Jamo S809 Review – Is It Worth The Price?

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Choosing a pair of speakers can be challenging, you never want to choose them solely based on the high star rating, that’s a dangerous game.

While the 5-star review might indicate that the product is splendid, the idea is wrong, a good product doesn’t need good reviews/opinions. Besides all that, some products might look good on paper but when it arrives it is completely the opposite.

Anyway, if you are looking for a pair of home theater floor standing speakers, you are just at the right place and moment.

In today’s article ill be reviewing the Jamo S809, a sturdy and reliable speaker from Jamo Studios.

Jamo’s latest speaker lineup is Studio 8 , a series line up that includes affordable speakers, all of which have a basic but not rigid Scandinavian design.

Jamo Studio Series S809

The fact that the speakers have an elevation speaker connection, which doesn't require a connector for connection, is a plus. They offer a premium Dolby Atmos and are reasonably priced. They also sound great and look great, however, I wish the subwoofer could do a little bit more to the bass department.


To accomplish performance, S809 sports a 6.5-inch wide woofer unit and cohere the finest standards of modern sound engineering.

Besides that this kind of design provides a lot of other advantages. A major one would be the Directivity mode that eliminates interference from other devices.

As for the speakers, they measure 44.25 x 19.75 x 14 inches and weigh 30 pounds. They come in an elegant, contemporary design and are available in Black, walnut, and white finish. Thank’s to their good looks they live seamlessly in modern environments.

on the top of the speaker, you will be greeted by the metal fasteners.

They serve as a connection point for the S 8 ATM Dolby Elevation speaker.

Dolby Atmos:

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that expands on existing surround sound systems by adding height to the channels – making the sound interpreted as a three-dimensional object.
Basically, it gives you the feeling of being in a cinema or a live concert.

Since Dolby Atmos format is becoming more popular day by day, Jamo designed each speaker with a connection port for the Atmos installation, so you can connect the optional Jamo S8 ATM overhead panoramic sound speaker.

What’s in the box?

Jamo was quite generous on the packaging aspect, besides coming in pair it also comes with some nifty equipment.

  • The two Floorstanding loudspeakers
  • Two Grilles
  • 8 Mountain feet
  • 16 Screws

Worth mentioning that the Grilles are so nice. They don’t feel cheap and the materials are nice and rugged, on top of all that they are magnetic – you just have to hold them up to the speaker and they clamp and sit nicely in front of the speaker.

There are also the metal feets, to stabilize the speaker and keep it firm, from falling over.

How do they sound, Performance:

The S 809 is considered Jamo’s flagship, the three 127mm Aluminized poly fiber woofers and a 25mm soft Dome tweeter.

Jamo S 809 sure creates a beautiful, balanced, and moderately wide sound field with very clear imaging and plenty of basses that is suitable best for PoP music. The low-frequency volume is warm and quite rich. If you pull the speaker a few feet away from the wall it might significantly change the situation, nevertheless, it maintains a complete balance.

The midrange details come in well, but the lower midrange is slightly compressed. This impact is almost unnoticeable, so worry not since it won’t create any problems. The bass is pleasant and ample, it feels way more energetic than the middle. It’s a great speaker for EDM & other modern usic.

Most music will be able to fulfill the demands of the listener.

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Frequency Response:

The frequency response range goes from 37 to 26k Hz at ±3dB and while the power output sits at a range of 120 watts. With a minimum frequency of 37 Hz, promises to provide a bass that will satisfy most listeners.

Pros & Cons


Elevation speaker connection no need for a connector
Top-grade Dolby Atmos
Nicely priced for a pair of two speakers.


Minor upper-mid tonality
The subwoofer doesn’t contribute that much

Final Thoughts:

And to wrap it up, all I can say is that it is that they are a good pair of speakers.

And I want to leave it there.

I am not saying that they are awful, but not wonderful either – I’ll just leave it at good.

Certain improvements could be done, but with its simple elegant design, the Dolby Atmos, and top of all that the great sound quality – I can say I am more than happy with them.

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