JBL Clip 2 Vs. UE Roll 2: Which Is Better?

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If you happen to be listing cute things, don’t forget to put these two speakers on that list.

These two round shaped speakers are the most cutest speakers you will ever have. Personally, I am more familiar with JBL Clip 2 because I have used for such a long time while hiking. I would just attach it to my hiking bag and I would enjoy the music while hiking.

However, this doesn’t mean that this comparison is not accurate. It is true that I didn’t know much about UE Roll 2 before deciding to write this article, but I got all the necessary information and I decided to compare these two amazing and cute speakers.

I’m going to compare them separately through four main features which are: Sound quality, build and design, connection and battery life. By my estimation, those are the most important features for a speaker, thus I decided to compare them relying on those features.

This article is clear and clean, so I think you will be able to come to a verdict in the end. Without further ado, let’s go!

JBL Clip 2
JBL Clip 2
Ultimate Ears UE ROLL 2
Ultimate Ears UE ROLL 2

JBL Clip 2 Vs. UE Roll 2

JBL Clip 2

Sound Quality

Lows – Although there are lows in Clip 2, they are more like a low/mid that is passing for the bass. The majority of the time it works perfectly, however occasionally the bass clips and is simply too much for the tiny speaker.

This is best demonstrated by the bass in Lady Danville’s “Sophie Roux,” which sounds great throughout the chorus but rattles horribly at changes midway through the verse.

Mids Vocals clearly take center stage in the song thanks to a powerful mid-range push from the JBL Clip 2. Because of this, it’s perfect if you want to sing along to your favorite songs while hiking but don’t want to hear every little nuance.

Highs – Because there is only one full-range driver in the Clip 2, the highs are drastically reduced. The hi-hats and cymbals are so light in some songs, including “Ashley” by Lido, that at times the bass kicks overshadowed them.

Build & Design

The previous Clip’s shape and size are somewhat similar, but that’s where the similarities end. The housing and grill were made entirely of new materials rather than plastic. Since the grill now has the same fabric covering as the Flip 3, its splashproof construction has been upgraded to IPX7 waterproof.

Now, if you want to, you may immerse it in water, but not for a long time, but if you drop it in a pool, at least you know it will survive.

The housing has five tiny indents for each of the buttons and is now a smooth rubberized material. The volume up and down buttons, as well as the call button, are located on the left. The power button and Bluetooth pairing button are located on the right side and are primarily used during initial pairing.

The micro USB port for charging is concealed under a little flap, and the speaker’s built-in 3.5mm wire is visible along its sides. The redesigned carabiner clip, though, is unquestionably the best feature of the build. It isn’t just a tiny piece of plastic with a hinge on it anymore.

Now that it’s a legitimate carabiner that you can attach to your bag, it’s ideal for trekking in my opinion. This time, it’s genuinely constructed of metal and feels just as sturdy as it appears.


The connection isn’t incredibly strong, but as long as it’s attached to your backpack or is close by, there shouldn’t be any problems. Reaching 30 feet isn’t a problem when there is nothing in the way, but when there are two barriers in the way, you can only get as far as around 20 feet before skipping started.

The good news is that every time you switch it on, it connects right away. I never had to fiddle with Bluetooth settings again after the initial pairing, which is a major win in my book.

Battery Life

In my opinion, the single most significant improvement is definitely the battery life. The normal battery life for speakers this compact is 5 to 6 hours, but JBL promises the new Clip 2 will give you an impressive 8 hours of nonstop listening.

It won’t blow your mind, but it’s still a major deal given that the previous version’s maximum runtime was only 5 hours. Now that the battery has been increased, it is much simpler to recommend this speaker because it can be used for a significant amount of the day. Still, if you’re playing it at maximum volume, don’t anticipate getting much longer than 4 or 5 hours.

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UE Roll 2

Sound Quality

Lows – Although not exceptional, the bass end is surprisingly robust for a speaker of this size. However, it makes up for what it lacks in depth and power with control. When the drums kick in a minute into “He Is The Same” by Jon Bellion, it barely vibrates your desk, but it’s enough to make your head nod. The basslines and drum kicks are shockingly clear.

Mids – The mids are excellent, but the bass is average. Phox’s “1936” features gorgeous vocals and guitar playing throughout, especially at medium level.

Although there is occasionally a very tiny distortion when the speaker is at its maximum volume, for the most part the instruments are still audible and distinct. Snare impacts are also quite airy, and the reverb fades out just when it should.

Highs – Highs perform above average. In “Hang Me Up to Dry” by Cold War Kids, the detail in the shakers and cymbals are carefully maintained and never become piercing. The UE Roll 2 sounds quite useful all around. Don’t expect to be astounded by the sound quality; while everything is well-spaced and the essential aspects of the music are highlighted, it won’t blow you away.

Build & Design

You’re not insane if you can’t tell the difference between the new UE Roll 2 and the original from the design. Really, there is no difference, at least not visible from the outside. The front is covered in the same IPX7 waterproof fabric, while the back is made of the same plastic.

There isn’t much else besides the enormous plus and minus volume control icons that are still stitched into the front. I absolutely liked the original’s simple approach to playback controls, and I’m delighted to see that it hasn’t changed with this updated version.

There are a couple of additional noteworthy items on the back, but at first glance, you wouldn’t notice them due to how well they blend in with the speaker. A small power button and a smaller Bluetooth connecting button are located on the back’s top side.

A discreet rubber cover that seals off the micro USB charging port and the 3.5mm port for non-Bluetooth devices is located on the bottom.  The UE Roll 2 has a little bungee cord on the rear, just like the original, which makes it easy to hang it or strap it to something. When not in use, you can safely strap it to a tiny hook on the speaker’s rear, which is a neat design feature.


Finally, this is when Roll 2 and the original start to diverge. When coupled with Bluetooth devices, UE asserts that this new model’s range is 100 feet. Outside, you will be able to walk about 70 feet before stuttering being an issue. Although the range drops considerably inside, it is still enough for most uses.

You will manage to advance around 30 feet before the music completely stops despite being obstructed by three barriers. Because all you can do with the playback controls is change the level up or down, this is still a disappointment. Not even playing or pausing music lets you skip tracks.

Battery Life

Although UE advertises a battery life of nine hours, that might not be right. You will manage to get a good 10 hours out of Roll 2 with the volume set to around 60%. However, the Roll 2 will die after just three hours of use when you will increase the volume to its maximum.

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Final Words

If you’re searching for speakers in this size range, I believe both of these are fantastic choices. Choose the JBL Clip 2 if you need something more robust, portable, and with a longer battery life. Choose the UE Roll 2 if you want a speaker with greater quality and plan to use it primarily near a pool or at the beach.

But still, I repeat, they both are great speakers and you will love them!

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