How to Pair Cowin Headphones

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Cowin as a brand has amazing Bluetooth headphones that come to you in the best way possible! They all have a great quality of sound and an amazing range of wireless connections.

They work wirelessly via Bluetooth but also there are some versions that allow you to connect them via NFC for Android users.

Connectivity and pairing are very easily done, but still, if you need help with this thing, we are more than ready to help you!

In this article, you will find a guide on how to pair Cowin Headphones easily with both Android and Apple devices!

So let’s hop on those Bluetooth settings without wasting time.

How to pair Cowin headphones with any Bluetooth Device?

Connecting Bluetooth headphones via a Bluetooth connection is the easiest thing to do, and connecting your Cowin Bluetooth headphone falls in that category as well! It is basically the same with any bluetooth device that you may own!

Here is the guide on how to do so:

  • Go to Settings and Locate Bluetooth function on both your device and the headphones. Make sure that it is turned on in them!
  • Check the list of the Bluetooth devices that appear on your phone, or any other device that you are using the headphones with.
  • If the Cowin headphones appear on the list, tap on them in order to get connected.
    Check the LED lights on the headphones, if it is turned blue and stays like that, you can be sure that they are finally connected.

After completing all the things mentioned above, check the notification bar on your device that confirms the connectivity.

Cowin wireless headphones, once connected with a device allow you to move in a range of 10 meters while keeping the connection strong and sturdy!

How to pair Cowin Headphones via NFC?

As mentioned above, some versions of Cowin headphones include an NFC pairing that is aimed at Android users!

NFC means Near Field Communication. It is a technology added on Android devices, that allows you a connection. It enables short-range wireless connectivity with other devices that have the NFC built-in!

When using it with Cowin headphones, the only thing that you should do is to tap with your device on any of the earcups of the headphones and you will notice that the LED indicator will be turned on immediately!

The headphones turn on automatically and they make a connection with the device.

In some cases, while connecting these headphones to your smart devices, is requested a password! If that happens to you, type 0000 and they will be immediately connected!

As already mentioned, connecting the Cowin headphones to your devices is very easy! The LED indicator does an important job in this case, when it is turned on they work perfectly! If there is any problem again and they do not stay connected, restart both your device and the headphones!

Once you connect any device with these headphones, when the Bluetooth in your smart device remains open or turned on, the headphones get connected to it fully automatically!

Final Words

In the modern world, smart devices are taking over. The Bluetooth service, in particular, is becoming more and more popular by coming in different shapes and types.

Since we are talking about headphones, there are Bluetooth headphones that are feature-packed when it comes to things like Bluetooth noise cancelling and so on.

Pretty much, Bluetooth feature is something that you will find in a modern audio device.

As the saying goes ” The future is now old man “

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