In-Wall vs Tower Speakers: Which Is Better?

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Speakers are important devices that many people use and are in need of, but somehow they tend to be tricky because there are different ways how they come at us.

You may have encountered different types of speakers such as bookshelf speakers, floor-standing speakers, in-wall speakers, and many others. That fact for me is a bit confusing because when I was new to this field, I couldn’t quite distinguish, and I couldn’t decide what to use and which ones are better.

Well, I am more than glad to say that today, at the moment I am talking, I can finally understand the differences between speakers.

The important cause that you are here is to find the differences between in-wall and tower speakers, and it is my pleasure to help you guys with it. In this article, you will find detailed information regarding these two types of speakers, and I will be trying to tell you if one is better than the other!

Without further ado, let us go through the in-wall and tower speakers and find the differences and the similarities between them!

What Are These Speakers?

In-Wall Speakers

Hence the name, in-wall speakers are a type of speakers that can be placed on your walls. They are not the most commonly used speakers by people, but still, they know how to bring good sound in order to cover your rooms perfectly, even though they are not the first choice that comes to mind. They are also known as affordable speakers when compared to other types of speakers, and that may be the reason why they are not the most chosen ones, however, as I already mentioned, they are good speakers that definitely should be used.

Tower Speakers

Moving on to tower speakers, these ones are the most used speakers, that are found in almost every house of a good sound lover. Tower speakers are also known as floor-standing speakers so don’t get confused if you see both names while searching for speakers in general. Tower speakers and floorstanding speakers are the same things. These speakers are definitely pricier, but they are known for the sound quality and their looks, and they tend to stay on floors mostly.

In Wall vs Tower Speakers – Which Ones Are Better? Head-to-Head Comparison

Design, Size, and Style

The design and the size of these two types of speakers are the first and most noticeable things when we think about the differences between them.

In-wall speakers are usually the most compact and the smallest versions of speakers when compared to the tower ones. As for the design, they are quite sleek, and considering the fact that they go and are placed on your walls, they will definitely give your room a clean look. As previously mentioned, they are small in size and most importantly they don’t occupy a place in your room in which you can walk freely.

When it comes to tower speakers (floorstanding ones), we deal with tall speakers as they are known as the biggest speakers ever created. Hence their name tower speakers stand in your room proudly, large enough to cover a little place in your room. Even though they are pretty tall, they definitely look good, so you don’t have to worry about your room, yet again, tower speakers are better to be put in bigger rooms.


Let me first say that there is not much to talk about the connectivity of in-wall and tower speakers. Both of them can perform amazingly both wired and wireless, and everything is somehow related to your preferences.

However, when wired, I would like to mention that in-wall speakers don’t leave their cables hanging around your room, meanwhile, tower speakers, standing on the floor, may bother you a little bit with their wires.

Performance, Sound Quality

Even though I didn’t mention it as the first one, the sound quality of the speakers is the most important thing that should be considered when you are trying to choose one. That is not only based on comparison but whenever and whatever you need speakers for, that’s basically the reason why one buys speakers: Sound!

However, comparing in-wall and tower speakers regarding the sound quality isn’t the easiest thing to do. Being able to listen to them at the same time, I would like to mention that in general both sound good enough to cover your rooms in good sound.

However, owning a more free placement, tower speakers are better when it comes to surround sound. You can hear the sound in many different ways and from in-wall speakers, you will be listening to the sound in a more direct form.

There is another thing to be mentioned and that’s basically the drivers that these types of speakers own. In-wall speakers have fewer drivers than tower speakers and basically, that’s the reason why tower speakers are known to sound a little bit better.

Cost, Expense

I already stated that in-wall speakers are affordable and that only ensures one thing: tower speakers are more expensive when compared to the in-wall ones. However, the fact of the expenses is completely based on your preferences and the budget as well. If you check out the things that I mentioned above you will find out that the prices that these types of speakers come at are totally related to them.

Anyways, what is important to know is that whatever their cost is, they will definitely be good purchases!

Final Words, Conclusion

Coming to the end of this article and taking into consideration the things that I mentioned above, I bet that you have come to a conclusion that both of the speakers are great but in each section, you can find different comparisons.

As you can notice, on the design and the connectivity part the in-wall speakers are one step further, but when we look at the sound quality it is the tower speakers that do the job more properly!

Anyways, I hope that this article will help you guys find out the differences between in-wall and tower speakers so that you can choose easier between them!

Have fun!

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