How to Make Headphones More Comfortable?

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The best thing that any of you guys should consider and is the main factor whenever purchasing a pair of new headphones is the comfort that they provide you with, and it is noticed in many buying guides in which we talk specifically about headphones. Well, yes! I think that it is definitely deserved to be mentioned how important the comfort that headphones bring is.

Well, it goes as the main topic in this article. You may already own headphones, but sadly enough, they don’t bring the best comfort that you were waiting for. What if I say that there are some things that you can do in order to make them more comfortable? Some of you are probably shocked, but yes, there are some ways and things, that you should do, and I will be mentioning them all in this article!

Right now, without losing your time any further, let us see how to make headphones more comfortable!

When do Headphones Become Uncomfortable?

It is a dream for every music lover to find the best headphones for them as they want to listen to music for super long hours during the day, and that can happen only if you own super-comfortable headphones. However, as time passes, the headphones tend to be a little bit uncomfortable as they are tight, the earpads hurt your ears or irritate them, the headband hurts your head, and many other things.

Now the main reason that headphones can somehow become uncomfortable is the period of time that you have been using them as the earcups and the headband whenever used for a long time they cannot be the same as they were when you just bought them.

Make sure you avoid uncomfortable headphones at any cost they will only bring pain to your ears and head.

How to Make Headphones More Comfortable?

Here we came at the main part of this article, in which I will tell you guys how to make your headphones more comfortable in order to fit better and not get on your nerves in any way, because I know how angry you may get whenever something is uncomfortable!

Loosen Them

The first thing that I will mention here is the way we wear headphones and how you can loosen them. Basically, in order to loosen them and not feel the tightness while wearing them goes at the time that you buy the headphones in the first place. What I’ve seen and what I’ve personally done is to put them in a strong place, and open them wide enough as much as you need them. Interestingly enough, you can use strong boxes or even books! Take the books or the boxes and put the headphones over them as if it is your head. I know that it may sound weird and funny, but once you leave them there for some minutes during the day, once you put them back you will notice that they are looser, and they won’t tighten your head in any way.

There are a lot of headphones that have a really strong clamping force, I don’t know for what reason but if you don’t want any headache, avoid strong clamping force headphones.

Headphones Ear Pads

Different headphones own different ear pads and not everything will be the best for you. Ear cups come made of different materials, breathable and non-breathable, so the best thing that you can do is to use breathable ones as the non-breathable ones may tighten your ears and you can get different irritations from them. What I would like to mention here is that leather from the ear pads can cause sweating on your ears, meanwhile, if you choose velour ear pads or velvet ear pads you will not have to deal with these problems anymore.

So yeah headphones ear cups play a big role when it comes to wearing headphones in a comfortable way.

I know that cleaning headphones have become a “trend”, which in fact should be, I would like to mention to you guys that you can read my article on how to clean velour ear pads since I mentioned velour and breathable ear pads above.

The Headband

Just like the ear cups, there are different types of headbands that headphones own. Well, if you own a pair of headphones that include an adjustable headband, make sure to adjust the headband in a way that feels comfortable for you. If you notice that the headband moves along and again tightens your head, I wouldn’t say anything besides trying to adjust it and tighten the screws so that it stands as you want it.

Clean Them

Even though for some people it may sound weird, the dirtiness on headphones can make them uncomfortable as well, and the best way to deal with dirt is to clean it. You can find out different videos on the world wide web on how to clean headphones, but if you own Bose headphones, you can find out the way how to clean them in an article I wrote and it is “How to clean Bose headphones?

Tips on Choosing Comfortable Headphones

I know that it is not easy to choose headphones, especially if comfort is the main thing that you want, besides the sound quality as it is their main purpose. I would like to add and mention for you guys two of the most important factors that play a huge and main role whenever needing comfortable headphones. They are:


When I say weight, I want to add specifically that headphones in order to be more comfortable for you should be super-lightweight! A lightweight pair of headphones won’t squish or tighten your head in any way as there is no pressure of any kind.


Moving on, the other thing that you guys should always have in mind before purchasing headphones is the adjustments that you can do to them. As I mentioned above about the ear pads and the headband, you should always look for headphones that you can change the ear pads easily and those that have an adjustable headband.

Final Words, Conclusion

Coming through the end of this article, you guys should always know how to put comfort as the main part whenever buying anything. Above, I mentioned the main ways how to make your headphones more comfortable and I really hope that this article will help you do so!

However, if you cannot do the things that I mentioned above, you can always find the most comfortable headphones on the market! Have fun!

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