How To Reset JBL Headphones

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If your JBL headphones are bringing some issues to the table, it tells us that maybe the time to reset them has already come! Even though some devices are easy to be reset, still you need to know how should you reset them.

Depending on what type of JBL headphones you use in this guide, you will find how to reset JBL Tune Series, JBL Everest Series, and JBL Live Series.

What are the reasons that you should reset your JBL headphones?

  • They don’t get connected with the devices that you own
  • Even though they get connected, they keep disconnecting
  • There is a delay in the audio
  • The headphones bring a static noise

Resetting JBL Tune Series

JBL Tune Series of headphones are amazing headphones that include great battery life, amazing bass, meaning the Tune Series is aimed at and dedicated to bass lovers!

Here is the guide on how to reset them:

  • First of all, turn off the Bluetooth of the headphones and the device that the headphones are paired with but keep the headphones turned on.
  • Hold the Volume+ and Volume- buttons placed on the left earcup until the LED indicator starts to blink. (It takes about 15 seconds)
  • When the LED starts to blink, means that the pairing settings have been reset.
  • Turn the Bluetooth on both headphones and the device that you are using them with and pair them again, just as you did the first time.

Resetting JBL Everest Series

The Everest Series are very good-looking headphones that include many different features, all built-in. They have a great sound quality in general!

This guide helps you reset all of the Everest Series:

  • Turn off your headphones and disconnect and turn off the Bluetooth connection on the device.
  • Press and hold the power button that is located on the left earcup. (Hold it for about 7 seconds)
  • The LED indicator that is placed next to the power button will start to blink (red light) meaning that your headphones are ready to be paired again.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth and pair the headphones with your device again.

Resetting JBL Live Series

JBL Live Series are JBL’s most famous headphones and it includes many models. They have amazing features, as well as many technologies included in them.

The guide to reset them all goes like this:

  • Again, turn off the Bluetooth connection on the devices but keep the headphones turned on.
  • Hold the Volume+ and Volume- buttons found on the left earcup of the headphones. (Hold them for about 5 seconds)
  • The blue color on the LED indicator will begin to blink, meaning the pairing has been reset.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your devices. Pair them easily, just as you did the first time when you bought them.

Even though JBL is a very well-known name in the headphones industry, but still everything that has to be connected with any other device may occur some problems during connection.

Following the steps above (for all the Series), you may solve the connectivity problems, of course, if your JBL headphones aren’t working at all.

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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