How To Reset A Samsung Soundbar (Step-By-Step)

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Samsung soundbars are a great choice to fully enjoy music, movie sessions, or playing video games.

At some point, it becomes necessary to reset samsung Soundbar Bluetooth. The issue may differ from case to case, but occasionally happens when you keep it on all the time.

There are a few steps to follow and start the reset process. No worries, it’s neither rocket science nor your soundbar is broken.

  • Start by pressing the turn-on button, and press the turn-off button on your Samsung soundbar, either in the remote control on the back of the soundbar. Keep holding until it shuts down itself.
  • Alternatively, turn off and unplug the whole cords if you want to keep the same configurations you had before.
  • Carry on to hold down the power button until the screen shows “IN IT OK.” message.
  • In old-style soundbars, follow the blue or red LED blinking, once you are done, turn the soundbar off completely.
Note: Do NOT reset only the Soundbar, reset each peace at the same time like subwoofers and TV. Plus, turn off and then turn on again the Bluetooth connection.

How to Reset Your Samsung Soundbar Without Remote?

The remote control is a very useful tool, but some ancient soundbars don’t include it in the box. Maybe you lost it and can’t find where the heck you put it. Whatever the reason is, there is an alternative chance to reset your soundbar without a remote control. 

Going to the factory settings, you just have to hold the volume up and down sound at once for about 5 to 10 seconds. You will see “INT” letters. These 3 letters mean it’s processing the factory reset operation. Wait a bit for the soundbar to say goodbye, and then press the power button again. That’s it, the pure simplicity.

Before You Reset Samsung Soundbar, Check These…

  1. You may have issues with your samsung soundbar bluetooth, turn it off and on before your final decision to reset.
  2. Try connecting the Soundbar to a different TV. If you have only one TV, then try any other Bluetooth device that has Bluetooth connections like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  3. Check the wires, in case one of them is unintentionally moved.

Where is the Reset Button on a Samsung Soundbar?

If you are looking for a specific reset button for your Samsung soundbar, don’t waste time because there isn’t any. The power button does all the work. You can press it on the Samsung soundbar remote control or in the control panel of your samsung soundbar.

What is Soft Reset?

Soft reset as the name presents itself is not harming your soundbar and probably is the safest way we use to fix when any electronic device is broken.

The first step would be to power off the soundbar, TV, and subwoofers. Then unplug the wires entirely.

The second step is waiting. Wait for the 30s to a minute and then plug the wires back in.

By doing this simple soft reset, the power cycling can detect the unusual issue and fix it itself on most samsung soundbars.

What is Hard Reset?

Think twice before hard resetting your soundbar. It will go back to the default settings. It’s like going back to the first time you turned it on. If the problem is not fixed with a soft reset, then you can move to a hard reset.

The very first step is to turn your soundbar on and use the power buttons. Use the power button by following the instructions stated above because a hard reset is a key to fixing it without asking the Samsung help center to fix it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Samsung Soundbar Has Stopped Working?

Sometimes suddenly the device stops working. If you are that person who constantly keeps the soundbar on, then turn it off sometimes. It can be the main reason why it suddenly stops working. It won’t happen for a couple of years obviously, but over time it will.

What’s the Matter with Samsung Soundbar Not Working Properly?

No need to make a scene or panic if your Samsung soundbar is not working. Just like every technology accessory, soundbars as well go through some issues over time like

  • Rejects to connect to a TV.
  • Denies access with subwoofers.
  • You see written down “connected” but still it isn’t.
  • The voice comes in a way that can cause ear bleeding.

Hopefully, my tips helped you on how to reset samsung soundbar wifi.

How Frequently Should I reset Samsung Soundbar?

Sadly, the answer to this question varies from the use. If you use your Samsung soundbar from multiple Bluetooth enabled devices like TVs, smartphones, or gaming consoles, it would be better to reset the soundbar every time you want to use it.

By doing that, the chances to encounter different sounds from the subwoofer are really low.

How Long Does a Samsung Soundbar Last?

Samsung is not an underqualified or low-quality brand. Before you need to repair or replace it with a new one, it will last 6 to 16 good years. It also depends on how much you use it in your daily life.

How To Get The Highest Quality Sound From the Samsung Soundbar?

I get it, you want better sounds while enjoying binge-watching your favorite show. You can get either great low frequency or high frequency that is pleasurable to the ear.

Get the remote control and press the Home button, the setting window will be opened. After that, select the Sound Output option and change the default settings according to your preferred level.

NOTE: The settings vary from model to model.

Final Thoughts

We arrived at the end of the blog so yeah, this is it regarding on how to reset Samsung soundbar.

Samsung in general provides the best sound you can get from a soundbar. Even though the high-end sound systems encounter these issues. No need to make a big deal about it when the fixing process lasts a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, there isn’t one single reset button to press and get over the process.

The 2 step process is quite easy and you can reset your Samsung soundbar without the remote. Choose soft reset over hard reset every time if you want the soundbar to back to the default settings.

Before you reset your Samsung soundbar, check the wires because unintentionally they can move. Connect the soundbar with other devices to test out whether the issue is in the soundbar itself.

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