I hope you find this article helpful, and that it comes in handy when you will have to convert your Flac file to Alac. Enjoy! 

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