JBL Xtreme Vs JBL Charge 4: Which One Is For You?

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Through the years we have seen so many amazing innovations, in many fields but especially in the field of technology, and even more specifically in the field of audio equipment. I believe we all remember how in the past we used to have these huge speakers that required a lot of wires and other connective ways, so it was almost impossible to carry them around and take the speaker whenever and wherever we needed to. I mean, just think about it, it’s just crazy what we are capable to do nowadays and what have we achieved so far. In the past, just the idea that one day we will have these adorable portable speakers that we will carry around and that they will become almost an integral part of our lives seemed unimaginable.

But, here we are! Nowadays we don’t have smart people anymore, but we do have smart devices and items and without them, we literally can’t live! Yes, you heard me, and I’m not even exaggerating, we have come to a point where we are completely dependent on everything technological that surrounds us, and I just can not wrap my head around if that’s something positive, or negative.

However, let’s focus on the fact that this way we are evolving and that progress is being made. Since my articles cover mainly audio equipment, I have to highlight the fact that nowadays, with no problem whatsoever, you are perfectly capable to find a speaker that can fit in your bag, or even in your pocket, and despite their size, they don’t lack sound quality, proper performance or any other important feature that is essential when it comes to an amazing listening experience.

When it comes to speakers, which are exactly the items that I’ll be mentioning the most in this article, because I’ll be comparing two of them, we can all agree that JBL has been leading for a while now, since they offer some of the key requests of their customers, such as clear audio, long battery life, and more portable products.

JBL as a company has this tendency of not fixing what doesn’t need to be fixed when coming up with new products, but that’s not enough of a reason for us not to make comparisons between these products, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do in this article.

The choice between these two speakers has prompted customers to do their research before making a decision, and that’s when I come in handy, so if you want to avoid any second-guessing, in this article you can read all about the major criteria that might affect the ultimate vote between these two exceptional speakers, so in this article, you can read all about the comparison between two speakers from the same brand but from different series, JBL Xtreme and JBL Charge 4.

JBL Xtreme Vs. Charge 4


JBL Xtreme
JBL Xtreme

JBL Xtreme

It is considered the JBL’s massive speaker. With this speaker, you will have to get used to and accept the fact that “portable” might not necessarily mean “small.” This speaker is not a cheap or a small speaker, but it’s probably the most powerful, truly portable speaker, and with this speaker, it is assured that bass lovers will not be disappointed. Obviously, it has its pros and cons, but most listeners will be impressed by its audio quality.

JBL Charge 4

At first, you won’t notice any difference from Charge 3, but if look closer you will see that Charge 4 is slightly bigger by roughly a centimeter in every way and is also heavier. This version of Charge has also an upgraded battery and has also kept most of the amazing features of Charge 3. 

Sound Quality and Performance

JBL Xtreme

The main problem of JBL Xtreme when it comes to sound quality is a slight stutter that occurs at the very beginning of a song. It doesn’t last much, just a second or two, but that’s enough to ruin any intro. The lows sometimes mask the mids, but you shouldn’t consider this a frequent issue. The bass remains prominent in any song and vocals are easy to distinguish, but not everything is bright. This speaker fails to accurately reproduce treble notes, but other than that, its sound quality is quite amazing.

JBL Charge 4

In comparison with JBL Xtreme sound quality, the sound quality of JBL Charge 4 doesn’t seem to have any flaws. It seems to suffer a lack of clarity in the mids, but most of the time you won’t even notice. Other than that, what you certainly notice is distinct bass notes and discernible vocals. I must say that the sound quality of Charge 4 hasn’t been much improved from Charge 3.

Design and Built

JBL Xtreme

This speaker is wrapped in a splashproof fabric, but its size of it will make it impossible for you to hold it all the time, cause it weighs 2.4kg so you will basically be going to the gym if you are holding it for a long time. It consists of two metal hooks on either end of the speaker. The dimensions of JBL Xtreme are 126 x 283 x 122 mm. 

JBL Charge 4

Again, I need to mention that Charge 4 isn’t any different from Charge 3 when it comes to design. It is slightly bigger and heavier by 165 grams (7.05 ounces). It consists of an upgraded battery from 6000mAh on the Charge 3 to around 7500mAh on the Charge 4. It weighs only 965g, and we can all agree that this feature makes it more practical than JBL Xtreme. JBL Charge has a tough waterproof fabric and it will flow for a bit if you drop it in the water.

JBL Xtreme
JBL Xtreme

Final Words and Conclusion

They both are amazing speakers and we can come to this conclusion just by knowing that they are4 products of the same company, just different series. But, if we must choose a winner, then I would say that the winner is, JBL Charge 4 with very few advantages, but which are obvious and very important. Of course, that’s just my opinion, the decision is again up to you. 



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