How To Disinfect Microphones: Step By Step

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Everybody that owns a microphone or uses it daily knows the importance of cleaning the microphones that you use, and I am pretty sure everybody does so! However, there is a more specific question that many microphone users ask, and it is “how to disinfect microphones?” Well, that’s why I am here!

In this article, you will find the best ways to disinfect microphones! Let me get it started!

Key Takeaways

  • Disinfecting microphones is one of the most crucial things that every mic user should have in mind!
  • There are some specific tools that you will need in order to disinfect microphones correctly.
  • The grille and windscreen of a microphone are the pieces that should be removed from the mic itself so that it gets cleaned properly.
  • Avoid using other substances like bleach and hydrogen peroxide, as they will completely kill the microphone and not the germs!
  • The main purpose of disinfecting microphones stands on the fact that you should kill the germs that are found on them, especially the ones that come out of your own mouth!

How to Disinfect Microphones?

Before stating anything else, it is important to know what accessories or tools you need to disinfect your microphones. So, let me first tell you what you need to use.

The tools that you need before starting to disinfect your microphone include isopropyl alcohol, a small brush (can be a toothbrush), disinfectant wipes (the most important), washing liquid (dish soap does the job), and towels or paper towels of any kind. 

Now that you have the tools needed let’s start the disinfection process!

The Grille

If you use a microphone with a grill in front of it, you should always have in mind to remove the grill first, as it is the first part of the microphone that should be disinfected. Removing the grille for some microphones is a hard thing to do but what is essential is to remove it super carefully. 

With the liquid and the brush, you should gently clean the whole grille while cleaning the small pieces as well. You can also use isopropyl alcohol, but still, the grille would be better if cleaned with water and a washing liquid.

The Windscreen

You may know that a windscreen is the protector of the whole microphone diaphragm; you should protect the windscreen by cleaning it and disinfecting it properly. The windscreen of your microphone is easier to be removed when compared to the grille, but yet again, you should be careful.

Once it is out, you can use a combination of alcohol and hot water. However, you should always remember that the windscreen of a microphone should be dried well after you wash it.

The “Whole Body”

When I say the whole body of a microphone, you should always have in mind cleaning every not removable part with the disinfectant wipes that I mentioned as one of the main tools needed. You should make sure to clean every part of the body of the microphone, but again, you should be very careful not to press too hard, especially on the diaphragm.

Other Pieces

The other pieces of the microphones refer to the cables when it is a wired one, and the stand if you use one. You should always clean the microphone’s cables with disinfectant wipes as they are the most affected pieces that gather dirt, mostly dust. Also, don’t forget to use the disinfectant on the microphone’s stand.

Important: What to Not Do While Disinfecting Microphones?

As we came to this part, I am pretty sure that you have understood the whole disinfection procedure of disinfecting, but what you don’t know is the things you should avoid and not do when disinfecting them. Let me mention some of the main things!

Use of Other Substances

As I told the process above, I repeatedly mentioned the isopropyl alcohol, and you should always stick to that! I know that many other substances can work as disinfectants in other devices, but you shouldn’t use them when disinfecting a microphone. Especially bleach and hydrogen peroxide. These two can cause the microphone total breakage!

Putting the Windscreen While Wet

Microphones are electronic devices, no matter whether they have cables or not. The diaphragm of the microphone is a very sensitive part, and a wet piece will permanently damage it. As I mentioned above, you will have to wait until the windscreen is completely dry in order to put it in its place.

Spray the Microphone

If you are a disinfect addict like me, I am pretty sure that you love to use spraying things in order to clean them with a cloth! Well, avoid that while disinfecting microphones, as you will be left without one! Again, microphones are sensitive, and you shouldn’t use a spraying liquid on them!

Why Should One Disinfect Microphones?

Microphones are devices that many people use during the day, and when doing so, dirt and germs are gathered easily on them, especially if you think about the fact that we have the microphone in front of our mouths while speaking or singing.

Disinfecting the microphone means killing all the germs that may be found there! Also, cleaning is never bad; basically, disinfecting a microphone means cleaning it properly whenever you need to use it and making it ready for the next day!

Final Words

Talk and talk; here we are at the end of this article! Disinfecting a microphone is an easy thing to do, as it doesn’t include many steps within! However, if you follow the steps I mentioned, you can be more than sure that you will do a great job.

I would advise you again to remember some of the main things you should avoid as they are as crucial as the ones you should do. Once you follow everything as you should, I am pretty sure that you will be more than satisfied with the results!

I hope that in this article, I have provided you with everything you need to know about disinfecting microphones!

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