How To Convert FLAC to ALAC?

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Converting files from one format to another format has become a daily activity. We find ourselves converting many different files to different formats, and not just that, but also audio files. Every application form or program recognizes not every file format.

The real purpose of this article is to explain how to convert audio files from FLAC to ALAC. But firstly, I will briefly explain what FLAC and ALAC are and then continue to the central part of this article. Better keep reading; it will be a great article.

Key Takeaways

  • We always find ourselves converting different files to different formats.
  • Converting FLAC files to ALAC files is not rocket science; it is a straightforward process.
  • To get the job done efficiently and ideally, you can use the Media Human Audio converter program to convert FLAC to ALAC.
  • You should follow some steps, such as opening a FLAC file, choosing the files you want to convert, and then starting the process.

What Represents FLAC?

As you found yourself reading this article, I guess most of you are familiar with FLAC and ALAC, but I always consider that there may be some who are not familiar with these file formats. To keep everybody informed, I will briefly explain both of them.

FLAC, or Free Lossless Audio Codec, is a format compatible with most music players, which differentiates it from other audio formats. Let me now explain what it means and what the main purpose of it is.

FLAC is an audio format that we can state it’s very similar to MP3, but there are some significant differences between them, and those differences are the ones that make FLAC unique. It is lossless audio compression; due to this, when audio is compressed, there won’t be any sound quality loss.

What Represents ALAC?

Let’s now define what ALAc means and what it offers. ALAC or Apple Lossless Audio Codec is very similar to other audio codecs or formats such as FLAC and many others. What is significant about ALAC is that Apple applications or programs only support it. ALAC enables the audio that is compressed not to lose any sound quality.

I guess you all know that when you’re converting a format into another one, there always will be a loss in the quality of it. With ALAC, this is impossible since the converting process won’t impact the sound quality. This was a brief and straightforward explanation of ALAC, and I hope it will help you better understand its meaning.

Converting FLAC to ALAC: Process of Converting

Converting FLAC to ALAC is a daily routine for those who are using iOS. Both FLAC and ALAC are lossless codecs, so when the audio is compressed, there won’t be any loss in the sound quality. Many programs can be used to convert FLAC files to ALAC files, but I have chosen the Media Human Audio Converter.

I didn’t choose it by chance, since it is the best program possible and makes the job seem very easy. You can use this program to convert any audio file very quickly; all you have to do is know how to do it.

There are five steps that you should follow in order to get the job done correctly. The steps are as follows:

1. Open a FLAC file

2. Divide the CUE file

3. Select ALAC as the output format

4. Adjust the quality

5. Convert

As you can see, five steps seem very easy, but wait; this article won’t end here since I will explain everything in detail, so you can better catch the logic.

First and foremost, you should choose the FLAC file you want to convert into an ALAC file. Once you open the FLAC file, you must drag and drop it to the Media Human Audio converter window. If you have more than one file to convert, there is nothing to panic about since you can choose more than one file and convert all of them simultaneously.

To open a FLAC file was the first step; very easy and nothing complicated about it. Now, move on to the second step. A FLAC file is made of an image and cue sheet, the program that we are using to convert the files will always show you the alternative of splitting them into separate pieces. You are the one who will decide about this option. It depends on what you want to convert. If you want to convert only specific songs, you will allow the program to split the files, and if you want to convert the whole album, your answer to this query should be no.

As you have completed both steps, now it is time to choose the format you want to convert the files. Once you have added all the files you want to convert, choose the ALAC format on the toolbar.

We already know that both the FLAC and the ALAC are lossless formats. Thich means that while you are adjusting the quality, you should choose the original quality option since both of these formats are programmed in such a way no to lose the sound quality when they are converted into different formats.

Nothing is left behind, my dear readers; all you have to do is to click the convert button and wait for the program to get the job done for you. It is undeniable that this is a very effortless way how to convert FLAC to ALAC.

I myself always this program to convert the files, and I always get immersive results in sound quality when they are converted into different formats.

Final Words

A lengthy and challenging article. This was all that I had to say about this intriguing topic. Many of you may think that converting files is arduous, but it is not rocket science. Once you know what you should do and the steps you have to follow, it is very undemanding.

There is nothing you have to do besides the fact that you should choose what you want to convert and not.

The converting process is done by the program you use to convert the files. As you can see, the Media Human Audio converter is an amazing program for converting files.

I hope this article will be a great guide for you on converting FLAC files To ALAc files.

Have a nice day and take care!

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